Flower of the Queen

Flower of the Queen (2015)

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As a result of growing up in a poor hillside village, Kim Sung-ryung’s character is driven to succeed. Instead of accepting life as a single mother, she abandons her daughter and moves to the States, but after suffering from financial ruin, she’s forced to return to Korea. She marries the character offered to Lee Jong-hyuk, a chaebol who’s the director in a leading food conglomerate who doesn’t have time for love. The read moreshow will be about the ambitious woman’s power struggle with a chaebol family (her husband’s?) and her reunion with the daughter she previously abandoned.

  • Native title:

    여왕의 꽃
  • Also Known as:

    여왕의 꽃; Yeowangoui Kkot; Equator's Flower; Flower of the Equator;

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In both dramas, the mother abandoned the daughter and remarried to a wealthy family after that.
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  • Reply
    NasserBader Jun 14, 2017

    Nice drama

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    Qwenty Sep 3, 2016

    I just finished this drama and... Wow. I really really really loved it. When I started it, I didn't know I would like it that much, but it was a great 50 episodes dramas.
    I have to admit I didn't like much the couple Jae Joon/Yi Sol. Yi Sol was too nice and Jae Joon was so weak. Gosh I wanted to hit him to wake him up. How could he forgive his mum during all this time ?
    Yoo Ra's Mum and Jae Joon's Mum were awful from the beginning to the very end (or almost). They were so annoying with their hospital in Qingdao, how could they not understand that it would never work ? They always needed to find a way to get rid of Yi Sol and Rena, as if it was going to solve all their problems... They were so pathetic. But I have to admit the actresses were good, I prefer Kim Mi-Sook as the devil Mother than the nice one in Glorious Day.
    My two favorite characters were Yoo Ra and Rena. First I loved Yoo Ra because she was such a spoiled child, but to me, this is the character with the best evolution during the drama. She changed a lot and she was the only one who could see clear and she dared to take her life in hands and to lead her life like she wanted to... Pretty impressive for a character not very consistant at first. I really enjoyed her scenes with Dong Goo, I wanted to see them more together.
    And Rena... This character wasn't the character I thought she was at first. She surprised me because she wasn't that devilish, she had a sincere heart and she tried her best to be happy although her life was very difficult. She's been very strong and to me she deserved to be happy. She showed me that the character who can seem superficial at first sight can have a solid story and a strong personality. She struggled a lot but her reactions towards Yi Sol never disappointed me. I loved the alchemy between these two characters, it was obvious the affection between them was sincere.
    I really enjoyed all the plots in this drama and the final was great to me. I was crying because it was very touching and heartbreaking at the same time, but everything ended up like I wanted to. This is one of my favorite 50 episodes dramas and I would recommend it to anyone :)

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    girl_on_fire Mar 17, 2016

    I watched for Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Sung Ryung. Those two women can really steal any scene. The script was nothing original though.

  • Reply
    kreps Nov 16, 2015

    Not my type of drama, but out of curiosity I started to watch. I'm half way through and can't stop now. All women in this drama are twisted and plotting all the time. Just can't get enough of their schemes. :)

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    BB78 Oct 23, 2015 - edited

    how much comedy drama and romance??
    Like 30%, 40%,30%?????
    i want to watch more happy romantic dramas recently and i dont know if this is too sad too makjang and too less funny cute and romantic??

  • Reply
    LEE Sep 25, 2015

    I used to see and love the classy and warm-hearted characters of Kim Sung Ryung but in this one she was so different and very good, I enjoyed to see her as Lena Jung despite this character was so selfish and greedy but so ambitious, self confident and beautiful.
    Nothing special about the story but the course of events was well done because the female leads made this drama more exciting until the end.

  • Reply
    Alice Sep 14, 2015

    This was a really good drama

  • Reply
    SaeedKhan Sep 12, 2015 - edited

    Loved the ending

    • Reply
      Eliza Sep 12, 2015

      Me too. Cried a lot hahah

  • Reply
    Eliza Sep 4, 2015 - edited

    I can't believe it's over :(

    • Reply
      sunflower63 Sep 9, 2015

      How did you like it? I am on episode 14 and debating whether to carry on or not as I don't like the bossy rich family. :(

    • Reply
      Eliza Sep 9, 2015

      Honestly, I don't know how to answer this question. In the first episode we see Rena giving up everything and a few information. I wanted to see how things came to that point. When I saw, I already was involved with the characters and the story. Terrible explanation but this is how I feel.

    • Reply
      sunflower63 Sep 9, 2015

      Tks, curiosity to how they got to that point is also the reason why I am carrying on watching it. I will see how I can tolerate the makjang as I carry on and if I can watch it all the way through.

    • Reply
      Eliza Sep 9, 2015

      I hope you can watch it. At the end, I really liked this drama.

  • Reply
    Koisuru Jul 11, 2015 - edited

    I started watching this yesterday and I'm on episode 32. Every second of this drama is

    • Reply
      Obsessivecompulsive Aug 4, 2015

      me too just made it to episode 34 I love the flow of the show, and that it seems natural and love that their arent any real "evil ppl.

    • Reply
      Koisuru Aug 5, 2015

      ^^ exactly this is such a nice melodrama (i dont know what happened to rest of my initial comment) i dislike the jae jun though lol he just takes the piss.

    • Reply
      Obsessivecompulsive Aug 6, 2015

      lol you must be british, i disliked him in the beginning, but as he gets more courageous and stops being a "mama boy" his alright.

    • Reply
      Koisuru Aug 6, 2015

      how did u guess lol, asian british to be precise ^^. i dont think i'll be changing my mind about him any time soon but who knows. its so weird seeing lee jong hyuk in this drama after watching appa where are you going .

    • Reply
      Obsessivecompulsive Aug 6, 2015

      I have British cousins a d their always saying "takes the piss".

  • Reply
    Alice Jun 28, 2015 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    special3220 Apr 29, 2015 - edited

    I think this drama is properly subbed only in Primetimedrama.com so far. At the moment they have this series subbed upto episode 12 and it is properly subbed and not any google translated crap.


  • Reply
    sunflower63 Apr 16, 2015 - edited

    Does anyone know why this drama is not being properly subtitled? Streaming sites only have episodes with Google type translated subs...what a pity as it looks like a great drama. I can't understand why it is being ignored as it is shown on MBC. :-(

    • Reply
      Obsessivecompulsive Apr 26, 2015

      i just found it subbed on dramacool.com watching first episode and it seems to be subbed correctly.

    • Reply
      sunflower63 Apr 26, 2015

      Yes it is subbed correctly only up to Ep. 4 unfortunately. :(

    • Reply
      KamZ May 3, 2015 - edited

      You can download the subs from Subscene. (Subtitles provided by MBC, edited by VENLOW). They are good. There are subs for 12 eps so far. A bit slow but as long as someone cares to upload the correct subs I am okay to wait. And it's not for too long. I think it's late by just a week or 2 at the most.

    • Reply
      sunflower63 May 3, 2015

      Thanks so much KamZ, I was taking them from the FreeKoreanDramas website which probably uploads the ones from Subscene too. :)

  • Reply
    Uericligaya Apr 13, 2015

    yes..i can't wait for watching forward update...

  • Reply
    phyra Apr 9, 2015

    so how is it so far


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    South Korea
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    Mar 14, 2015 to Aug 30, 2015
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    Saturday, Sunday
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    60 min.


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    7.4 (scored by 147 users)
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