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Pleasantly Surprised (2014)

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Du Kai Qi is an independent, single woman who loves comic books and her job as a chef in the fine-dining French restaurant, Figaro Cuisine. When an unassuming man, Fu Zi Jie, moves in next door, they immediately begin to bicker over trivial matters. But when Zi Jie shows up as a new employee at her restaurant, Kai Qi, as well as other staff members, mistake him for a lowly intern, not read moreknowing that Zi Jie is a classically trained chef who just returned from France and that Figaro Cuisine is actually his father’s restaurant.

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    Love Myself or You; Ai Qing Yu Jian Qiu Bi Te; 愛情遇見邱比特; Love Meets Cupid; Xi Huan. Yi Ge Ren;

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Nov 19, 2014
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
Here's my reasoning behind why this drama is a 9.5 drama.
This was literally the cutest drama ever and has become one of my all time favorites

Story: There's food, there's love and there's a slice of life. I can't get enough of this drama, and I've never seen a drama where it involved food before so you can pretty much guess i'll be looking for another surrounding that aspect. Anywho, read more I loved that this drama had more than romance. It actually focused around food and careers, but didn't stray away from the romance altogether if you know what i mean. For example some dramas I watch are more about career or more about just romance, this drama played in between and I absolutely loved that. The food was also very well shot, it made me hungry while watching lol.

Story(Part two): However the one thing that did bug me is that although a drama is suppose to initially have DRAMA, I felt like the addition of the drama wasn't necessary and was only put to drag on the show even more. Now don't get me wrong I love taiwanese dramas because they tend to be long and I love seeing more cute moments in a drama, but the fact that the drama could of ended any moment with a happy ending but was instead delayed to throw in more crappy drama bugs me. l think the drama was a little overboard towards the end of the series. This is why i didn't rate the drama a 10 like I was going to. Nonetheless, I still loved this drama and was glad to watch it.

Acting/Cast: I felt that pretty much everyone here could act together except for a few people (i.e. ah jie's brother, du kai's mother, hao wei's sister) and it made the drama seem like it was actually real life. I love how affectionate the characters were and how natural they became with each other. In addition, I love that there was actually some action scattered throughout the series and not at the very end. ( When i say action, I mean kissing, lol) Usually in dramas I watch the kisses don't come until the very end or the relationship doesn't progress till it's almost over . While watching this I got to see a different character trait of the main lead which is that they don't pry into each others business and then get mad about it, which typically happens in many dramas. In addition, I love that the characters have the ability to put two and two together, instead of a long wait for the character to discover the truth about something. Lastly, the great thing about this drama is that there aren't really any despicable leads. Normally you have a second lead that is set to destroy the other lead, but in this drama the second leads take a different and more mature role towards the end and don't try to destroy other's happy-ness.

Music: The music was fantastic, it fit perfectly with the mood and it fit perfectly with the scenes. It also gave you clues to what was about to happen which I found a little cheesy but, It was perfectly fine.

Rewatch Value: Yes, I would watch this drama again. but to some extent, like I wouldn't watch it ALL straight through because well yea.. excessive dragging. But I would watch it again, just skipping around unfavorable parts.

Overall: I think you should give this drama a chance because it is a unique drama and It will make you laugh and put a smile on your face. Although there are moments where you just feel like WTF, but after those WTF moments you actually enjoy it even more to see through to the end.
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Oct 19, 2014
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.5
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
The Story (7.5/10): While it's hard to come by a really original story these days, I felt that this is one of the nicer Taiwanese dramas to come out in recent years and definitely the one I liked most with Puff as the leading lady. Also, as with most dramas, regardless of country, it does drag a bit here and there but that may be more about my own opinion and how read more I want the majority of screen time devoted to the main couple as opposed to side characters even if they are important to the story. Though having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the side romances and I think that was a real strength of this particular series. I really did adore each of the employees and while some of their antics were a bit over the top it made for some nice physical sight gag comedy. It's something that's just engrained in Taiwanese dramas, so while I may not be a big fan of it sometimes, when it's done right, it's hilarious. Something else known to Taiwanese dramas is the focus on conversation/involvement with family. Arguably, you get that in most Asian Dramas, but if someone's been watching T-Dramas for a while, you'll see that sometimes those family scenes can drag on and on.... we get it, you want what's best however misguided your actions may be, but that was kept to a minimum in this drama and it was a nice change. All of the scenes meant something and didn't feel like they were trying to force drama. Lastly, I really like dramas where the problems between the leads are less about interfering from secondary leads, and more about them resolving issues between themselves. While there are secondary leads that can get a bit annoying, there aren't any over the top stupid misunderstandings, most things are cleared up rather quickly.

