Across the Ocean to See You

Across the Ocean to See You (2017)

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Su Mang, who lives overseas, took office in a tourism corporation. After Su Mang’s marriage to husband Tian Xue Cheng, her temperament greatly changed, and Tian Xue Cheng requested for a divorce. After the divorce, Su Mang applied to her current company to return to China, and the company approved of her to go back to China, and she becomes the CEO in one of their branch offices. During her trip, a read moremisunderstanding happened between her and the corporation’s hotel connoisseur, Zhang Chu. Once Su Meng started her term in the new company, she laid off many workers, and Zhang Chu managed to luckily escape. Meanwhile, the employees are gossiping about how their new female superior was abandoned by her husband. Zhang Chu helped Su Mang resolve this embarrassing situation and left a good impression on Su Mang, but how will the rest of their story lay out?
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    Piao Yang Guo Hai Lai Kan Ni; You Look Across the Sea;

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12 days ago
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.5
Personal Thoughts: This drama was good and has great theme to it. The main leads had great chemistry and had some hilarious moments. As addicting the drama was, it was kinda cliche but it didn't stop me from watching it.

Story: The overall story was great but there could been somethings cut out. The main leads should been together faster without so much drag to it. Let's just say the ending was read more perfect but without only a tiny flaw in one of the side stories. I really liked how the story went and cried at some point. It was somewhat emotional but no enough to let you cry every episode.

Acting/Cast: The cast was amazing everything went out well. Though the main leads weren't that glamorous and good looking, their amazing acting should be praised. In the story sisters looked like similar which made it more believable.

Music: Let's just say the music wasn't that good but was worth mentioning. Most of it was just background music and sometimes actually ruined the moment. But there was some good songs in an episode or two.

Personally, I believe whoever is wondering and want to watch a simple yet dedicating drama. This one is for you! The endings were usually suspenseful which made it super addicting. Stop reading and start watching!
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6 days ago
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
Take your usual rom-com, shake it up and reverse all the roles. There, you have it— Across the Ocean to See You. A show where the female lead is the aloof, haughty protagonist that calls the shots! And the male lead is Mr. Nice Guy trying to win the affection of his boss.

The writing is smart and super funny. I love the banter between Su Mang and Zheng Chu, alternately playful read more and frustrated. The mad chemistry between these two leads leave you wanting more.

This is an easy watch (mostly). No maddening hateful characters that take over the entire show and leave you drained. The last third of the drama starts to get heavy and melo-like but overall it is a very well done romantic comedy with sprinkles of melo. Supporting characters and secondary OTPs complement the show well without overtaking the importance of the primary leads.

The show does have its share of scratch your head moments. For example, where's the baby bump Su Mang? And the ending to one of the characters is questionable but these are but minor quibbles.

Overall, very entertaining. And the OST is super catchy. Loved it.
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Gives of many similar aspects:
- strong female lead (who happens to be better looking and probably smarter than male leads)
- male lead who is generally selfless and give of an apathetic vibe at times
- couple are neighbors
- male leads ex is a generally shitty person
- family serves as a problem
honestly watching Across the ocean brought back a lot of Divorce lawyer memories, would recommend both if you have the time
Recommended by rodrod
Instead to a girl and 2 boys, it's 1 boy and 2 girls and another boy that likes the girl that likes the boy.
Recommended by EmpyreanConqueror

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  • Reply
    yarnie 8 hours ago

    Just here to add a more sentence to my old comments but i have to say that if you like/love
    TORADORA manga especially anime with that great ost you will love this<33 main couple resemble each other in so many ways<3 oh the feelings ;__;

  • Reply
    Lornajburnsbridges 20 hours ago

    Absolutely love this drama now one of my new favorites love the actor and actress

  • Reply
    ahsaaful 2 days ago

    Liked this drama so so much. Wish to see more dramas like this.

  • Reply
    Fanni 3 days ago

    Well, idk where should i start.... the story was a cliche a little, but it has great parts. At some part i can't agree with the writers, but apart from this i liked it and can understand it (almost). About the characters i think everyone has developed. The actors/actresses are excellent! I recommend it to everyone to give it a try. I don't think you will regret it! :)

  • Reply
    lyzeyu 5 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      Benedict 5 days ago

      Su Chang's and Tang Ming's situations are completely different. That being said, Tang Ming was still an indecisive idiot and has regrets he will face for his entire life.

  • Reply
    Lida 6 days ago - edited

    I need the artists names and the exact title of the OST because it's such a beautiful song! I've searched all over but I cannot find this "duet" version. The only one I've found is "cross the ocean for you" by Rose Liu. Anyone???

