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The Promise (2016)

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Lee Na Yeon is made an orphan when chaebol heiress Park Yu Gyeong causes the death of her mother, Lee Yu Nae, in a traffic accident. Yu Nae and Yu Gyeong had been rivals in love for the same man, Jang Gyeong Wan, with Yu Gyeong ensnaring him into marriage by claiming the child she is carrying is his. Jang attempts to make amends for abandoning his college sweetheart by trying to read moregive the orphaned Nayeon a home, to the anger of Yu Gyeong and the jealousy of his daughter Se Jin. When Na Yeon discovers evidence that her mother's death may be more than an accident, she forgoes the chance of a life of wealth and privilege for an orphanage. Taken in by the widow of the man who ran down her mother, Na Yeon grows up alongside Tae Jun, an impoverished but driven and academically brilliant young man who becomes the love of her life. However, he dumps her for his own success and goes with Se Jin.
Do Hee is Na Yeon’s twin sister. They have been separated since Do Hee was adopted by a wealthy couple when she was an infant. Do Hee now works as a reporter for a weekly magazine. For a story, Do Hee investigates into the background of Tae Joon. She discovers that she has a twin sister and Na Yeon was dumped by Tae Joon. Do Hee also learns that Tae Joon's mother got Na Yeon hospitalized at a psychiatric hospital. Do Hee visits Na Yeon at the hospital, but a fire engulfs the hospital and Do Hee dies. Na Yeon then takes the identity of her twin sister.

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    천상의 약속
  • Also Known as:

    Cheonsangui Yaksok; Heaven's Promise;

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Jun 26, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
Heaven's Promise is one of the best makjang revenge melodramas that I have ever watched. There were so many birth secrets that it is a wonder someone didn't marry a parent or sibling. LOL The story wasn't really anything new, but it is wonderfully absurd. I can't tell you how many times I laughed during this drama, but I also cried a few times (I rarely cry watching drama). It is weird read more how connected I felt to the main female lead regardless of story line. I think what I liked most about this is that the main female lead has plenty of support and she is smart. I get tired of the "good guys" searching for revenge being stupid and alone with maybe one or two people to help. I was bothered by a few things though.
Again, it annoys me when the "bad guys" don't even understand what they did wrong. Also, the ending left a lot to be desired. There is plenty of crazy for every character though.

I'm totally in to Lee Yoo Ri. Even that I'm not going to feel anything stare she had to have for part of the drama made me feel something. She played both Lee Na Yeon and Baek Do Hee really well. I could definitely tell them apart regardless of hair because they had different personalities. The transformation Na Yeon goes through after the tragedy is palpable.
All of the other actors are good too, but Kim Hye Ri stole the show as Park Yoo Kyung. I love to hate her.

The music is good.

I probably won't rewatch this. Once is enough.

If you like revenge dramas, then this is one of the best. I recommend this to everyone. Just ignore the absurdity of the plot. LOL :-)
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It has a Veryx100 similar plot and any person who has watched 'the promise' would straight away realise the similarities between the two dramas.
1.Both leads lose a parent
2.both also have a biological parent without knowing
3.get betrayed by boyfriend who chooses another women with the intention of becoming successful
4. Lose a child
5.revenge begins ,to take down the whole family and take over the business.
Recommended by Dr4m4_4ddict_
both have the same female lead actress and involve an intense revenge story. The evil psychopath of a protagonist (a.k.a. second female lead) destroys the female leads life in her selfish greed and both dramas involve some serious husband/boyfriend snatching and hidden birth secrets. Both dramas are very similar and equally intense providing one very satisfying revenge story
Recommended by TheGrowlingStomach

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    Nadoosha Apr 6, 2017 - edited

    All KBS/KBS2 family daily drama is the same everyone should know it's copy and paste the plot,characters and everything ,they just change the cast and title,when you watch your first you think (wow this is amazing) when you watch another one(This is good) then watch another one (Wait what... i have seen this before) and this is how i feel,to make things worst the characters always stupid and naive except the villains always smart and they know everything so frustrating.
    their best one in my opinion is (I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon) because of this from now on i will avoid all their 50+ episodes dramas like a plague.If you want to watch a good long family drama or if you value your time don't watch 50+ dramas from KBS/KBS2 Unless it's your first time and choose only one in you life time Lol
    I noticed that other networks airs better long drama than KBS even if it's cliché.

    • Reply
      miss wawa 23 days ago

      i dont know if you ever watch five children before..but i recommended for you to try watching's so good and has 54 ep..i love the actor,the story line n everything about it!

  • Reply
    siskayuri Feb 7, 2017 - edited

    i didn't know there is 102 eps i should have check before i start it ahhh i am in ep 25 fightinggggg.....

  • Reply
    YummyD Nov 7, 2016

    The long ride begins at last...

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    tiraaa Sep 15, 2016 - edited

    Oh god...this show. I'm sorry I cannot agree with those that say this show is the best makjang. For me, it is absolutely NOT. Makjangs are always dramatic and draggy in the middle, I am fine with that, because usually the revenge part is so good that in the end, I feel like my time was still worth it. But this show..... ugh. ugh. ugh.

