Don't Hesitate

Don't Hesitate (2009)

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This drama tells the story of a woman who devoted her life to love and a man who had never known nor believed in love. Jang Soo Hyun was a woman who previously believed in sacrificing herself for love, even donating her liver to save her first love, Choi Min Young, but was rewarded by betrayal when her best friend, Oh Sun Ah, seduced Min Young. Since then, she had become jaded read moreand resolved to distance herself from relationships, until she met Han Tae Woo, a man who had built a wall around his heart in fear of being hurt again. She becomes someone whom he learns to sacrifice everything for.


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A Stalker's Guide to Lee Sang Woo
An introduction to Lee Sang Woo ^-^ An actor who has the charm to pull me in anytime! Raw emotions^^

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May 3, 2011
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I wasn't sure about this drama in the beginning. 98 episodes is a lot to wade through, and at about 50 episodes, I was still feeling that way. It was an average melodrama plot, nothing unusual. The leads were cute and sympathetic, but hardly exciting.

And then around episode 60, this thing starts gaining serious momentum. Revelations fly right and left, the revenge plot finally starts up, and the read more bad guys start to tumble one after another. If you can get through the first half, the second half is amazing. The flawed characters really start to show their conflicts. The good characters want revenge but are hurting others, the bad characters are pitiable but brought everything on themselves.

If they could cut this down to 20 episodes, it would have been the most amazing show ever. But, as it is, it's still a great drama.
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Jun 5, 2011
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
TO be honest, I originally wasn't expecting to enjoy this drama quite so much. After all, 98 episodes is quite a lot to watch and the longest drama I've seen up until this point was around thirty episodes or so.

It starts off pretty slow for the first fifty episodes or so. There are twists here and there, but it wasn't anything gut-wrenching that made me shake my read more fist at the screen (a fairly common occurrence during a good drama for me) or cry like a baby. At times, I felt like the series dragged on, stretching an issue out over several episodes when it could have been just as easily explained in one, sometimes even half an episode.

As I said, though, around episode fifty I could feel things starting to heat up, and once the numbers hit the sixties things really set on fire. The revenge, the desperation, the feelings of utter helplessness when it comes to helping your most beloved person wade through the tides... It all seemed to just explode. For me, that was well worth the wait and watching all the episodes before. Some characters that I had previously wondered about the overall purpose of now showed great inner conflict and the reasons for certain behaviors were explained in a way that nearly wrenched out my heart.

Overall, I felt the leads did a fantastic job portraying their characters. While the story may have dragged on a bit, the actors themselves rose to the challenge, portraying their characters surprisingly well even after so many episodes. Sometimes even after twenty episodes I'll find that someone will slip up in their character on drama, but the leads here really stuck to it well. Very good show.
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both are Revenge-Dramas with more than 50 episodes. Both follow a woman who is somehow naive in the beginning and turns out to take revenge on the people who hurt her later. But in Heaven's Promise much more people die. Both worth watching it!
Recommended by Shinosa
I'm not saying that this is the same, I just thinks that if you take the insane people in this , well you can find their counterpart in don't hesitate, and it also carries that unconditional love kinda of scent.
Don't hesitate is about Soo Hyun a girl who makes the ultimate sacrifice for her first love, Min Young by donating her kidney to save his life. Then she gets betrayed. Her best friend, Sun Ah, seduces and steals Min Young away from her. Devastated by the betrayal, she meets Tae Woo,who is determined to not let anyone close to his heart.
Recommended by darkn3ss

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    claudya87 Apr 19, 2017

    She was stupid and gullible and I should stay away from makjang series from now on.

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    WhiteCloud Apr 28, 2016
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    iindu Mar 24, 2016 - edited

    Not worth the time it takes to wade through 98 eps. Way too much melodrama, characters that make you want to pull your hair out with frustration, lead characters with zero chemistry. The negative roles retain their character till almost the end, and suddenly in the last two episodes gain self realization and become repentant. Not at all convincing.

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      shotofjia Oct 30, 2016

      It's a Makjang Drama and considering by your comment you are not a fan by it most drama's up to 50 or 100 are considered Makjang which consists of adultery, revenge, rape, birth secrets, fatal illnesses, and flirting with incest possibilities which are only a few. Even those who enjoy the type of shows (Makjang is not a Genre) will get frustrated to a point they want to pull their hair out (like me) and YES it's always easy to pick a favorite side and YES by the last two episodes everything is resolved but not much people would hate that maybe more dislike it but I think it's because they didn't have a good experience with a Makjang Drama and should be recommend one instead of coming across one that happens to peak interest. If it peaks your interest I think you should be pulled in by the summary and you'll very much enjoy it.

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    novalinnhe Feb 23, 2016 - edited

    Honestly, this would have been an interesting drama but I made the mistake of watching it on Viki, who have this "timed comment" system that allow users to make comments on what's going on in real time. It was funny at first, but soon a few users really started to throw their weight around on it and constantly give very nasty opinions - often towards other users as well. Overall just a really nasty side of the internet.

    If you're going to watch this on Viki, I'd highly recommend doing it without the timed comments after around Episode 20 because they completely burned me out. Gonna take a step back and then get back to watching this without the timed stuff in a few weeks, so I can forget some of the nonsense I read.

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    Toni Jan 13, 2016 - edited

    Anyone know who the silver fox is that works for Soo Hyun's step-father President Song Choong Hee? Can't find the actor's name anywhere and I'd love to see what else he's been in. He's so handsome :)

  • Reply
    alexk345 Sep 14, 2015
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    alexk345 Sep 14, 2015

    Lee Tae Im got the cutest smile in all kdrama lead actress.

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    alexk345 Sep 14, 2015

    60 episodes of Lead getting tortured , abused , organ pulled out...40 episodes of revenge and retribution. This drama could have been classic if it is only 50-60 epsiodes.

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    alexk345 Sep 13, 2015

    This Drama is about exploitation of foolish Jang Soo Hyun. Its like everyone around her except her family are like blood sucking hyena

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    bojinator Jun 18, 2015
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  • Reply
    CristinaIoana Mar 2, 2015 - edited

    Except on VIKI, where can you watch this drama?. The servers on VIKI are too busy's hard to watch it!!!!

  • Reply
    DreamingKoreanBallad Apr 26, 2014

    this drama would have been much better as a 50 episode drama - with less of the 2nd lead male. If someone would cut out only the scenes of the lead guy and girl - I would possibly re-watch - but I couldn't possibly stand re-watching the whole thing again.

  • Reply
    __Jenny Jan 4, 2014

    Really in love with this drama. Even if sometimes there are annoying characters

  • Reply
    claudya87 Jan 12, 2013
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      conanshinichi11 Oct 15, 2013

      where did you watch this except viki? its blocked in our country. -_-

    • Reply
      darkheart94 Dec 30, 2013

      u can watch it on

  • Reply
    thirdworld Nov 23, 2012
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    Oct 5, 2009 to Feb 26, 2010
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