Bad Thief, Good Thief

Bad Thief, Good Thief (2017)

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In the world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, ordinary citizens are losing their rights to pursue happiness. Against those who abuses their power and manipulate the system, righteous thieves have come to fight. Viewers will feel catharsis as they watch the thieves dismantle the corrupt system using their wits and courage. Also, the drama portrays the undying power of love and family bond that gives us hope read moreto live on despite all the obstacles in our ways.

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    도둑놈, 도둑님
  • Also Known as:

    Thief, Mr. Thief; Dodugnom, Dodugnim; Thief, Thief; Jerk Thief, Honorable Thief; Thief-nom, Thief-nim;

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  • Reply
    HBOMovies4K 21 hours ago



  • Reply
    OppaHasLongLegs 3 days ago

    Been watching dramas for over 6 years and this one should be top 10 of the season. Great acting and interesting plot.

  • Reply
    kaehyun 4 days ago - edited

    Nam Da Reum is Min Jae teen character not han joon hee...

    why is min jae not even in supporting role?

    • Reply
      Vivinice 3 days ago

      I think Min Jae will change his name to Joon Hee..

    • Reply
      rodrod 2 days ago

      I think he might die to be honest

    • Reply
      Vivinice 11 hours ago

      I don't think so... I think he appears in the preview of ep 5 as adult.

  • Reply
    Vivinice 4 days ago

    Oh, I can't wait for ep 5! This drama is really good!

  • Reply
    TheBlackReaper 4 days ago - edited

    Ugh first 4 episodes where garbage didn't care one bit can't wait till they grow up

    • Reply
      Poia 4 days ago

      plz don't tell me this! I already don't wish to start another long drama, So how many episodes I have to suffer before It becomes interesting ??

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 3 days ago

      Just read the backstory from recap sites and start drama from where the backstory ends

    • Reply
      OppaHasLongLegs 3 days ago

      i really disagree with what you're saying because the drama is really good so far. You probably only care to see the young actors and not the old but i feel like the entire cast has been doing really good in acting overall.

    • Reply
      Clo 3 days ago

      the adult versions of them appear in episode 5,

  • Reply
    whatever 5 days ago - edited

    It's pretty sad seeing people not wanting to watch this just because it's 50 episodes. Maybe it's because I'm used to watching american shows that end up having about that many episodes if not more. I can understand dropping if it if you aren't interested, but if you watch multiple currently-airing dramas throughout the year, is watching one 50-ep one that different? Aside from the fact that it's one story instead of multiple stories, obv.

    • Reply
      samsoons 5 days ago - edited

      I think many drama viewers avoid longer dramas because they're used to shorter dramas, which start and finish in a short period of time. 50/120 episode dramas require a commitment of about 6 months if you're following them week by week or even in a marathon, it's a lot of hours. My point is that with dramas, not only from Korea but overall, we get used to such a "quick" watch & resolution that some people get scared or are put off by longer stories. I guess American/western shows are indeed very long too, but perhaps they feel they to go by quicker, because of the separate seasons factor? I really don't know how to explain it but I get what you mean! You made a really good point :)

    • Reply
      Poia 5 days ago - edited

      -- Aside from the fact that it's one story instead of multiple stories, obv. --

      That's the point, I was used to watch american tv shows and drop it completely after I find out k-drama... why? Cause if they are short, you can see and appreciate many more stories, rather than look at the same story dragged season after season, or for 50+ ep.

      to me it's like to read a lot of books in a year, instead of just 4-5 books.
      (I hope I have explained, my English is not perfect.)

      I don't despise long k-drama, I have watched many, but this year (2017) seems to be the long k-drama season, a lot has come out and it's difficult to follow them all.

      It has become frustrating, at least for me that I started to appreciate dramaland for short series.

      I normally try out the first 3 ep. of every drama and decide what to do.
      but I can understeand why some people drop it just cause it's 50+ ep.
      It's not only about time, it's about to want to watch different stories.

