The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love (2011)

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Ae Jung was once the most popular member of girl band The National Treasure Girls. However 10 years ago the band broke up and she received most of the blame. Despite her warm personality her career has suffered ever since and she now spends her time fighting for air time on variety shows. Dokko Jin is a top movie star at the height of his career. The two meet and become involved read morein each other's careers. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but agrees to make a dating show. Dokko Jin helps get Ae Jung a role on a new reality show called Couple Making. Pil Joo is the bachelor being set up on Couple Making. Both men fall for Ae Jung both off and on the screen.

  • Native title:

    최고의 사랑
  • Also Known as:

    Best Love; The Discovery of Affection; Choigoui Sarang

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Jun 18, 2011
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
There are a few kdramas out there that reach a level in quality far above others for smart writing, snappy dialog, rich plot and character development. Add the spice of comedy and the satisfying element of a very well told dramatic story and The Greatest Love is in this top tier. It is a Great story.

Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin: They are both amazing actors. They are perfectly cast read more and it shows through every goofy moment and every scene that pulls at your heart.

This story is set in the entertainment world and probably sheds a glaring spotlight on the trappings and "traps" of fame. Each character is fame's satelite planet spinning in orbit around it's shiny tempting sun.

Dokko Jin is a man with a lot of hits under his belt. His image is stellar and it wins him the best CF's and shields him from getting laid low when a movie release isn't quite up to par. He can play the press like a finely tuned piano. He understands his world and he's comfortable there...on top. Everything is image...even love. Gu Ae Jung is a woman who had a taste of fleeting fame in her young 20's and knows exactly what it feels like when you are knocked from that pedestal. She has learned how to work her bad reputation to make a living. She knows what to do, how to act and dress and she's comfortable at the bottom so long as she can keep working. When they meet it throws their perspective worlds into chaos. It is a chaos neither of them are ready for.

Dokko Jin doesn't know what to do with the feelings he has outside of and in spite of, the image he has cultivated. He has lived so long in his fame bubble he is emotionally stunted. What he has come to expect is completely different than what the real world will hand him. We get to watch him open his eyes, watch his dumbfounded, drunken baby steps toward the light. ...And it's funny! It's clumsy and awkward. It's so completely tender and heart wrenching as well.

Gu Ae Jung doesn't know how to handle this mess of a man; who invades her life, pulls her into his bubble and goes after her with all the grace and finesse of a bull in a china shop. She has lived so long understanding that one word taken out of context can flay her and one mistaken step can shove her down to the bottom and cause pain. She knows she has to be careful in this world that drags her into a light which seems warm and friendly at first only to burn her when she dares to step to close. She knows better.

...and yet when the heart starts beating of its own accord and the petals strewn across the path lead to someone you can't stop loving, you have to be brave and make choices.

Gu Ae Jung is our everywoman in this story. She is the one we identify with and root for. She is the reluctant hero. Dokko Jin is our damsel in distress. The charm of this show is that it is so well written and entertaining you don't realize at first and when you do, you realize its genius!

The second leads and side characters are written smartly as well. They aren't just comic relief or one dimensional characters built as foils for the OTP. They have good reasons to be in our main character's lives. Best friends, brothers, agents and managers etc... They serve the narrative of the story rather than break us apart from it as if we need some sort of forced breather from the action or story filler. Smart Hong Sisters!

Yoon Pil Joo: Best second lead ever! I fell in love with him falling in love. Yoon Kye Sang is amazing. Time to go find every other thing he's ever acted in and watch it.

I found this show sublime. 'Crack me up' hilarious and 'Wrench my heart, why don't you?' emotional. Don't miss it. It is extraordinary.
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May 1, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Curiosity... curiosity led me to watch this movie. Wondering why does everybody give it the highest rating? There's no question about the story because for me, it was the best plus it is humorous and romantic at the same time. Well, regarding about the characters, I was quite unaware of them except for that Manager Jang who is also a North Korean soldier in the K2H. Who are these lead characters? I read more first researched about them. Woah, the main guy is 42y/o??? How come he's gotten so so HOT!!! HAHAHA. As for the lead girl, never really knew her. So I gave it a try.

