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Introverted Boss (2017)

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Eun Hwan-Ki is the CEO of a public relations company, but he is extremely shy. Due to his personality, even his employees do not know him well. Chae Ro-Woon begins work at his company. She is very energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is in revealing who Eun Hwan-Ki really is.

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    내성적인 보스
  • Also Known as:

    Naeseongjeokin Boseu; Introvert Boss; Sensitive Boss; My Shy Boss;

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  • Reply
    MiraiArtx 18 minutes ago

    Yes, there's a lot of things that bother me about this drama, mainly the female lead, but I'm going to keep watching anyway. I would love to see our shy cutie CEO step out of his shell and totally OWN his two-faced friend. Also though he's pretty extreme, I feel like I relate to the male lead on a spiritual level with the social anxiety and introvertedness (I think I just made up that word) .-.

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    giocare 2 hours ago

    Still not liking the female lead but the second episode was way better than the first. ON A SIDE NOTE I SHIP THE LEAD WITH THE RECEPTIONIST SO BAD. Their little moments in the show were cute. Basically everyone around him is super shady and all want to use him for something :(

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    Lida 2 hours ago

    So I'm temporarily dropping this drama after completing episode 2. The drastic shift from episode 1 to episode 2 had me feeling as if I just watched 2 different episodes from 2 separate dramas. There was too much to process in all of episode 2. Plus I was overwhelmed with the bombardment of character/scenario misunderstandings and the many different plot climaxes. I'll wait until a few more episodes to decide whether or not I'll pick it back up. I usually give a new drama 4-5 episodes before making any judgments but I really don't think I can handle another sloppy and frustrating "episode 2"

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    Tzuyu 2 hours ago

    I like the actress so much so for some reason I like Ro Woon, she's so cute even being childish. But you find her annoying. must have something wrong with me, lol.

  • Reply
    ElizabethXCVII 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna wait a bit...

  • Reply
    Maddie 3 hours ago

    I almost didn't watch this because of all the negative comments...This is a classic TVN drama with quirky characters, an unordinary storyline with the usual drama tropes thrown in. I enjoyed watching the first two episodes and am curious about where the storyline is going. I think people went in with really high expectations for some reason

  • Reply
    Waitwhat 4 hours ago
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    Brookiebbz 4 hours ago

    From the very first scene in ep 1, you can tell it's not a simple romcom. I really wanted a simple romcom.

  • Reply
    Black_Cat16 4 hours ago - edited

    As an introvert I just want to say that not all of us were extremely shy as shy as the male lead lol, it's not that extreme, and the same thing with the female lead, she's extremely ridiculous, not all extroverted people were like that, hahaha, my god.

    • Reply
      alexa 3 hours ago

      From what I've gotten it, he's more than just an introvert as the title says and it seems more along the lines of him having an socialphobia... I feel like they're just calling him an introvert for title's sake because it's easier

    • Reply
      Black_Cat16 3 hours ago

      Yeah, I agree, I think it's more like social anxiety and maybe agoraphobia, introvert doesn't have to avoid people at all cost like that lol

    • Reply
      Laplej 3 hours ago - edited

      Like @Black_Cat16 said, this main lead character in this drama in NOT introverted. It seems like he has agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder (agreed @alexa). Introvert does NOT equal shy. I myself too am an introvert and am not very shy, I just can't stand small-talk, chatting, or talking for long amounts of time since it becomes way too tiring and troublesome. I'd rather write you a text than call you on the phone since it's faster and easier. But I won't shirk away from talking as though I'm scared--I just find it annoying/tiring (75% of the time).

  • Reply
    pigtails4ever 4 hours ago - edited

    - the introverted male lead is likeable and cute
    - ost is pleasant
    - has a comedic vibe
    - supporting cast is decent
    - set and colors are palatable

    - predictable, very easy to figure out
    - typical mis-understandings leading to problems
    - female lead... the typical annoying female lead...
    - ... nothing terribly, horribly wrong with it, but nothing special either

    Hopefully this gives people more of an idea rather than "I dropped this garbage" or "I'm in love with this" comments that are littering this page. Keep an open mind people and see if it suits your taste or not! Happy drama watching!!!

  • Reply
    alexa 4 hours ago - edited

    People who rate dramas after only watching 1 or 2 episodes.... it's fine if you're going to drop it no judgment there but how can you judge the entirety of a drama when you didn't watch the whole thing. It skews ratings and is honestly been frustrating to see I just don't get it

    • Reply
      Ladybritaky 3 hours ago - edited

      I hate when people do that! What annoys me the most in that is that Mydramalist is a very well made website and you can rate eah episode individually. Use that feature instead if you have watched only a couple episodes and want to rate what you saw. Write a review and mention that you have DNF this drama and explain why and where you stopped. Write a post about how you feel about the drama this far.
      But don't rate the drama! A drama's ratings should be based on the whole drama, not part of it. You can't rate the entirety of a drama if you have only seen parts of it (or if you have not even watched it yet but just hate 1.The writer 2. The actors 3. Had a bad day and want to take it all out on a drama...).

      Rate what you saw. It's as simple as that!

    • Reply
      alexa 3 hours ago

      omg yes PREACH IT!!!!

  • Reply
    lostinparadise 5 hours ago
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  • Reply
    forever_shawol 7 hours ago

    I feel like this is the type of drama where I should wait until there are 10 eps out to marathon
    It's slower paced but not that bad...I will be back after 2 weeks when I finish my finals

  • Reply
    Ruyi 7 hours ago

    I'm kind of an introvert so this drama is relatable

  • Reply
    HwangEunByul 8 hours ago - edited

    2 episodes... is enuf droppping it...

    • Reply
      chokita 7 hours ago

      same I cant take it no more :/

    • Reply
      Pinoy_Oppa 6 hours ago

      why oh why? is it that bad?

    • Reply
      HwangEunByul 6 hours ago

      yes oppa... it is

    • Reply
      Pinoy_Oppa 6 hours ago

      ahhh let me watch the first 2 episode first and decide on it later...thanks for the heads up though. :)


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    Jan 16, 2017 to Mar 21, 2017
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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    7.5 (scored by 79 users)
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