The Advisors Alliance

The Advisors Alliance (2017)

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The drama is based on the life of Sima Yi, a great politician and strategist that lived during the Three Kingdoms era.

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    Jun Shi Lian Meng;

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Both dramas center around brilliant strategists who use their tactical skills to navigate the political game. The poster image of Si Ma Yi walking the tightrope above the upturned swords is a testament for both dramas. Both have excellent cast members including actress Liu Tao (Ode to Joy's Andy) who actually has main parts in both dramas!
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  • Reply
    Aza 1 day ago - edited

    can see its worthy to watch as good as Nirvana In Fire.

  • Reply
    sagark 3 days ago - edited

    happy ending or sad ending.. sad ending is not my cup of tea.

    • Reply
      moonicon8 3 days ago

      There's actually two seasons/parts, so really 40 more episodes after this. But based on history, while it will likely cover Sima Yi's death (which was peaceful), the legacy that his descendants left will likely emphasized, meaning it won't be a sad ending.

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 3 days ago
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      sagark 2 days ago

      Thq @moonicon8 @3ngin33r . added to my list.

  • Reply
    Xiaoshu 6 days ago - edited

    Finally, good after Nirvana in Fire.

    • Reply
      boby yang 4 days ago

      I agree, this drama may have some historical inaccuracy, but still a great drama to watch!

  • Reply
    Eruu0 6 days ago - edited

    Gonna die before someone sub this drama ... Can't wait ... Can somebody tell me where i can watch this show with eng sub beyond episode 6 ?

  • Reply
    Eruu0 6 days ago

    OMG ! I just started this drama ... It's AMAZING

  • Reply
    3ngin33r 14 days ago - edited

    The ad in the middle of drama with the same actors costumes and setting , i was like wtf is going on

    • Reply
      SUNNY 12 days ago

      I thought they time traveled!

  • Reply
    LPA 16 days ago - edited

    IDK, I would think that if producers really wanted their dramas to be noticed/successful and bring in more $, that they would hire their own translators/subbers and release all language versions on the same date. There must be a reason...

    • Reply
      anopinion 16 days ago - edited

      China don't need to export their dramas to bring in money. Subs are the least of their concerns.

    • Reply
      Keikin 16 days ago

      True. With one fifth of the world population, they do not really need to export their dramas.

    • Reply
      rian 12 days ago

      Thats why china ban the Korean dramas n actors. :)

  • Reply
    Keikin 17 days ago - edited

    The official YouTube channel has just subbed episode 1. Interested peeps can go check it out.

    • Reply
      lan_lan 8 days ago

      Oh really? That's a shame. I had no idea since I don't speak the language.

    • Reply
      Keikin 7 days ago

      Well, to be fair, they opened out the subtitle editor for fans to sub. All the other streaming sites took the subs from YouTube too. The wrong subs you mentioned will be on these other sites word for word. Since you seem to know the language well and feel that the subs are not up to standard, perhaps you can go try and to sub the drama and allow more fans to enjoy. If you want to that is.

    • Reply
      anonynamja 7 days ago

      If you are enjoying the show with the current translation, that's great.

  • Reply
    TianQi 20 days ago - edited

    This drama is soo popular in China right now. I see people watching it everywhere...on the subway, work etc. I want to start it, but I have so many others in my queue. U_U

    • Reply
      TianQi 18 days ago

      And it seems to be killing a lot of potential fans too. I'm sure it'll be subbed soon enough. If I come across it, I'll come back to respond to this comment specifically to let you know just in case you'd have forgotten about it! :D

    • Reply
      Keikin 15 days ago

      Hi YanFaisal, the subs are taken from the official YouTube channel. Please watch from YouTube as they are the ones subbing it and mentioned that they will only continue to sub if response is good...

    • Reply
      etcetera 15 days ago

      finally there's light at the end of the tunnel but usually for good dramas ill wait for it to stop airing to marathon it lol.

    • Reply
      YanFaisal 15 days ago - edited

      Keikin, Thx for the reminder. I already deleted my comment.

  • Reply
    Sophia 23 days ago - edited

    Does anyone know where to download this?

    • Reply
      SUNNY 22 days ago

      Download at the youTube link below provided by rian.

  • Reply
    Xiaoshu 27 days ago - edited

    I really hope this will get subbed. I read some comments and it's pretty good. Three Kingdoms is my #2 fav drama of all time and Sima Yi is one of my fav characters.

    • Reply
      YanFaisal 26 days ago

      I'm too waiting for this drama gets subbed. Lets Cross fingers >.<

  • Reply
    vision_wei 27 days ago - edited

    It's good show?

    • Reply
      SUNNY 26 days ago

      It's a good drama even without subs. Someone provided a link to the trailer in an earlier comment below.

    • Reply
      vision_wei 26 days ago

      Well, thanks ur suggestion. I will watch this drama without eng sub. I understand mandarin.

  • Reply
    Savi Jun 20, 2017 - edited

    There's too many Chinese drama with main lead as strategist...

    • Reply
      rian 30 days ago

      yaah but only a few drama is excellent & without dragging.

    • Reply
      usagi 14 days ago

      Not really, although lots in recent years. We could say there are too many dramas with princes as leads, though, because in Chinese history strategists were highly valued! I think more so than in western history. Plus, it always makes for a more interesting plot when you don't know what their next move will be. So I say bring it!

  • Reply
    SUNNY Jun 19, 2017

    Extended to 60 episodes from 42 per!

  • Reply
    KingJ Jun 18, 2017

    Liu Tao ♥ ♥ ♥


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    Jun 22, 2017 to Jul 13, 2017
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    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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    Anhui TV
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    45 min.


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    8.9 (scored by 28 users)
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