    I am absolutely fine with forgiveness in the end (cuz that's pretty much what always happens); but the revenge part was not written well at all. The revenge and revelations were very weak. I feel like some of the horrible things weren't even revealed to everyone in the end?? I did not feel any satisfaction from the so-called "revenge" Na Yeon got. All I felt at the end was... what was the point of everything??? I don't even feel the characters learned their lessons until like the VERY last minute >.> The characters (esp Se Jin's mother) really did not get everything they deserved. The ending, it seemed like everyone just SUDDENLY forgot everything that happened and lived happily ever after. Again, forgive and forget is a great moral, but execution was horrible and also very unrealistic considering all the things that happened. The accident at the end was incredibly stupid; it's like because they felt all makjangs MUST include some organ donation story so they added it in. =.=

    Hwi Kyung's character was great, but after a while he kinda started getting on everyone's nerves when he kept telling Na Yeon to give up. Many people's commented that this makes his character so weak, and just so repetitive... Pls realize how much pain she is in and how much his family damaged her. Also, Tae Joon's mother also had NO character development at ALL. Actually she did a lot of horrible and annoying things in the beginning, but literally no improvement from her at all, did not get punished, did not learn her lesson, and she just stayed annoying throughout. And they totally did not wrap up the story for Hwi Kyung's mother??

    Usually, I enjoy a makjang as long as the ending and revenge is satisfying and/or there is really sweet romance. No sweet romantic moments here (though I liked the OTP), revenge absolutely unsatisfying, absolutely NOT enough OH DAMNNN moments.
    Rarely this unsatisfied with makjang dramas, but yeah, sorry the revenge execution was not good enough at all. I'd say you can watch this if you're a Lee Yuri fan cuz watching her is always great (which is the reason why I watched it). If you're looking for those "OMG OH DAMN" moments (which I think a lot of people look for in these revenge dramas), you probably won't get much of those.
    The OVERALL ride is actually a decent one, meaning I enjoyed watching the middle, but the last ten episodes are absolutely so disappointing when you FINALLY realize this drama is STILL not going anywhere satisfying and probably won't ever be.

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    Sincere Roni Aug 17, 2016

    Update: I just finished it (all 102 episodes). I loved the 2nd half of this drama. I say the 2nd half is the best long series I've ever watched. I am starting A Woman's Secret now because I enjoyed this one so much. I could have easily stopped early on because I wasn't very happy with the first half but because of good reviews I decided to finish it, and I'm glad I did.

    As for the comments that this had a bad ending, I have no idea what people expect. I felt it had an appropriate ending, and it brought a smile to my face. I can only shake my head at that criticism. It had a typical k drama ending, but it was done much better than many other dramas.

    As for the comments that this didn't have enough revenge element at the end, that total BS. The main character delivered major kick ass revenge on the enemies-WELL Done in my opinion.

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    Sincere Roni Aug 13, 2016 - edited

    This drama is good. It's a much watch if you like long revenge dramas. It's one of the best makjang type dramas that I've seen. I usually have a hard time finishing many of the long 50+ or 100+ episode dramas. Even the ones that people rave about, I think most have a strong beginning but get silly around episode 20. Heaven's Promise was just the opposite for me. I didn't care for it much in the first 20 or 30 episodes. I would rate it a 7 for the first one third. But the final 50 episodes were awesome. The acting and everything improved as the story grew. I give this an 8. I skipped past the parts I didn't like or when the story dragged a bit. But honestly for along series there weren't many boring parts.

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Aug 7, 2016

    I like the first episode but I don't know if I can get through over 100 episodes.Is it worth it?

  • Reply
    Qwenty Jul 22, 2016
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    KiaWilliams Jul 20, 2016

    I don't why this got such a low rating. The show had moments were I disliked it, but overall the show was very enjoyable and the plot was interesting.
    I wrote a in detail review on my blog:

  • Reply
    Boussam Jul 6, 2016

    i love the ending approach:
    sometimes forgiving can be a choice!!
    without forgivng you can not have a happy end!

  • Reply
    SaeedKhan Jul 1, 2016

    Why so much hate... I loved the ending

  • Reply
    AgnesTan Jun 27, 2016 - edited

    I am very disappointed and still very unhappy with the writer the way the story ended. I felt wasted my time watched 102 episodes.

    • Reply
      Laplej Jun 27, 2016

      Wow. This really makes me feel like I made the right decision to put it on hold halfway through... I started to notice a pattern and I didn't like it.

    • Reply
      Sincere Roni Aug 20, 2016

      No Actually I think this person AgnesTan is off on this one. I almost didn't watch the drama because of comments like hers but I did watch it and I loved the ending and the entire drama. You should watch it

  • Reply
    Karinna Jun 26, 2016
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    BANNEDuser Jun 26, 2016

    A revenge drama with no revenge lol

  • Reply
    Shinosa Jun 26, 2016 - edited

    I loved loved loved this drama... pls everyone stop downvoting ! :O


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