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Train to Busan (2016)

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Seok Woo, his estranged daughter, Soo An, and other passengers become trapped on a KTX train (high-speed train) heading from Seoul to Busan during a disastrous virus outbreak in South Korea.

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    Busan Line; Busan Bound; Train Via Busan; Boosanhaeng; For Busan;

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Gong Yoo in talks to join Zombie film!
Gong Yoo is in final stage contract negotiations to star in this Zombie flick....

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Sep 13, 2016
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
If you want the story, the actors, magnificant screenplay and feel your heart skipping a beat? Don't miss this great movie!!

This is one of the best zombie movies in the world. Yes it all has the same old same story, its lighthearted. But not all movie directors can make it so perfectly like they did here. The actors were amazing, all of them. I said 'wtf' troughout the whole movie, I read more could feel my heart pumping, heck, I am even sweating!
The music added so much emotion and tumult in this movie. It has the loads of action, thrilling scenes, gory parts and hair-raising parts troughout this movie.

Why am I so ridiculously excited? The good pacing of this movie, you get sucked into it the minute you watch it. The actors whom all did an excellent job, they were convincing, Ma dong Seok is like always the freaking badass. Everyone had their time and story in this movie. The CGI was greatly made and the actors of the zombies felt so real, the nasty bone breaking scenes and blood everywhere. The music added so much tension in everyscene.

I would rewatch this movie any day and I do think this will be one of first Korean movies to be seen around the globe, because here in my home town, where they never heard of Kdrama land, now knows about this movie.

A 100% must watch!
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Aug 21, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
I swear to god this darn tear-jerker.

If you're looking for a real horror, this isn't it.
If you hate crying (lmao tf), this definitely isn't it.
I'd say for this movie, it's tragedy before horror. Sure, there are some horror elements, however- it's really more sad than scary.

The story is subtle. It's not deep. I have to remind you that this show's literal title is TRAIN TO BUSAN. It's a read more whole show about characters doing their utmost best to reach the safe zone- Busan. On a train. It lived up to its title, i'll give it that.

The acting and characters were great. Gong Yoo's acting is great, it's a given. His character's development was great. He went from a selfish to a selfless man that cared about others more.
Ma Dong Seok's character is as likeable here as his character in Bad Guys. You'll get fixated with his character for sure. This actor deserves more recognition.
And the most unexpected- Kim Soo An. She's an adorable and talented little actress. Then again, most Korean child actors and actresses have that shit going on. The other main characters were alright.

There will be this asshole which will piss you off the most among all the characters in the movie. Don't worry- this isn't a major spoiler. He'll strike a nerve from the start so it doesn't matter. You would want to kill him too. Head's up, it's Kim Eui Seong's character. He's not likeable I must say. However, he played his role well.

The music is good. It's suitable when it's suitable. That's all I can say.

Rewatch value: 10
Heck yeah i'd watch it again.
I can tell you that I am definitely not a fan of zombie movies but as I said earlier, it's more of a tragedy than horror. So if you're a major zombie-apocalypse-kind-of-movie fan that finds value in the horror aspect and expects this movie to fulfil it to its best, don't expect too much. The makeup's great though- just sayin'.

Even if I cry my eyes out again, it's worth the watch.
If you enjoy a little bit of horror, action, thrill, a little wincey bit of comedy and tragedy, give this movie a go. It's one hell of a ride.
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I watched The Flu after Train to Busan because I was craving more zombie/thriller movies. I was reluctant to watch The Flu since it is not about zombies and the trailer did not seem to interesting, but decided to give it a try.

I ended up loving it! Both movies are fast paced thrillers revolving around the spread of a virus infection in Korea. If you enjoyed the intenseness/edge-of-your-seat aspect of Train to Busan, then you will definitely enjoy The Flu! Both movies also possess heart-wrenching scenes and keep your heart racing until the very end.

