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The Perfect Match (2017)

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What do netizens know? Ting En is a celebrated chef whose fine-dining restaurant is a destination for food lovers from all over the world. When Ting En stumbles upon comments on the Internet from people who can’t afford to eat at his high-priced restaurant, they blow his mind. Netizens claim that the culinary creations made by Fen Qing at the night market are just as satisfying as Ting En’s Michelin-worthy food. Determined read moreto debunk such preposterous claims, Ting En goes to the night market to find Fen Qing and show her what true culinary talent really is. Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

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    Yes! Nu Wang; Yes Woman; YES! 女王; Yes! Queen

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Jul 30, 2017
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
This show started off really well and I really loved it till episode 17 but after that the story lost focus and it ultimately limped to the finish line (the show was extended which really hurt its plot and pacing).
The best part of the show for me was Chris Wu who was awesome and such a treat to watch. His character Huo Ting En was smart, mature, thoughtful,a great mentor and read more respected the heroine's opinions and decisions. Also the female lead was intelligent and spunky and not annoying like most of the female leads in Taiwanese dramas.The chemistry between the leads was crackling and the bromance between Huo Ting En and Peng Xiao Bin was really fun. The second leads are also not irritating and there are no out and out villans in the drama. Not a bad show in any way but would have become a favorite had it ended a couple of episodes early.
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Aug 8, 2017
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.5
Ah... Where do I begin? The fact that I couldn't agree more with people that said this drama is better off at the 17 episode. They should've done it nicely at episode 17, but they just decided to drag us more into a deeper hole making this drama becoming more boring and draggy.

I actually like the drama. Ivy Shao and Chris Wu chemistry is not too bad. But I still prefer read more Ivy Shao and Marcus Chang in Back To 1989 (to you guys who never watch this, please, watch it NOW). The beginning started off nicely, and how I love love LOVE Xiao Bin so much. He was like the LIGHT of this drama. He's funny, cute, and the fact he's so loyal, LOVED HIM!

For Chris Wu fans, I think despite the draggy story, you can watch this for his passionate kiss (damn that kiss tho), his sincere smile, his funny and cute act. And the fact Ivy Shao is so pretty and charming as usual.

I also love the fact that the villain in this drama is not very annoying. All of their acts turned out is for someone's sake or someone's goodness make it all of their actions are very reasonable.

Overall, to me they should've just stayed at their cooking theme instead of moving into rich people stuff that to me is soooo cliche. Do I still recommend you to watch it? Yes. Despite of the draggy story and cliches, if you love Chris Wu or Ivy Shao, you'll definitely give this a try. This drama also gave me lots of butterflies, and some tears too, and the fact it's so funny and so entertaining. So, if you need a light funny and cute dramas then maybe this is yours.

Will I rewatch this? Maybe I'll watch the first part. I surely very love the first part of the story where the couple first met and how they interact with each other, lovable!
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I know both dramas' themes are not the same, but somehow the middle part of The Perfect Match really reminds me of Boss & Me. It also contains rich guy with poor girl as the background story... So if you like Boss & Me maybe you could try The Perfect Match. Also the actors are funny & cute too and also very good looking.
Recommended by hollywillow
-Both dramas revolve around food.
-Both main Female lead have this fun and strong personality.
-Both main Female lead need help from the talented Male lead.
-Both dramas have 2 guys fighting for 1 girl (Love Triangle)

DEFENITLY a should watch!
Recommended by Zam

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  • Reply
    Bodea 11 days ago - edited

    I'm on ep 14 and people on Viki have been complaining about story direction since ep 10 so I was expecting the worst, but I am still loving it. Chris Wu got that voodoo

  • Reply
    Sriteebharti 11 days ago - edited

    It started very nice.... The story had eveything.... food, excellent leads, more food... cute couple.... and then baam..... the story went downhill

  • Reply
    h.a 17 days ago - edited

    The beginning was too good to be true ...high expectations means greater disappointments ...I mean it lost it line and become draggay.... it was fine romance comedy then turn into ...I don't know ????
    Family drama ??? After all I finish it is good to watch if you don't have something else

  • Reply
    joyje 22 days ago

    I find a lot of Taiwanese drama draggy but not this one not quite so although there was a struggle from episode 17 till the end but I liked this drama. The cast was also great Chris Wu, Ivy Shao and Lawrence Liu. The chemistry between the leads were great. The story line was predictable though.

  • Reply
    MrFalkers Aug 15, 2017

    Second male lead Ahwei character in this drama was so annoying, irritating, creepy clingy lovesick kid in my eyes... could have been so much more enjoyable to watch this drama if he wasn't in the picture all the time.