    • Reply
      whatever 4 days ago - edited

      separate seasons are definitely a factor, and this is actually something 50-ep dramas have in favor of american shows. American networks go season-by-season, so a lot of those shows are disjointed or have no clear ending because the network just wants to make a lot of money.
      50 episode dramas are pretty much already guaranteed their 50-ep run and (in theory, since this is my first long kdrama) have a lot more room to have their story planned out and ending worked out.

    • Reply
      Poia 4 days ago

      well, maybe you need to watch more to get what I mean.
      I hope this one will be good.
      fighting :D

  • Reply
    LukasQ 6 days ago - edited

    this drama has the childhood part? seohyun has a child version too?

    • Reply
      Tae 5 days ago

      yup they all have child versions

    • Reply
      Vivinice 4 days ago - edited

      And they are amazing child versions!

  • Reply
    ugurcan377 6 days ago - edited

    From the synopsis i thought "This looks like Korean version of the Leverage". Is it though ?

    • Reply
      whatever 5 days ago

      tl;dr: So far, no, but it seems like it's leading up to having some similar vibes.

      It has a similar "Robin Hood but with more people" thing in the synopsis (I liked Leverage a lot so I have high hopes for this), but so far the dynamics are completely different, and it has a pretty clear overarching plot that Leverage didn't have, as it was more episodic. But we're only 3 episodes in and haven't seen the main cast yet so a lot can still happen.

  • Reply
    soojungstrash 8 days ago - edited

    How was it??????????? It's not a sitcom, yeah??

    • Reply
      samsoons 8 days ago

      Far from being a sitcom. It's a melodramatic, makjang-y weekend drama that has a lot of characters and secrets and crying. It's similar to the likes of East of Eden or May Queen. So far we're still in early stages, but I'd say so far, it's been engaging. I'm curious to know what will turn out of this and the relationships between the main characters.

    • Reply
      soojungstrash 7 days ago


  • Reply
    LukasQ 9 days ago - edited

    This is from May Queen and Golden Rainbow scriptwriters so I already know it will be a good one

    • Reply
      3ngin33r 8 days ago

      All 3 have the same core formula

    • Reply
      LukasQ 8 days ago

      judge me but i love the formula ksks, first episoded the children later the drama when they grow up, but this one seems more dramatic since envolves thiefs and polices, the previous one were all about family secrets

    • Reply
      Vivinice 4 days ago

      I love this formula too hauauaha And I love children performance ^^ They are amazing!

  • Reply
    Kdramerzzz 9 days ago - edited

    I should not complain of 25 fridays and saturdays seeing my beloved JHW. But 50 eps is too much yet I will still watch it just for him. I fell in love with him in Queen In Hyun's Man. I hope it is much better than his trot drama. I love him but I really cannot finish that drama.

    I like the female lead. This GG idol is better actress than the female lead in K2. I love her pureness in Moon lovers and I thought her and NJH will be dating. Hahaha.

    Now let's start on this crazy 50 eps drama.

    • Reply
      Haru 7 days ago

      Actually if you watch two episodes of a 50-episode-long drama every weekend, it's fine (I do the same with Father is Strange right now). Binge-watching long dramas can be a pain the ass though.

  • Reply
    Mikhal 9 days ago - edited

    Why 50 eps drama Ji Hyun Woo? I watched every project of you since Queen In Hyun's Man.. but I guess I'll just have to skip this one ://

    • Reply
      Vivinice 4 days ago

      It is just 2 episodes every week, so 50 eps is ok \0/

  • Reply
    zaria kelvin 10 days ago

    Guys give it a try don't be put off cuz of the 50 episode tag. It's only 2 episodes in and I am suffering because I want more and just can't wait. I even saw the 3rd episode's preview more than 5 times and I think I will be seeing it again.

  • Reply
    EmmaVictoriaNyhus 10 days ago

    I feel like this will be a bit like 38 task force, but I might try it.

  • Reply
    palak 11 days ago - edited
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