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When a young, energetic employee joins a public relations firm with an introverted and severely misunderstood boss, she makes it her life’s mission to show the world who he really is.
Eun Hwan Ki is the boss at a PR company. he is really shy. So shy that even his employees don't know him that well. he prefers to hide in his office. everyone thinks he is a cold, prickly, arrogant grouch. read moreThey call him the "Silent Monster".
Chae Ro Woon is a recent hire at the same company. She is energetic, bubbly, loves to be the center of attention and always has something to say. the exact opposite of her boss, who she seems to have an old grudge against. her goal in life is: to expose the big boss man for who he really is and take her revenge.
The same company also employs Kang Woo Il, co-boss at the company. He, unlike his partner, is warm, sensitive and well-liked.
Eun Yi Soo is a chaebol heiress who has been engaged for three long years.
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    내성적인 보스
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    Naeseongjeokin Boseu; Introvert Boss; Sensitive Boss; My Shy Boss;

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Mar 15, 2017
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Introverted Boss was a hard drama for me to like at first. This is one of those dramas that requires you to trust it will get better, and in my opinion it definitely did. Now that it's over, I can say that this is definitely a binge type drama, because if I had to wait days for the next episode I would have given up on this drama after episode 2. Halfway read more through I went from hating it to being totally invested. If you are unaware, like I was, that's because there was a major rewrite of the plot, and that strategy made all the difference. So about that plot...

I gave the story a decent score, only because I think the transformation was pretty impressive, but it was still imperfect in a lot of ways. My first problem with the story was that it didn't know whether it wanted to be a romantic comedy or a melodrama. The main plot revealed a very mysterious and serious backstory, then went into these weird slapstick comedy scenes that just didn't work together. One moment there is a revenge story brewing, then the next moment we are supposed to care about a CEO's anxiety issues, and the obviously planned romance between him and an obnoxious new hire. Add to that the fact that the CEO is too mysterious to be sympathetic, and The leading lady is the most annoying person on planet earth. The only thing that got me through in the beginning were the "Another Miss Oh" cameos, but I listened to viewers who said the story gets better after episode 5. In my opinion things don't start falling into place until episode 7, and that's when I knew I would probably become a fan.

The writers do a great job of justifying the previous bad episodes while completely changing the drama into something more enjoyable. Still, even with the fixes to make it better, the flaw is in how bad the story premise is in the first place. In order to like this drama you can't dwell on how unrealistic the major event of the story is, and instead you have to just go along with the characters on this journey. The characters, and their rewrites, are what made me become a fan.

I eventually adored Yeon Woo Jin as Hwan Ki. This is, in my opinion, his best role so far. Maybe it's the fact that I relate to his shy/socially anxious character a lot, and I thought they did a good job of showing what it's like in a neurotic anxiety filled brain. I was truly impressed by how believable he was, and relatable, and empathetic, and totally unlike the ways I've seen him before. Some people may think it's too exaggerated, but I don't. I also relate to being thought of as scary and intimidating while I'm just sitting and thinking about something to myself. When it comes to his character, I think they nailed it.

He is matched with Park Hye Soo, who's character I initially hated so much that in one scene she actually gets slapped, and I wanted to applaud. She was too pushy, too obnoxious, completely self involved, and not likable in the least. I'm sure the initial point was to create an opposites attract scenario, but they left her with no redeeming qualities, which made me think that the actress was just too young and out of his league. Eventually the rewrite calmed her down, made her more charming and less annoying, and that's when I realized that Hye Soo is really quite talented. I did end up liking them together, and rooting for them to succeed, in spite of the plot making that pretty hard to do. I started to actually see chemistry between them, and although they may not be among my favorite romance duos, I thought they worked well together. Many of their romantic scenes together made me smile, and there were no closed mouth lips barely touching kiss scenes either.

My favorite amongst the rest of the cast was the silent monster staff. Once we were able to get to know their stories the office scenes became fun to watch. Their characters are comedically over the top, but still felt real and relatable. I just get excited seeing Ye Ji Won in anything now, but Heo Jeong Min was hilarious too... And I just rewatched "Another Miss Oh". My next favorite is Jang Hee Jin as Hwan Ki's first love, who was refreshingly different from what's often expected from that kind of role, and made that aspect of the story more entertaining.