1. CSW's perfect delivery of lines
2. Funny acts
3. OSTs (totally love Du Geun2x)
4. the potato
5. Dingdong kid
6. CSW's extremely HOOOOOOT body!
7. plot
8. ending message of CSW (my first time to watch a drama with an ending msg from one of the characters)
9. sneakers
10. their love for each other



SCORE: 10/10
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    arrenn 6 days ago

    cha seung is really a great actor..He can played whether it's action, dramaor comedy.. It's just wow.. I laughed every time I saw his facial expression. In you're all surrounded he was very serious. But here he was very funny.. This is highly recommended.

  • Reply
    mandycpg 7 days ago - edited

    hi, anyone , know where can watch "The Greatest Love"

  • Reply
    MrBanana May 23, 2017

    Deserves higher rating, a heart warming rom-com.

  • Reply
    EraB May 3, 2017

    This drama deserves a higher rating!!! Like srsly its so good i just finished it and i already miss it. Dokgo jin was the weirdst/funniest person ever

  • Reply
    DeepKahk Apr 30, 2017

    I'm annoyed at the way drama is manufactured in this, there are no real motivations behind the antagonists behavior. Also the formula is: kick the heroine doormat using the same two antagonists, then have the two leads be shoulders to cry on, same thing happens over and over again and then throw in couple medical emergencies and you have the show. Its so predictable and annoying, I couldn't handle the repetitive plot past episode 11, then went over the summary and its the same shit only turnt up, dropped it.

  • Reply
    Shifa Apr 13, 2017

    why 8.2 :( it deserves more than that!!

  • Reply
    JulySnow2 Mar 28, 2017 - edited

    Wow this really picked up the pace by ep 11, 11-20 was a really exciting ride! Eps 1-10 I was about ready to give this drama a 7 max in rating, but the end really improved! Usually dramas suffer a lowering of quality at the end, but this drama grew better by the end. 8/10. Very interesting to see BTS of the crazy k-ent world

  • Reply
    yahel Mar 25, 2017 - edited

    Dokko Jin I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply
    JulySnow2 Feb 21, 2017

    Just started this and omg the bribe slip up at end of ep1... how can the female lead be this stupid!?

  • Reply
    Mica Sep 10, 2016

    I'm watching this show and "Fated to Love You" the Korean version at the same time. While both are supposed to be Rom/Coms, I'm definitely enjoying this one more. <3

  • Reply
    Sharn Aug 30, 2016

    Hahaha CSW was so funny in this drama~

  • Reply
    kingsqueen May 23, 2016 - edited

    Is this drama really all that? I've watched the first episode but the main male lead just isn't grabbing me at all. I've heard lots of good things about it, but wanted to know if it was good enough to overlook not liking the male lead or maybe it's a case of him pulling you in as you watch??

    • Reply
      Saja May 24, 2016

      i saw fated to love you on your fav dramas list, if you loved FTLY you will fall in love with TGL too, the male lead is annoying and arrogant at first but he will be great later :D

    • Reply
      kingsqueen May 24, 2016

      Thank you! That's just what I needed to hear. :) I'll put this one on my list then and start over with it soon.

    • Reply
      Reyna-Roma Aug 14, 2016 - edited

      i can share with you i started watching when it was airing for years could not go past the first ep when i finally did i wondered what was i thinking one of my favorite dramas ever with the most satisfying and well rounded ending i have ever seen.

    • Reply
      kingsqueen Aug 14, 2016

      Oh yes! I did finally watch it not long after posting this. Sure wish I'd known he shaved off that awful facial hair early on. LOL! He was much more handsome without it. I enjoyed him so much that I followed this one up with You're All Surrounded so I could see more of him. I've got my husband watching this one now. :)

    • Reply
      sarah Feb 12, 2017

      He's gonna shave it off? Then I'm gonna continue watching. This facial hair was bothering me so much.

  • Reply
    funfan Apr 16, 2016

    Cha seung won was the only reason I watched this drama,he was just awesome awesome heroine was total disaster :( she ruined masters sun also, in that soji only reason to watch

  • Reply
    GiKnoth Apr 7, 2016

    BEST DRAMA EVER. Definitely, the drama (comedy/romance) I enjoyed the most so far. It has it all. Usually, every drama has a weak spot, something you would have changed, something boring, or an episode you would have deleted... it does not happen with The greatest love. You simply want to continue to follow the story after ep 16.
    Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin are so perfect together that this time you truly wish their couple was real. There is something that makes them different from other drama couples. This drama is a PERFECT 10.

  • Reply
    lea Apr 3, 2016
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    May 4, 2011 to Jun 23, 2011
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    1 hr. 5 min.


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