Onna Joushu Naotora

Onna Joushu Naotora (2017)

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NHK's 56th taiga drama series.
During the Sengoku period, the Ii family governs the Totomi region. Due to many past wars, there are no more male successors left to become a lord. Naotora Ii, the only daughter of the lord, is next in line. Although she will face a difficult period, the constant love from her fiance, whom she became engaged with at a young age, helps her to keep moving forward.

  • Native title:

    おんな城主 直虎
  • Also Known as:

    Female Lord Naotora; Onna Joshu Naotora

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Comments (44)

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  • Reply
    Bodea 14 days ago

    So glad someone's finally subbing it. I'll check back when it reaches the halfway point.

  • Reply
    Fumiko 19 days ago - edited

    I like Shibasaki Kou a lot especially as Kichou in Nobunaga Concerto. However I think they should have chosen someone like Ishihara Satomi (ironically Naotora in Samurai Warriors is designed after Ishihara). Shibasaki does not fit the motherly Naotora especially since a certain future red clad Samurai is now part of the main cast.

    I like the cast though.
    My favorite is Nanao as Sena/Tsukiyama. Her scenes with Takechiyo/Ieyasu are so entertaining and I am curious how they will depict her plot...

    I enjoy Naotora way more than Sanadamaru.

  • Reply
    NanaChin Mar 26, 2017 - edited

    They did such a great job casting the child actors.

    • Reply
      Fumiko Mar 27, 2017

      Especially for Sena/Tsukiyama. The little girl really looks like Nanao XD.

    • Reply
      hikali 29 days ago

      They were all amazing. I got a bit sad when the childhood part ended, I'd grown attached!

    • Reply
      Hozrien 23 days ago

      Honestly, they really did. I think the one person I feel is miscasted is the female lead as a adult - so far but everything else is awesome.

  • Reply
    Kai Mar 19, 2017

    Watched the 3 episodes that have been subbed so far and it feels like a great drama.

  • Reply
    ZhyeGoatt Mar 16, 2017

    The synopsis got my attention and the first episode got me hooked. I love that little girl and her spirit.

  • Reply
    AmastrisDratwka Mar 15, 2017

    This is a long one. I think I'll wait it out and see if someone will hardsub it later on. So far, 3 eps softsubbed and 9 episodes out. There's a long way to go and I'd rather marathon this with the hardsubs.

  • Reply
    kura2ninja Feb 23, 2017 - edited

    Public Service Announcement: Someone has picked it out for subbing, guys! Check it out at d-addicts forum :D

    • Reply
      Andie Feb 23, 2017

      Thanks for the heads up! :D

    • Reply
      namopanik Feb 28, 2017

      yay! I hope subs will be uploaded somewhere and won't end up gathering dust in some closed community like it happened with Jimi ni Sugoi...

  • Reply
    atslipinbag Feb 17, 2017

    did anybody find ep 2 yet??? dramacool doesnot have , they skipped 2 and went to ep 3

  • Reply
    Anna Jan 31, 2017 - edited

    I'm starting to giving up hope on seeing this drama subbed :(

    • Reply
      kura2ninja Jan 31, 2017

      Please don't! The reason I'm so optimistic is because sometimes it takes maybe months after it started airing until subbers decide to pick up a taiga drama. At least that was the case with taiga dramas of the last two years, Sanadamaru and Hana Moyu. And it's a drama with Shibasaki Kou as a lead we're talking about :)

    • Reply
      NanaChin Mar 3, 2017

      Someone started subbing it! :)

  • Reply
    JAPANISLIFE Jan 11, 2017

    Great cast,can't wait and please sub this drama

  • Reply
    TonyD Jan 11, 2017

    After Watching Atsu Hime And Gou - Himetachi no Sengoku i have had a great interest in Japanese Period Dramas .. this looks amazing too ... cant wait to watch this

  • Reply
    Lili Jan 9, 2017

    Miura Haruma I'm in S2

  • Reply
    Erica Jan 7, 2017

    Interesting show!

  • Reply
    Andie Jan 4, 2017 - edited

    Really hope this gets subbed

    • Reply
      Bodea Jan 6, 2017

      Praying. It sounds really good.

  • Reply
    CalisL Jan 4, 2017 - edited

    This question isn't really relevant to the plot, but I'm a bit surprised as to why her surname would be 'li'? Might it just be phonetically sounding like 'li'? Just very curious, (I'm not as well versed in Japanese as others might be here, sorry beforehand to anyone offended by that question.)

    • Reply
      atslipinbag Feb 17, 2017

      mmm ..i am not sure if this might be the answer to ur question but the first character of her last name is i not L so her last name is dauble ii not Li

    • Reply
      CalisL Feb 17, 2017

      Ooh that's true, thanks for clearing that up!

    • Reply
      atslipinbag Feb 17, 2017

      u r wlc


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    Jan 8, 2017 to Dec 17, 2017
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    45 min.


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    8.6 (scored by 17 users)
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