The problem with Yoon Park as Kang Woo Il and Gong Seung Yeon as Yi Soo is that even with the rewrites they were still stuck in a melodrama storyline that made no sense to me, so it was impossible for them to not come across as extremely overdramatic at times. They did their best, but I cringed when that storyline would reappear. Writers did make both characters sympathetic, and saved them from becoming 2 dimensional, but their actions remained unbelievable to me, so I just preferred when they were not a major part of the story. Then there's also Lee Kyu Han who plays the ultimate buzzkill. His backstory is eventually explained too, but he kinda just pops out of nowhere at seemingly random times in the story, making it seem like he was only created to be a problem.

If I ever watched this again it would be strictly for Yeon Woo Jin. I had a slight feeling of missing the cast when it was over, but really it's just his character that I am going to miss. I really related so much to him that I just may rewatch it someday... or maybe just clips.

About the music... There are 2 songs form the soundtrack that stood out to me, so in my opinion it was better than ok, but not much better.

Obviously I am biased against the melodramatic storyline, and more a fan of the shy boss rom com storyline, which I think saved this drama from being a major flop. Still, every aspect of the story is explained, and reexplained, and the writers seemed thorough about avoiding loose ends to the very end, which i appreciated. So yes, all questions get answered, even if the answers are hard to swallow. Also, even though some of the last episode seemed like filler, I loved the last moment, and thought it was a great way to end the story... a story who's major theme throughout is being able to express how you feel!

Overall I would recommend this drama for fans of unconventional rom coms with the warning that this story takes a loooooooooooong time to build. If you can sit through the first few episodes filled with annoying characters, misunderstandings, and over the top melodrama, you eventually get to a good story about becoming comfortable with who you are, your own style of being, and expressing how you feel, with a sweet but difficult love story as a bonus.
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Mar 21, 2017
  • Overall 6.5
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
This is a drama that I’ve had my eyes on for a while, when I first heard of it, I thought it would be something like Lucky romance, and in a way, it is. I was really surprised by the first scene in this drama though.

When I started this drama, I was expecting it to be a light romantic-comedy, but the first thing that happens in this drama, I think I read more can say this, is that someone kills themselves. I understood it after I kept watching it but I did not expect that.

As the story goes on I noticed myself finding it harder to watch, by the end of the drama I felt like I was forcing my way through it. I had already seen 14 episodes so I thought that there was no point in dropping the drama now with only 2 episodes left, but I’m dropping t halfway through episode 15, I just can’t seem to get through the last two episode. I don’t know if I started watching it with to high expectations or if it’s just not that good. One thing is for sure though. If someone asked me whether they should watch “Lucky romance” or “Introverted boss” I would 100% for sure say “Lucky romance”.

All in all, an okey drama, it's not bad but it wouldn't be the first drama i'd reccomend if someone asked me to reccomend a rom-com.
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They are both office romance dramas.

Leads do have some kind of a connection from the past in both dramas (even tho it's a different type of connection... hm... no spoilers~)

Both are light hearted and cute~

Female lead is that kind of cheerful, cute, a little annoying girl (I didn't like the female lead in Introverted boss but i liked the one in She was pretty)

The male leads... Well, they aren't really similar in any way i think but they still remind me of each other idk why XD
Recommended by SeoInGukBAE
There are many similarities. In short I think my shy boss is the light hearted and fluffy version of secret.

The female lead in secret reminds me of the male lead in shy boss. Without revealing too much they both made similar sacrifices.

The male lead in secret also reminds me of the female lead in shy boss where they both similarly fell in love with the other lead in the same way.

Sorry that it was really long and vague. I didn't want to spoil anything. But I both highly recommend both!
Recommended by LaylaHarris

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    SweetCakes 20 hours ago

    I've been holding out of this one because of the terrible pilot episode and the succeeding ones. It's 12 on the midnight, after I got tired of my games I gave this again a shot. And guess what, I'm still on episode 5 and I'm crying my eyes out. T_____T
    My eyes later will be like that of a panda. I hope I'll be hooked till the end. T____T

  • Reply
    grimheaper 3 days ago

    I don't suppose anyone knows what the background music is that plays in the first episode while Ji Hye jumps? I've been through the OST albums but not found it, please don't tell me that's the only song they've not included....

  • Reply
    Dapz 4 days ago - edited

    plz any1 tell me where would i able to watch complete series in eng sub???

    • Reply
      Dapz 3 days ago

      thankyou so much!!

