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Born from a good family is the child prodigy, Qu Yuan. By unlikely circumstances, he falls in love with a slave, Mo Chou Nu. Because of their different status and identity, they cannot be together. Stubborn, the two have to go through countless obstacles to be together and get entangled in politics and palace schemes. It is also the story if how, step by step, Qu Yuan tries to save his country.

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    Legend of Qu Yuan;

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A brand new Chinese epic set during the warring states of Chu and Qin... Are you ready to watch?
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It's more realistic, real historical based, better acting skills, better politics & wisdom, rich in all types of emotions, 100x better story line than this Song Of Phoenix !
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  • Reply
    Jordan 11 days ago

    episode 26 Major Pro: The show is fairly good with segwaying into new scenes and setting up new plot
    Cons: The execution could be improved, and I think the biggest hindrance right now is the actual writing of the character of Qu Yuan, who is so black and white. I am hoping that they pull a JOF and have him do a 180, which makes the character much more likable.

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    Jordan 16 days ago

    episode 25 conclusion: Conclusion: It does not bother me if a show is predictable. But I thought this was pure filler. The only new piece of information we learned is they emphasize the dynamic of carrying out justice: if Qu Yuan had indeed committed the crime, then he should be punished but his status as the military leader's son adds a new angle. It emphasizes yet again that not everything is as black and white as Qu Yuan sees it. Justice is not clean cut. The emperor could punish him, but he hesitates because he cares for him. He should declare war, but he cares about his sister and what that means for her. Qu Yuan doesn't care if he dies because of his pride. He won't have his name blackened.

    Now that all sounds interesting but its execution is long winded and draggy, so to me, this episode is like a 7.0 or a 7.5

  • Reply
    Jordan 16 days ago

    I can also see where most of their budget went when writing the show, and I know it wasn't CGI or locations

  • Reply
    Jordan 16 days ago - edited

    so I have returned after a hiatus and I will admit I had higher expectations of the show (I even wrote an article endorsing it!) so I am putting on my reality glasses. so far the story is solid and it falls into a category of drama that is more like a daytime soap because there are a lot of interweaving plots and storylines it doesn't speed up time in the way other shows do, but simmers towards a big action point. because it feels like it is clearly set up into 'arcs' the first arc being 'the falling in love/trying to escape fate' is the first twenty episodes. another criticism that the show does not fully take advantage of its simmering style. for ex, instead of building towards another big lot point, writers chose to make use of an important plot point too early, in my opinion, to hasten them being reunited--I really like his dream sequences, even if the CGI is cheesy, because it is clearly his subconscious and gives us insight into what he is feeling--he is a poet so he must have heightened feels--I have a feeling this show will linger in the 7.5-8.0 area for me

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    cindia 25 days ago - edited

    just finished the series, it's actually not bad but what happened to Qu Yuan's children??? anyone can tell me

  • Reply
    ALEXANDRIA 27 days ago - edited

    Since my last comment was on episode 22nd, I can't believe I actually struggled till now episode 54th. I think I'm giving up and stopping at here. I had never felt this regret about a show / story. Overall, it's a pile of craps and wasting time. Such a BS story line, really regretted bought this set of BS show. I think it's totally not my type of genres...Only 2 credits honestly I think, the songs are good, and the poems are excellent ( if you can read & understand traditional Mandarin ). The rest, real waste of time.

    • Reply
      Jordan 16 days ago

      @Alexandria this sounds totally creeps but I checked out your watch list and it seems like you prefer more action oriented dramas instead of melodramas and shows where romance compliments the plot but is not the primary focus

  • Reply
    ALEXANDRIA Aug 23, 2017

    Comparing these 2 main actors in these 2 stories - ( this Song Of Phoenix & The General And I ), Ma Ke's look is more to "pretty guy" type, wherelse Wallace Chung is more to "man-ly" or so called Macho type. Hard to compare and comment, each of them belongs to different types of attraction.

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    ALEXANDRIA Aug 23, 2017

    Personally, I think this story is kinda boring & slow. It's like too plain, not much surprises and it's easy to know what's gonna happen next and who's do what or going to do ...etc. I'd never used this long to watch a drama, can't believe almost going to be a month soon and I just STILL at episode 22nd. I don't know why each time the story play on, it made me kinda sleepy ... Maybe part of the reason is this story it involves the Chu and Qin empire, which I had already watched The Legend Of Miyue. This story is part about it except the role is act by different peoples and also some alterations of the original story. Ma Ke is a good actor but in this story, I think he plays a really boring role ... let's see further what's next. And before I start this story, actually, I just completed The General And I. Comparing these both stories, thou the contains supposed involving romance and politics, but The General And I that story I find it 10x better than this. There's also some other's comments on how lousy Angelababy acted the role as Bai Ping Ting. But I think it's just okay, not that bad, but at least she delivers the role and Bai Ping Ting's character supposed to be. Certainly, the main attraction is still on Wallace Chung as Chu Bei Jie and his outstanding performance as the Jing empire's general. Besides, the story also contains a lots of surprises which personally, I also didn't expect or guess. The story line also from the start till the end was straight forward and exciting with very rich emotions. This Song Of Phoenix I don't know how to describe, overall since episode 1 till now 22nd, I guess it just like my bed time story ...

  • Reply
    AJhennieArol Aug 16, 2017

    Let me watch another side of Ma Ke ... watch him in journey of flower i must say... he's cute... try to watch the other side of him

  • Reply
    titisi Jul 21, 2017 - edited

    the romance sucked

    • Reply
      ALEXANDRIA Aug 23, 2017

      yes, I agreed ... So slow motion and kinda bland right ?

  • Reply
    Sophia Jun 27, 2017 - edited

    Is this good? I was looking forward to it but I am not impressed after watching episode 1 and I see the ratings dropped significantly too.

    • Reply
      YanFaisal Jul 13, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Sophia Jul 14, 2017

      Thanks :)

  • Reply
    iloveoppa Jun 16, 2017

    It got boring

  • Reply
    NEPNamstar Jun 15, 2017

    is it worth watching?

  • Reply
    rian Jun 12, 2017 - edited

    How many eps have this drama 78 ep or 81?

  • Reply
    cassandra Jun 1, 2017 - edited

    Cried so hard at ep 58

    • Reply
      GuleserSn Aug 19, 2017

      same normally i dont cry easily but that got me really hard


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