The Flu also delves deeper into the story of the spread of the virus infection and the attempts to stop it, while Train to Busan focuses more on the survival of the main cast, however, you'll love both!
Recommended by Nishat
These two both reminded me of Resident Evil. They're pretty similar and though Train to Busan is pretty popular, I suggest you to watch Live Shock too.
Recommended by Dia

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    Nishat 15 hours ago

    If you haven't watched the movie yet and hate spoilers



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    Nana8 1 day ago - edited




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      Nishat 15 hours ago

      I wish there was a way for us to remove it or hide it temporarily!

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      Nana8 9 hours ago

      I know! At least we can write a warning D: I hate spoilers so much >.<

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    Emily 2 days ago - edited

    wouldve gave it a 10 if gong yoo didn't die.. bawled my eyes out when he did..

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      Nishat 2 days ago - edited


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    Nishat 2 days ago
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    Taylor 3 days ago - edited

    Watching this tonight with my sister! I am so excited! :))

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      Taylor 2 days ago - edited
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      Nishat 2 days ago
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      Taylor 2 days ago
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      Nishat 2 days ago
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      Taylor 1 day ago
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    Fairly- 3 days ago


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    Emily 3 days ago

    It's about as upsetting as any zombie movie is. Not the saddest movie in the world, not the scariest movie in the world, just... upsetting. If zombie movies are your thing, go ahead and watch it. If they aren't, give it a shot, but don't expect it to change your opinion on the genre.

    The acting is on point, however.

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    Fortuna 5 days ago - edited

    I spent watching the movie saying "God forbid", shouting "Hurry!", air punching, and holding back tears. Engaging movie until the end. Kim Soo An did a great job as the little girl. Great movie! I need more disaster movies. Edit: I already want to watch it again, lol.

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    Brook 5 days ago

    I NEVER CRIED SO HARD AND SUCH REAL EMOTIONAL TEARS FOR ANY MOVIE OR SERIES. OR JUST ANY OTHER STORY, MADE UP OR NOT... i am a wreck right now, i was a fool to decide to watch this at night, there is school tomorrow and i gotta sleep.... HOW CAN I, IF I AM LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW??? seriously tho: watch it. no matter who you are, no matter what your interests are WATCH IT! it is such a powerful and well made movie, the psychological part couldn't have been any better, it is tragic, but kind of beautiful, kind of scary, very very sad and it has a moral to it. (but be sure beforehand, that you have some free time to recover your heartbreak after you watched it^^) the actors were PHENOMENAL~!

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    Destati13 7 days ago - edited

    WOW this movie. I am not at all someone that normally enjoys zombie movies- gore does not faze me but I don't enjoy when it's there just for the heck of it with no real purpose, so I generally avoid zombie movies and the like for this reason. But boy am I glad to have watched Train to Busan! It managed to take a common theme and become a special movie, through how amazing all of the cast were with their roles, and for not merely focusing on the zombies but actually drawing you in enough for you to genuinely root for some of the characters. This movie proves that needlessly throwing the most guts possible around is not needed to keep viewers excited- instead, it simply takes every factor it contains and executes each area very well. It had my interest the entire time for sure (as well as my emotions at times, oh man). Most of all, this movie had heart, which is something many movies of this type lack. I am very impressed!

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    Era 9 days ago
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    MrsChoeYeong 9 days ago

    fell in love with gong yoo via this movie..

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    KoriNeko18 9 days ago


    imagine watching it in a theater (for those who did, you have nerves of steel)... Gong Yoo's reaction to his own movie in that Goblin episode was actually me...
    lots of tears

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    Gingermoon 12 days ago - edited

    There were so many unanswered questions arrrgh... But Ma Dong Seok's character really helped me enjoy the movie.

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    Domo 13 days ago

    What a comeback year for Gong Yoo who kills it in both big and small screens. This is definitely one of the best zombie movies ever made. Also incredibly frustrating near the end


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