  • Reply
    joyje 4 days ago

    This drama is really slow in the beginning, have thought about dropping it but luckily i didn't cos half way through it started to pick up and was getting interesting each episode. Didn't like the lead female.

  • Reply
    Fk87 5 days ago

    1st 4 episode kind of meh..but then it's getting better..lead female character might be annoying for some but for me it's ok..TvN kind of expect in this types of romcom

  • Reply
    sickofme 7 days ago - edited

    I really want to give this drama a try, cause you know... it's tvn after all! I watched like three episodes and it is so hard for me to continue this, cause firstly - it is boring as hell and secondly - characters are irritating me... Is this really worth suffering through those first few eps or should I just give up already?

    • Reply
      Sai 6 days ago

      I hated the first episodes. This drama does a 180 so if you think you can just suffer for a few more episodes you'll be rewared with a great drama. I'm glad I didn't drop it but I really wanted to at first <3

    • Reply
      sickofme 6 days ago

      okay then, I'll give it another try haha thanks

  • Reply
    DarlingTabasa 19 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Iffah 20 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    funfan 21 days ago

    Finally finished this drama. the lead characters are quite different from usual kdrama where they always end up in a misunderstood breakup or lean on other annoying characters interpretations of their relation, I like the aspect of very good understanding between the leads and how they resolve it among themselves. But the story kind of got annoying in the beginning and later slow though the kissing scenes very good it totally lacked chemistry:( When totally bored nothing else to watch this can be good time pass

  • Reply
    thedon 23 days ago

    I will admit the last few episodes were a bit of a mess but it all worked out in the end. I'd recommend if you need something to watch.

  • Reply
    Licia 27 days ago - edited

    I actually liked the female lead, she was not all weak in the beginning and ended up evolving just like the male lead did. PS: the kissing scenes are awesomeee

    • Reply
      DAddict28 25 days ago

      On the contrary, I could not digest the kiss scenes. I mean how could an experienced actor like Woo Jin not live upto the expectations.... Seriously frustating!!!!

  • Reply
    Waeyo888 30 days ago - edited

    I found this quite boring from the first episodes... does it get any better?

    • Reply
      TainanSouza 30 days ago

      I think ep 7 is a turningpoint in this drama, it gets pretty cute espeacially in ep 8 and onwards . But, it all depends on your personal taste in dramas. In the beginnig (until ep 4) I wanted to drop this one, but after the changes in the female lead character now I'm glad I didn't.

    • Reply
      Huruhi 28 days ago

      The same.. I'm very patient with drama but.. I couldn't find any positive spot from the 1st episode..

    • Reply
      Waeyo888 27 days ago

      Okay thanks i'll try and make it till episode 7 :)

  • Reply
    rationalbeings 30 days ago

    I adored this drama, I'm so very glad I watched it despite the comments and reviews. The male lead is amazing and he has captured the essence of people with social anxiety. I was exactly like that throughout my entire school life, so afraid to speak that people thought I couldn't either speak english or that I couldn't even speak. And like him, I eventually grew but big crowds still freak me out and I prefer smaller group discussions. The way the drama handles his phobias were all too real for me so for that alone I loved this drama.

    But I even liked the female lead, yes she was very aggressive, but her reasons were valid. Everything she knew was lost, so I found her character's actions pretty logical. I found the first 4 episodes to be quite exciting so I didn't get the fuss about them. The drama sort of dragged on with too many fillers in the last 3-4 eps, but that is a k-drama norm.

    My only negative comment about this drama was Yi Soo and Kang Woo's ending, it felt too fake and forced in the end. The writers shouldn't have let it end that way after everything that happened, it made everything that happens in the first half of the drama feel so trivial that it may as well not have happened. (Also that Kang Woo was forgiven too easily and portrayed to be suffering when in the first half of the drama you couldn't figure out if he was "good" or "bad" ). That really spoiled the ending for me but apart from that I found this to be a great drama to watch.

  • Reply
    Jinsoo Mar 26, 2017 - edited

    Did it get better after ep4? I tried watching ep5 but I'm thinking of dropping it now.

    • Reply
      Juste Mar 26, 2017

      Yes, after 4 ep. there are some changes, her character will change.

  • Reply
    Keren Mar 25, 2017

    It's the male lead that saved the drama and made it bearable. Sadly, I didn't like the female character until the end and the story failed to capture my interest.


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