The Acting/Cast (7.5/10): This drama introduced me to male actors, Jasper Lui, Sean Lee, and Yorke Sun, who I'm looking forward to seeing in many more dramas. As previously mentioned, I really liked Puff the most in this of the three dramas I've seen her in so far. She plays a good strong female lead, it's nice to see a girl who stands up for herself and doesn't take any crap, but of course also has a sensitive compassionate side as well. It was also nice to see a male lead that was genuinely kind-hearted and a nice guy, not a huge jerk that later changes. Nice guys DO get the girl! Learn from this other dramas! The acting was pretty par for the course for me. I didn't feel anyone was lacking, in fact, I think the actors did a great job of making the characters their own and distinctive from one another when they could've easily just been part of the scenery.

The Music (6/10): The opening theme was nice, and nothing was really bad, but nothing I felt that stood out either or anything I felt compelled to go itunes to try and download. I think it's just a nice middle of the road soundtrack.

Re-watch Value (5.0/10): I think this is well worth watching at least once, but I don't know that I would go out of my way to recommend it or re-watch it personally. If someone asked me if they should watch, I wouldn't dissuade them. There were some cute romantic scenes that I felt could be re-watch, but as a whole not as much.

Overall (7.5/10): I gave this a 7.5 overall because it had some really great feed-good adorable moments in it. The leads and even supporting characters had great chemistry whether romantically or not and with such a large cast, that's pretty great. I loved that the side characters had their own stories but nothing that sucked away tons of screen time from our leads but when it did it was okay because it was interesting at the least and adorkably romantic at most. I didn't feel compelled to skip episodes and while I did skip some of the storyline here and there I didn't find myself doing it a lot, mainly because I felt invested in the side romances :P
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Both dramas are about making food whilst a romance blossoms between them.
Recommended by AmynaA
Puff Guo plays drastically different roles. She is bubbly in Just You and more down to earth in Pleasantly Surprised- however, both dramas are very romantic with stellar chemistry between the leads. Puff is a great actress-love her!
Recommended by Jasmine

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  • Reply
    Miss-Addicted Aug 30, 2016 - edited

    it was a good not amazing but not unwatchable i thought it was going to be horrible because of all the comments i've read about it a couple of things were unnecessary and might have ruined a bit of the drama i won't say anymore because it will spoil it but other than that it was okay and not as horrible and unwatchable as the comments said

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Apr 12, 2016 - edited

    Well this was pretty bad. I find it okay until that whole kidnapping and injured hand ridiculousness. And then I skipped to the last episodes and was glad I did. Pretty bad.

    • Reply
      yarnie Jul 16, 2016 - edited

      how did you do it!! im trying so hard to finish this one but really i gave up on episode 16 :L So many draggy scenes with really loud background music i can hardly hear the voices. Lead boy character is so adorable with strong willed lead girl so i tried my best but it wasnt enough ._.; her acting is kind of blank cant feel her emotions.. i dont know if its character or actress.

    • Reply
      jxsilicon9 Jul 16, 2016 - edited

      I made it to about ep 9 and started skipping through the rest.And that was over time I made it to ep 9.Not in one sitting.The show is terrible and it shouldn't be 22 episodes. Its just nothing but contrived,cliche Taiwan drama nonsense.Taiwan drama writers seem to love random kidnappings for some reason.

    • Reply
      yarnie Jul 16, 2016

      yeah i skip a lot after ep10 i think?? I dont know why i thought i can finish it but really nahh .__.
      I think i prefer random kidnapping scenes than cars/trucks driving on people on such an empty roads :o like in kdramas lol even amnesia is better!

  • Reply
    JACKIE Jan 4, 2016

    So many cliche tropes. It makes it hard to watch.