  • Reply
    suu_ Aug 6, 2017

    Xiaobin and Ahwei are the real perfect match! :D

  • Reply
    Genevieve Aug 6, 2017

    This wasn't bad but I've never felt a drama drag at the end so much like this one. I don't even get the ending truly. And it started so great. BUT... I still would watch it knowing what I know.

  • Reply
    curlyglasses Aug 3, 2017 - edited

    ugh what a waste! It had a cute plot and great chemistry but the writing started getting messy post ep 10 and all the supposed conflicts started getting pretty childish and repetitive. Then from ep 17 onwards, I was praying for it to end because it had no substance anymore, just some pretty faces. Sad :( I wanted to love this show from start to finish.

    But don't let my comment discourage any of you okie? It was cute! Not amazing, sure, but cute and breezy! Plus the actors are so pwwwwetty to look at. Take this show as a medicine/good way to ease withdrawal symptoms that you may already have from other shows!

  • Reply
    sweetpeamama Jul 30, 2017

    Poignant confession of love in episode 17.

  • Reply
    funfan Jul 30, 2017 - edited

    Finally last few episodes got subbed yeh yeah:) thanks to subbers was able to complete this drama. Though the last few episodes were drag and stupid cliche breakup makeup :( didn't expect a this idiotic decision from the male lead whose characterization was first thing that made me continue this without dropping when female was stubborn bullhead, creepy creepy second lead who remains silly till last episode, annoying second female luckily doesn't fight/stick till end and all those filler characters of night marketers who you cannot sympathize when something happens because they were all kind of comedic friends who hangs around main character here it's female lead. But Chris wu was just handsome to watch and portrayed the role well:) since male lead was one of kind you wish you have as boyfriend, we can overlook the last breakup decision as silly tantrum thrown up by good guy who was fed up of confessing and being good all time and expecting her to come running to him:)

  • Reply
    Elliza Jul 29, 2017 - edited

    Is this drama worth to watch? Like behind your smile?

    • Reply
      suu_ Jul 29, 2017

      In my opinion this drama is better than behind your smile. Although I haven't seen the ending yet, I can say the characters are well written, especially main characters. Wei Fenqing may be irritating sometimes, but she's strong and quite smart and Tingen is smart, caring and he's awesome teacher :)

    • Reply
      funfan Jul 30, 2017

      This totally different from behind your smile which has too much angst and trauma for male lead character, perfect match is just lighthearted romance surprisingly with a very mature normal down to earth guy with pride that you can't complain about. Chris wu was so handsome ;) to watch perfect for the role. I watched just for him though this could have windup nicely four or five episode short which was just a can watch it just for Chris wu and don't start expecting big story/suspense behind the characters.

    • Reply
      Elliza Aug 2, 2017

      This drama is worth to watch! I really like it!!! @suu_ @funfan thankyou for your recommendation!

  • Reply
    Elliza Jul 29, 2017

    Is this drama worth to watch? Like behind your smile?

  • Reply
    Randz Jul 29, 2017

    Peng Xiao Bin is certainly my favorite character in all of this :P

  • Reply
    siracorn Jul 24, 2017 - edited

    To anyone who is saying the perfect match is dramatic: What are you doing on an asian drama site? This is the most chilled out drama I've ever seen. Zero ups and down. The stakes are at an all time low in this one. Calling this a "drama" is basically telling lies.

    That's not to say the story is bad, if fact it's phenomenal. Instead of focusing on story the efforts have gone to character development. Everyone is well developed, from love rival to step-mother twice removed. They also adressed slutshaming and thats an instalike from me. You also never know who is going to reveal themselves as working with or working against our heroes. Even supportive characters are well written.... Except Ah Wei, you weakass excuse for a character. Go home.

    Maybe you just need to chill, or maybe you need a break from all sexism in this world. This drama is what you need. Highly recommend.

    • Reply
      JaLee Jul 29, 2017 - edited

      Totally agree! And yes Ah Wei was sort of annoying at times. Otherwise it was the perfect amount of everything. No true vilain. Just sometime some of the characters have done selfish or misgided things that made them act like vilains. And like you said it is rather laid back. No roller costers. And it is funny too. I like how they break some of the characters original serious image and make them act absolutly goofy :)) Oh I wanted to add Chris Wu know out to give steamy close up kisses. Daaaam! That's a change from the usual propet lip-touch-freez

    • Reply
      siracorn Jul 31, 2017

      YES! Chris Wu is a man who knows how to kiss. That scene felt so real and intimate.

  • Reply
    ShiraYuuKii Jul 23, 2017

    if they had to make this story so dramatic couldnt they just pull out this story frm the beginning
    ?? like when they could be a proper ending they brought out a new arc which will bring out a draggy n rushed end..


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