Runaway Sweetheart

Runaway Sweetheart (2012)

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What would possess a young woman to move to the other side of the world? Ni Shu Lei grows up in the United States after losing both her parents. When she sees track star Shan Han Fei on television, she falls instantly in love with him and is encouraged in her own life by his success. But when Han Fei leaves the sport after suffering an injury, Shu Lei is so dismayed read morethat she is determined to go find him and encourage him to return to the sport. She moves to China and enrolls in Han Fei’s all-boys college and is assigned to be Han Fei’s roommate. Forced to live as a man to attend the school, Shu Lei faces tricky situations every day. When a classmate, Chocolate, begins to develop feelings for Shu Lei, he questions his own sexuality. How long can Shu Lei keep up her dangerous ruse?

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Chinese remake of To The Beautiful You and Hana Kimi. Same great characters and stuff.
Recommended by Angela
Gender bending. There are 4 versions of this show-- from Taiwan (Hana Kimi 2006), Japanese (Hana Kimi 2007), Chinese (Runaway Sweetheart 2011-12), and Korean (To the beautiful you 2012).
Recommended by basura88

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Comments (17)

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  • Reply
    werwiewowas95 5 days ago

    The question is will I ever be able to finish this? TT_TT This is the harsh life of someone not able to understand chinese

  • Reply
    eoniii Apr 24, 2016

    How is this? Is the girl really unbearable?

  • Reply
    Lin Li Jan 2, 2016

    Am I the only one who thinks that Chai Ge and the ghost dude is funny?

  • Reply
    Kikka Dec 26, 2015 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    bojinator Jul 13, 2015

    the girl's annoying

  • Reply
    Phoebe May 7, 2015 - edited

    omfg that story line tho :'D

    • Reply
      anythingadrama Aug 7, 2015

      Advice: The story line has nada nothing to do with this show. it's basically another hana kimi

    • Reply
      Phoebe Aug 10, 2015

      oh haha thank you :)

  • Reply
    EXO_HOLIC Nov 7, 2014 - edited


  • Reply
    serena2001 Sep 21, 2014

    luckily Ive seen every version and read the manga so the TOTAL lack of subs is not a real hinderance it is annoying but I like the cast reminds me of jiro ella and wu chen in the Taiwanese version

  • Reply
    Gingermoon Sep 17, 2014

    I can't believe I watch this just cause of Chen Xiang -.-'

  • Reply
    mikachan Jul 10, 2014 - edited

    where can I find this? in english...........

  • Reply
    claudya87 Sep 3, 2013 - edited

    But has good looking I'll keep watching this awful series..

    • Reply
      KateBison Nov 12, 2013

      where did you watch it? :(

    • Reply
      claudya87 Nov 16, 2013

      You can find them on youtube but they're not traslated.

    • Reply
      Osheboshe Jan 7, 2014


    • Reply
      Lin Li Jan 2, 2016 - edited

      I mean it not that bad like the girl could of stop slouching and sound so girly even when acting like a guy. But the rest is so cute and funny. Like you can't find these things like large school, great uniforms, huge area, unbelievable story line for like any other Hana Kimi stuff like the others. When the acting is worse and the rooms are small and the quality when you watch it is even worse.

  • Reply
    claudya87 Sep 3, 2013

    This is more like Hana Kimi then Gossip Girl..

  • Reply
    Livvy Jun 6, 2013 - edited

    watched the first ep with half subs and well i dont hate it but i dont love it either, there is lots of eye candy but the female lead is soo unbelievably annoying in her exaggerated expressions and acting and also the haircut is the worst, i may if im bored one day watch the second ep if its subbed, but for me this drama from ep 1 is annoying and the only good thing is the eye candy

    • Reply
      Anokas Jun 8, 2013

      where did you find it? i can't find it...

    • Reply
      Livvy Jun 9, 2013

      it was ok viki although its barely subbed, it says its 51% but some segments/parts have only the first minute subbed

    • Reply
      Park Chanyeol Oct 22, 2015

      episodes from1 to 10 have been 100% subbed, i am right now working on ep 11

  • Reply
    Livvy May 13, 2013

    sadly i think ithis is going to be one of those dramas that i really wanna see but am gonna have to drop purely because there are no subs anywhere :(

  • Reply
    Livvy Apr 24, 2013 - edited

    well viki has most of the eps but sadly all still raw, if anyone knows of subs anywhere id really appreciate it im desperate to see how this drama turns out

    • Reply
      Lin Li Jan 2, 2016

      I feel bad for you so you should learn some Mandarin or something.


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