  • Reply
    darkangel662008 Nov 10, 2015

    I love Ah Jie's looks. Colorful and everything..kekeke!!! It makes me sad to see him in suit :)

  • Reply
    EverGrimmRose Oct 23, 2015

    I love this drama way better than fall in love with me even with the terrible kidnapping plot, it was still tolerable. The whole cast was good, great chemistry and if they just kept the cooking aspect of the show it would of been great.

  • Reply
    superpasta Feb 21, 2015

    this was a good drama to pass time. it was funny sometimes and sometimes it was cute but it was draggy.

  • Reply
    amo0on08 Feb 2, 2015 - edited

    This is the first Taiwanese drama I've ever watched xD I enjoyed it.
    Liu Jasper , his smile stole my heart :$ , ugh he's so beautiful <33 i think i'm in love guys Lol .
    anyways i loved this drama <3

    • Reply
      Willieee Jun 6, 2015

      Ikrrrrr omg he's soooo cuteeee <33 he's so perff

  • Reply
    canyousaywhuut Dec 18, 2014

    I don't why there's no "Comedy" in the genre stated above.... i had so many laughs while watching the drama!! =))))

  • Reply
    Rainedon Nov 26, 2014

    I don't know why this drama turned out wrong for me. The leads had great chemistry and it was ok and fun in its initial episodes but there lots of nonsense episodes. It was fairly clear early on that the leads loved each other, why create silly superficial conflicts just to prolong the drama? In the end it was so difficult to finish an episode. Not one I would recommend.

  • Reply
    Chocobana Nov 6, 2014 - edited

    Jasper Liu has the most awful clothes ever in this show. It's a shocker that the guy is a model--you'd think he'd have better taste (or at least a stylist who does). While hot guys could wear a carpet and still look, well, hot, I don't think Liu's color-blind coordination and ridiculous shirt and tie patterns could be saved by his looks.

    At least it provided comic relief when the plot went downhill.

    • Reply
      BaDaBa11 Dec 2, 2014 - edited

      I know it looked like he took his grandmothers drapes and couch cushions to make clothes out of ..but he is wearing runway clothes ..No seriously he wore Spring/Summer 2014 runway fashion. Floral was the "in thing" during fashion week but personally i loved most of his outfits ^^ which showed off his amazing body O__O

    • Reply
      Brenda Dec 13, 2014

      haha I loved Jasper's clothes!

    • Reply
      SHIRLEYMOLINA Jan 16, 2016 - edited

      I agree loved his clothes and they stayed true to runway trends in Paris in 2014, shorts and flower shirts are common on the runway. He has a great stylist or a great sense of style. I loved the show thought the father was a bit much but it explained her anger in the beginning.

    • Reply
      jxsilicon9 May 5, 2016

      Nobody wears those ridiculous runway clothes on real life. I don't know what they were thinking.

  • Reply
    fairyep Oct 19, 2014

    Love how this drama has no evil second leads!!! I enjoyed this drama, all the couples in it were cute:)

  • Reply
    Bera Oct 17, 2014 - edited

    So how did they wrap it up? was it ruined by dragging it? is it still worth watching?

    • Reply
      girl_on_fire Oct 18, 2014

      Your welcome~
      Glad I saved you some time!

    • Reply
      Ayuuie Oct 18, 2014

      I actually thought the last few eps were really good.. the ending was cute

    • Reply
      Bera Oct 19, 2014

      Really!!? does it resemble anything else?

      Thank you Ayuu! <3

    • Reply
      fairyep Oct 19, 2014

      I agree, the last few eps were really good:) And love the ending:)

    • Reply
      solia Nov 4, 2014

      Depends on where you are. But tbh I think the series as whole is worth a shot. Finish it if you have time :)

  • Reply
    aictopus Oct 11, 2014

    They've dragged this on. It was so good in the first half of it but the dramatic "let's make this drama longer for no reason" plot is just too draggy. I enjoy Bao Zhu's relationship and Le Xuan's relationship more than the main relationship.

  • Reply
    EverGrimmRose Oct 6, 2014

    Episode 20 stole my heart, it was well put together and funny sad to see it ending.

  • Reply
    fairyep Oct 4, 2014 - edited

    Looking forward to the last two eps:)


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