My Bratty Princess

My Bratty Princess (2005)

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Situ Jing, a mischievous free-thinking lady, and her companion, A Ling, go on a series of adventures. She does not know that she is a princess of the former royal family. To protect her family's reputation outside the home, Situ Jing dresses as a man and calls herself Xiao Long Xia. Concerned about the plight of the refugees which the officials have been ignoring, she comes up with various schemes to help read morethem.

Emperor Zhu Yun has been steadily working on consolidating the empire that his father had left him. A monk once gave him a puzzle, telling him that whoever solves it will help him with the problems of the empire. He escapes from his palace to wander around the city with his companion. He befriends Xiao Long Xia after he realizes that the money she has conned and stolen from others is being spent on the refugees. When Xiao Long Xia solves the puzzle, he decides to maintain closer ties with her.

The Lord of Yunnan's sister was the previous queen who drank poison and died when the last dynasty was attacked. His son, Bai Yun Fei is betrothed to Princess An Ning, sister of Emperor Zhu Yun.

An unlikely friendship develops between the Emperor, Xiao Longxia and Bai Yu Fei, each pretending to the others to be someone else. Palace and court intrigues, rebellion and assasination plots abound. (Source: DramaWiki)

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    Diao Man Gong Zhu; Mischievous Princess

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Dec 26, 2012
  • Overall 9.0
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This is a well balanced period drama that threads wit and humor, action and fighting scenes, politics and family feuds, birth secrets and gender-bending all mixed in one. The plot and storyline weaves, ebbs and flows and one crisis is resolved only to lead into another greater one before the end of each episode which keeps you wondering what will happen and how things will be resolved next. Thank goodness there isn't read more a lot of drag in this drama, and the focus was on the main characters instead of depending too heavily on 3rd party conversations.

The characters in this drama are dynamic and interesting in their own way, especially the main female lead. I appreciate that she stays true to her character throughout-Fearless, loyal, impetuous, and kindhearted, yet crafty. I enjoyed that many of the women in this drama more than held their own place, and were independent, loveable, and strong. The characters and their unique yet strong personalities blended quite well which made this drama seem to go along much smoother and pleasantly for the viewer.

I liked that the drama was upbeat, even though there were life and death crisis after crisis. I hardly felt I was watching a period drama, and would highly recommend it.
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My Bratty Princess doesn't have the time travel, but gives the same sort of feel and has the unruly princess.
Recommended by HermanFassett
Female lead: Jang Na Ra who dresses up as a boy to hide her identity.
Both historical chinese rom-coms, but personally, I think the original my bratty princess was much much much better.
Recommended by ThatOneAsian

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    Hime Jul 29, 2017 - edited

    I liked the female lead character, it was refreshing to watch.Other than that the romance and story overall were just so-so for me. I skipped a lot of scenes and had breaks of days between episodes, which never happens when I really like a drama. It wasnt bad, but it is not something I feel like rewatching.

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    Tenet Jul 27, 2017

    I have watched it before (when I was just a wee child) then I rewatched just recently. It was pretty straightforward and has little to no unnecessary drama, plus it has its enjoyable parts as well. For the most part, the female lead is pretty cool, although I remember disliking her at some point. The highlight of this show for me is really the charismatic and calculative Emperor. The way he handled the problems thrown at him was

  • Reply
    ChangGe Jul 21, 2017 - edited

    Excellent! One of rare period Chinese dramas that I watched without skipping! Jang Na Ra made it tolerable and entertaining to watch. Plus, there's no annoying characters or scenes at all IMHO.

  • Reply
    sakurahimesama Dec 21, 2016

    Pretty entertaining for the most part :)

  • Reply
    LunaMoon Dec 25, 2015

    I always though emperor Zhu Yun was played by Mike He O.O

  • Reply
    Vui256 Jun 15, 2015 - edited

    Childhood drama, can't remember much. but I was always sitting still and that's all that matters..

    • Reply
      florazhang Jul 26, 2015

      same but i've watched it so many times i remeber most of it XD

  • Reply
    Totoro Jul 4, 2013 - edited

    It is years ago since I watched this, but I remember myself laughing until my stomach hurts, with each episode. This really was a funny series.

  • Reply

    want to watch this with my friend who doesn't know mandarin and don't want to be translating the whole time so where can i watch this with eng sub?

    • Reply
      skysija Jul 4, 2014

      You can watch it on or Viki. I wish you and your friend have fun watching it :)

    • Reply
      florazhang Jul 26, 2015

      no the one on viki is the second one

  • Reply
    GDHolic Mar 15, 2013

    Isn't this a taiwanese drama? Can Jang Na Ra speak in madarin or she had a dub?

    • Reply
      Bladey Mar 23, 2013

      She can speak mandarin quite fluently from what I hear but has problems with accent, I believe, that's why it was dubbed. But then I hear they even dub Chinese actors if the accent is not the most correct northern/Beijing/Mando accent.

  • Reply
    Weirdestone Nov 7, 2012

    Tought it was okay... liked the comedy.. the romance was fine.. :/

  • Reply
    ashertwinker456 Apr 6, 2012

    This drama introduces Jang Na Ra to me..i really really like her character here ...the ending for me was a bit disappointing i don't know why , but maybe just because of expecting too much from it ...haha , hey, i really like this ..i don't need to explain ....haha ...what am i saying??..haha ...

    You should check this one out ....~
    it's very funny ;)

  • Reply
    Ayuuie Jan 5, 2012 - edited

    Definitely one of my favourite ancient dramas. Nara and Alec are so cute together.

  • Reply
    Bladey Oct 16, 2011 - edited

    Likeable romcom. Enough said. Mr Su makes for a nice emperor and jang na ra was really likeable. Liked them together. The other pair was so well matched too, the cast did a nice job all in all, though it's a pity this was dubbed (?) Also, the opening theme is nice.


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    Apr 30, 2005 to Jul 16, 2005
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    43 min.


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