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Advance Bravely (2017)

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Sergeant Xia Yao, born into a wealthy and renown ancestry, is a playboy who has turned over a new leaf. Yuan Zong is an ex-soldier from the special forces who opened a bodyguard training company after being discharged.
When Yuan Ru, Yuan Zong's little sister fell for Xia Yao's charms, but could not break down his erected barriers, she came to Yuan Zong for assistance. The moment Yuan Zong saw Xia Yao, read morehe knew no other person would ever catch his eyes. And so begins the battle between brother and sister for the most coveted price - Xia Yao's heart.

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    势不可挡; Shi Bu Ke Dang; Unstoppable; Advance Bravery;

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Maybe if you like Advance Bravely then you might be like Beloved Enemy. Those two series has some cool action scenes and it's worth your time. I love all the acting, the styling, and the story plot isn't mainstream. AKA RIP grammar because I just want to tell you how much I really love this series.
Recommended by blurybeat
I'm recommending this because they have the same author. I'm reading the novels and I think everyone should as well. It took me so long to finish Addicted's novel because I would always need time to recover after every other chapter that I read. Currently, I am reading Counterattack, and it had the same effect on me. I've already secured a copy for Advance Bravely, and I don't know when will I be able to read it.
Recommended by Polaris

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  • Reply
    KennethDulatre 2 days ago - edited

    Is this BL? No romance involved? Heheheh!

    • Reply
      jake 8 hours ago

      its BL in the uncut.

  • Reply
    YouDirtyWater 3 days ago

    The second season is probably gonna be more 'interesting' ifyouknowwhatimean
    I don't think the uncut of the first season is gonna make much difference with the cut, or am I wrong ?

  • Reply
    PHAT SEXY37 5 days ago - edited

    Do anybody no where I can buy this DVD and the other drama advance bravely

    • Reply
      Micah 5 days ago

      There's no DVD, but there are USBs being sold. Someone gave a link to buy it in my previous comment.

  • Reply
    Lavendova 6 days ago - edited

    I can't wait to see all of 15 episodes again but uncut version this time <3 I really love this series!
    They match characters from the novel PERFECTLY <3

  • Reply
    Micah 10 days ago - edited

    An uncut version of Advance Bravely (15 episodes + first three episodes of season two) are being sold on USBs. They only have 5000 USBs in stock and they're about $42 USD. The USBs also come with two posters, a photo book, and 20 post cards.

    • Reply
      Micah 7 days ago

      Even if you buy a USB, the episodes won't have subtitles. Only buy one if you want the additional posters, post cards, and photo book. If you only want to buy one for the episodes, wait for someone else to upload them with subtitles instead. And if you can't understand the website, google chrome can translate web pages.

    • Reply
      Elizabeth 7 days ago

      I don’t want to buy so that I can watch it, I want to buy so that I can support them. I live with my very orthodox family, so I can’t keep those stuff at home anyway. I’ll have to find someone to gift it to.

    • Reply
      YouDirtyWater 6 days ago

      But I'm sad, I thought there would be more than 30 episodes :'( which means that the uncut will be basically more skinship but not that intense skinship....

    • Reply
      Irrelevantcell 6 days ago

      It's not about being able to watch the content or not. I want to buy it to support them too. I don't need subtitles tbh, but hiding the BL posters/etc from my fam is gonna be a pain XD

    • Reply
      Elizabeth 6 days ago

      @Irrelevantcell finally someone I can relate to :P

  • Reply
    Sarai 10 days ago - edited

    I read THIS:

    AD is going to be released. It will include: season 1 (NO CUT), photo book, poster, postcard and 3 episodes of season 2.

    Its true? Anyone knows?

    • Reply
      mvlpvqlvm 10 days ago

      Where did you read this?

    • Reply
      Akeena 10 days ago

      Yes it's true!

    • Reply
      Akeena 10 days ago

      I'm not sure where but it was in Chinese,,,a translator kindly relayed the message to her readers

  • Reply
    Pip 12 days ago - edited

    Seriously, this is so amazing that I am even watching the terrible video quality and am so grateful for the guy who videoed this. Funny, endearing, heartwarming and did I say funny

    • Reply
      minyoung 3 days ago

      Oh I totally get you. Usually I will skip the bad quality video and wait for the HD version to release. But as you said, this is super good that I accept watching bad quality one over nothing.

  • Reply
    YouDirtyWater 15 days ago - edited

    Hopefully there is an HD... uncut... somewhere :'(

  • Reply
    Athena 18 days ago

    Does anyone know how often the episodes are shown and released? I'm looking at 1-15 again now. I just love the series. I really miss the bl chemistry that should have been in the series. I am thankful again to be able to view this. Laters BL Fans.

  • Reply
    justthink 18 days ago - edited

    why is it so hard to find this, other than a man recording it and posting it in poor quality. DAMN BL drama are popular and yet the government tries to get rid of it

  • Reply
    john masangya 23 days ago - edited

    Where can i watch the full episode? Without cut
    Hope anyone can help. Pls.... Is the story is still airing?

    • Reply
      jake 23 days ago

      you wont be able to watch them without cut until dvd release or leak.

  • Reply
    mvlpvqlvm 24 days ago - edited

    I'm sure craving some lotus root with glutinous rice right now!

    • Reply
      Elizabeth 22 days ago

      Me too. All of a sudden I want to know what it tastes like. I can't figure out why though :P

  • Reply
    Arctic Spirit Aj 26 days ago

    honestly if you are only waiting for the Boys Love i reccomend just wtching for the heck of it (considering its chinese and the chinese government is the death to all fangirls) this show is so funny and cute and there definetly will be some kissing action i mean they get so jealous is adorable XD

  • Reply
    Liz 26 days ago - edited

    I have a question, this is a REAL BL or the same old chinese Bl where all the romance is cut and only bromance is left?

    • Reply
      Liz 26 days ago

      I don't like to read at the computer ^^' so it's a slow pacing kind of relationship?
      Strange if it's the author of Addicted and Counter Attack where they basically jump on each other after 10 minutes

    • Reply
      sara 26 days ago

      It has a lot of rated scenes in the book but Chai Jidan chose to evolve this relationship which makes sense according to how Yuan Zong and Xai Yao are described as

    • Reply
      Sarai 25 days ago

      I´m with you @sara the relationship is slow but so sweet and sexy sometimes.
      The good things make you wait hahaha

    • Reply
      sara 25 days ago

      I started the book and I can't stop reading! I'm so addicted to this, it was like when i got into Addicted haha ^^

    • Reply
      jake 23 days ago

      its BL but its all cut and will be released on the uncut version.

  • Reply
    Remi 26 days ago - edited

    Does anyone know why episodes 1-3 are clear but any after that are just filmed by someone in the cinemas ?

    • Reply
      mvlpvqlvm 26 days ago - edited

      Not sure why exactly, but it has something to do with China's censorship laws making the distribution of the later eps very difficult. I suspect we will get true HD versions of those eps eventually... or not. :D

    • Reply
      egg-mont 26 days ago

      (my info might be incorrect but here is what I have gathered:) First 3 episodes were leaked and with chinas laws against 'promoting' homosexuality (among other things) the drama cannot be aired on TV/the internet how it was supposed to be. However, it seems like it can be shown during screenings and thats how we get all those potato-quality cinema footage.
      There is uncertainity about whether we will ever get HD quality but maybe it could be sold to Taiwan (though that is not probable.. i think it might have some political implications for makers of the show) or it could get 'accidentally leaked' after all public screenings

    • Reply
      jake 23 days ago

      episodes 1/3 were leaked others were not.


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