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One Day (2017)

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Insurance agent Gang-Soo witnesses his own wife commit suicide and struggles helplessly afterwards to get by from day to day. Upon returning back to work, he takes on the case of blind Mi-So who is in a coma due to a car accident. When Gang-Soo visits the hospital to investigate the case, he meets a woman who claims that she herself is Mi-So's spirit. With the revelation that he is the only read moreperson who can see her spirit, he agrees to make her desperate wish come true.

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    My Angel; 마이엔젤

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17 days ago
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“One Day” announces the birth of a new genre,

I had to think for a couple of days before writing this review because I had to sort out my feelings and thoughts so I could form them into words. Sadly though, mission is not accomplished. No matter how hard I thought about it, it is really hard to put this movie into words. It is a movie that you need to “sense” read more not “read” about. Thanks to director Lee Yoon-Ki, who is known as an emotional delicate director, the movie had so much charm and beauty added to the already beautiful story.

'One Day' is a healing-fantasy movie about two wounded people, it depicts the story of a man and a spirit with a similar pain and scar who meet each other ‘one day’. One of the reasons I labeled this movie as a new genre is because even though there was no love story going on between the two, the story was very much about ‘love’. It was fascinating to me that loneliness, emptiness, anxiety, and lack of heart of two people could be healed without the ‘I love you, I don’t love you’ format. I can’t even begin to express how captivated I was by the fact that this movie healed wounds without "love" between Kang Soo and Mi So. With all the sorrow in disguise it still managed to be a refreshing new genre.

One of the modest yet profound messages in the movie is when it suggests that a ‘blind’ person should be referred to as ‘blind’ person and not ‘impaired’ (it made a huge difference in Korean language and in my opinion it makes a difference in English as well as my own language).

Kang Soo and Mi So are two people who face each other through their scars and as they get closer, they realize that their wounds are in 'contact'. The best expression I could define them with is, 'window' because they were like a window to each other. On one hand Mi So is Kang Soo’s window to his inner-self and the memories that he locked away after losing his wife. On the other hand, Kang Soo is Mi So’s window to the world.

The story on the surface ‘a living person meeting a spirit’ is not a new material it's been done before countless of times. However, unlike other projects, ‘One Day’ depicts pain and loss in a beautifully healing fantasy. Mi So as a character as her name suggests (her name means ‘smile’), is not just your average spirit, she’s a bright, vivid, warm, sweet and endearing bundle of joy. Watching her smile was all the joy I needed.

The delicate and modest directing of Lee Yoo-Ki takes this fantasy and naturally applies it in our reality without risking the material becoming overwhelming.

Two of the most remarkable points in 'One Day' are Kim Nam Gil and Chun Woo Hee’s golden performance (calling it 'golden' is an understatement). KNG’s charismatic act through his deep expressive eyes even with scenes featuring no dialogues at all has once again swept me off my feet. He embodied Kang Soo and captured every bits and pieces of his pain and sorrow. KNG’s delicate display of Kang Soo’s emotion was top class graceful performance. However, this movie’s heartthrob I shall say is Chun Woo Hee. It is hard enough to play a blind character, but to also have to play a spirit, who on the other hand can actually see, is a challenge on its own. I don’t know how I will adjust to the fact that she’s not Mi So and she’ll be playing other characters in the future but I do very much look forward to her future projects.

Wonderful instruments combined with exquisite sceneries that had me taking deep breathe several times as I feast my eyes. This is the first time I’m actually happy with the music section in a movie.

I’m a person who enjoys dramas a lot more than I do with movies, simply because movies have different format and the fact that they end so quickly doesn’t allow me to connect emotionally as well as I do mentally. Thus, it’s really hard to find a movie that not only do I NOT want to ever finish, but also makes me feel as if I’ve entered a different world. ‘One Day’ is that kind of movie to me, a movie that I never thought I’d come to meet. I went to watch it as a huge KNG’s fan and came out with a movie that I can finally label as an absolute favorite of mine. ‘One Day’ is definitely not a movie for everyone, but it’s a movie that will have you sensing all shades and colors of emotions.'One Day' is a beautiful, fresh, artistic, delicate, ‘feel good’ (despite the sadness) and enriched with classic vibes movie. It has ‘rightfully’ stole my heart. Finally I have met my 10/10 movie.
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    Curly 3 hours ago

    I can see that Kang Soo is just helping others to die :) sad ending. I feel I wasted my time watching this, sorry, but seriously. It just made me sad.

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    SaraD 4 days ago
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    HwangEunByul 6 days ago

    i did not understand this movie... i am confused??

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    Panda 8 days ago - edited

    I feel like the movie failed to portray depression or the effects of suicide on people in general.
    "You make this big old sacrifice and try to get your revenge. The world goes on and you're gone, nothing changes. All you're going to end up with is a paragraph in a newspaper." - Eddie Vedder

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      Marooya 8 days ago
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      Panda 8 days ago - edited
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    Rima 8 days ago

    It reminded me of the American movie "Just Like Heaven"

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    Panda 9 days ago - edited

    Kim nam gil looks like a young johnny depp

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      HwangEunByul 6 days ago
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      Panda 6 days ago
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      HwangEunByul 6 days ago
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      Panda 6 days ago
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      HwangEunByul 6 days ago
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    Cuddlecacti Mar 13, 2017 - edited

    Movie genre = Political... Yeah, I'm not so sure about that. LOL

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    jxsilicon9 Jul 11, 2016 - edited

    LOL! Vegetable level.You mean vegetative state.

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    FadouBebo Jun 26, 2016

    Chun Woo Hee KimNam GIL deabak!


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