    • Reply
      Maks 5 days ago


    • Reply
      Dramas4me 4 days ago - edited

      If you search for it under this title then on YouTube you will find the drama's OST (sang by Zhu Ya Wen & Wang Li Kun): 漂洋过海来看你》首曝MV 朱亚文王丽坤献唱主题曲(王丽坤/朱亚文/叶青)

    • Reply
      Lida 4 days ago

      Thanks, however, I actually want to purchase the song but I haven't found a way to do so. But I'm grateful I will at least be able to listen to the full version so thanks again! :)

    • Reply
      Dramas4me 3 days ago - edited

      You are welcome. You can contact 滾石唱片 ROCK RECORDS on YouTube from the video below and I think they can tell you where you can buy it. Good luck! Here is another version of the song sang by a male singer. You can search it under this title: 李宗盛 Jonathan Lee【飄洋過海來看你 I came over the ocean to see you】理性與感性作品音樂會 Sense And Sensibility Concert

  • Reply
    kdramasinpajamas 6 days ago

    Finished. It got a little too real for a couple episodes near the end, but still finished with the fluffy ending I expected. I was so happy that Viki got it and subbed them so quickly. Some of those later episodes ended in places that would have left me dying to know what happens next.... til the next day.

  • Reply
    Benedict 7 days ago - edited

    What is with everyone forcing their opinions on Su Mang and telling her that her child needs a father and she should find the father. Even after knowing it was a child from sperm donation, they still insist? Do the writers for Cdramas not understand the purpose of sperm donors and the reason for anonymity? The donors don't have any rights as fathers and aren't looking for responsibility. They are donors for the sake of those that are infertile, etc..

    It is great that they end up together and everything is sorted, but from about episode 32 on a bunch of nonsense went on in this drama. Was great up until then.

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 7 days ago

      Genre changed into melodrama for the last 12 episodes

    • Reply
      Rin 5 days ago

      You put it in words - the only thing which truly irked me the most in this drama, and could have potentially ruined it, if they persisted with this bullshit logic until the end of the drama instead of returning some cute moments to me.

    • Reply
      yarnie 3 days ago - edited
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  • Reply
    kdramasinpajamas 7 days ago

    The writer of this must LOVE Chicken Soup For The Soul books. It has been referenced 4 times by different characters throughout this drama.

  • Reply
    Jordan 7 days ago - edited

    question: i don't usually watch modern dramas (ones that I liked were secret garden and my love from another star) that said, do you think this is good? i haven't added it to my (very long) to watch list but have been curious

    • Reply
      Maks 6 days ago - edited

      If you like feel-good drama, with interesting, cute but mature characters and solid plot, it's definitely worth it.

    • Reply
      Jordan 6 days ago

      thanks for the feedback!

  • Reply
    3ngin33r 8 days ago

    I'm annoyed with TanMing's behavior

  • Reply
    Elliza 8 days ago - edited

    Does anyone know what is the different between 26 episode and 44 episode?

    • Reply
      yarnie 8 days ago - edited

      I watched both versions and i can only say short version is just shorter on some not very important parts other than that its all same with the scenes which needs to be watch and shown.
      But i have to say cute moments with main OTP is longer and lovelier in longer version *0*

    • Reply
      Elliza 8 days ago

      Thankyou for your information!

    • Reply
      Elliza 8 days ago

      Thankyou for your information!

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  • Reply
    RejaulHoque 10 days ago - edited

    after watching 20 episodes the thing that i like about this drama is that the romance is more natural than the glossed over ones that you find in dramas. there isnt any lovey dovey scenes or awkward romantic cheesy moments, its just two people who have fun in each others company which to me feels more realistic and hence enjoyable to watch their interaction.

    • Reply
      Rin 8 days ago

      My thoughts exactly! There are no forced intimacy/skinship or whatever just for the sake of fanservice which is really great.

    • Reply
      RejaulHoque 8 days ago

      after watching few more episodes i realized the difference is that the romance here is more of between married couple which is why it is soo sweet to watch.

    • Reply
      Rin 8 days ago

      Certainly! It's so rare in romance dramas, which makes me love this drama even more. (Despite how the drama dealt with the crisis towards the end being meh.)

  • Reply
    Rin 13 days ago - edited

    THE ENDING ACTUALLY MADE ME REALLY HAPPY?? (idk if this will be an unpopular opinion lol)

    it could have been worse (from my past experience with similar dramas like Les Interpretes hahaha)
    The resolution wasn't as bullshit as I expected but it was indeed too easy lol. Though I will really just accept anything which return me my happy Zheng Chu/Su Mang moments.

    Honestly, I'm already incredibly happy that they still managed to remind me in the end what I loved so much about Su Mang and Zheng Chu. It's not easy for me to get this devoted to any drama pairing throughout the drama, so they are really special to me. I will really miss them!

    Also, my two cents about the drama in general for people who may need an assurance: This drama has no plot - we've all got to admit, except it's like a lot of other romcoms which are just about how the leads find their ways to each and live a happily ever after. But what's truly strong about this drama, in my opinion, is its refreshing lead characters and dynamics. I can watch them all day just interacting with each other. It's a character-driven story. So if you're expecting to love it for anything else or you're very particular about writing, it's kind of hard, and may not be the story you're looking for.

    And for people who love the drama for Zheng Chu and Su Mang, you have to pull through the not-well-handled crisis somewhere towards the end. I hope the ending is as rewarding for you as it is for me.

    • Reply
      Rebecca 12 days ago - edited

      feel you girl! i was really annoyed with les interpretes ending as well


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