Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People (2017)

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What would you do if the mere fact of your birth gives you no standing in society? Hong Gil Dong is the illegitimate son of nobleman Hong Ah Mo Gae and his concubine, which gives Gil Dong no legal standing in Joseon society. With no opportunities to do any legitimate work despite his brilliance, Hong Gil becomes the leader of a band of smugglers who steals from the rich to give to read morethe poor. Hong Gil’s contemporary, Lee Yoong, becomes the tyrannical King Yeonsangun who oppresses the lives of the common people. Hong Gil saves the life of Song Ga Ryeong, who becomes a young widow after her husband is killed by the king. Ga Ryeong dreams of getting revenge against the king at all costs. The king’s faithful consort is Jang Nok Soo, who secretly can’t forget her first love, Hong Gil. Can Hong Gil champion the rights of the common people on his path to becoming Joseon’s first revolutionary activist?
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  • Native title:

    역적: 백성을 훔친 도적
  • Also Known as:

    Yeokjuk: Baeksungeul Hoomchin Dojuk; 역적 홍길동; Rebel Hong Gil Dong; Yeokjeok Honggildong; Traitor Hong Gil Dong;

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    BeKaiLLe 2 days ago

    everything about it is epic and awesome. Most of all the father and son relationship. The father should win an award or something because he is just fantastic.

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    Meresger 2 days ago

    The last scene in ep 8 :) <3

  • Reply
    xmoonbyulx 3 days ago

    I ship Gil Dong with Ga Ryung so much ♥

  • Reply
    OppaHasLongLegs 3 days ago

    ep 7 started out mad intense, one sad scene after another

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    Emily 4 days ago - edited

    That blood bowl... Do you want diseases? Because that's how you get diseases.

    Gotta say, I'm LOVING the music in this. Not sure if it always fits the scene perfectly, but I'm jamming to basically every track.

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    heystobit 6 days ago

    ep 6 just broke my hearttt, i just hope the 3 of them find each other n stay happy

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    Kdramerzzz 10 days ago

    I love the new ep but I am so uneasy about the preview of the next ep. All tbe happy moments and party will turn gory and bloody for sure. Wahhhhh. I might skip this ep 6.

    Over all this drama is great and starting ep 6 it will get darker amd darker. YGS isn't my bias but his over all look in the drama and his hair amd how cheeky he is portraying Gil Dong is hot. He acts better here than in Doctor Crush.

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    choimari 10 days ago - edited
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    dramakorean59 12 days ago - edited

    Wouah !!! After Six Flying Dragons.. this is very good !! ~ Warrior Moo Hyul~ ♥

  • Reply
    exe 13 days ago

    I'm enjoying the drama so far. Kim Sang Joong is a really good actor. He has great chemistry with his wife and children.

  • Reply

    How good is the romance??

    • Reply
      Ranya 13 days ago - edited

      There is no romance yet.

    • Reply
      SooSoIsPerfection 13 days ago

      Ohhh okay...

    • Reply
      bale 12 days ago

      I would recommend you to watch tomorrow with you, if you really like romance so much

    • Reply
      SooSoIsPerfection 12 days ago

      Yes I do...And thanks:D

    • Reply
      nemo-yaaa 10 days ago

      For what it's worth, the leads met in the most recent episode and, for some reason, I'm really excited for their romance already. That said, it was only a short scene and this is the kind of show that might take a while for the romance to really get going. Still, I definitely think it will be worth recommending for the romance in the future since I find the leads adorable together already.

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    SHIRLEY MOLINA 14 days ago - edited

    I have a question hopefully one of you Kdrama fans can answer. I have noticed in Korean historicals that most royalty or nobles are portrait as arongant entitled group who enslave their own race is this true Korean history or just dramatic portrayal have been trying to read books on Korean history but can't really understand all . Maybe someone in this forum can enlighten me. I do love Kdrama historicals so much that part bothers me as I think all slavery was wrong no matter what time period it occurred in.

    • Reply
      SHIRLEY MOLINA 14 days ago - edited

      Regine thank you so much it really did help me a lot it just seems to me that most historical dramas emphasis the bad qualities of royals or nobles . Again thank you.

    • Reply
      Regine 14 days ago

      I am glad that I could be of help to you! ^^ And that is true, a tyrannical ruler is a very stereotypical character for example!

    • Reply
      SHIRLEY MOLINA 13 days ago - edited

      I now feel that the history books are leading writers to the conclusion of tyranny and arrogance that the show in their dramas. I have been reading a little more Asian history and have found some references to that effect. I guess seeing any history displayed that way is a little disconcerting but I guess it is after all history good or bad we all have it to think about.

    • Reply
      Regine 13 days ago

      I agree with you, it is always important to understand the history, even the dark side of it. That way we can understand something about the world we are living in now and hopefully also learn from it!

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    Kdramerzzz 15 days ago

    I love it... I hope it will get better and better. I love the recent two eps and I don't care anymore oif it is 30 eps in total if the quality and the portryal of the characters are as good as the previous eps. Looking forward to YGS playing the titular ro of Gil Dong.

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    sonya 15 days ago - edited

    This is much better than the other HGD series imo. I watched the other one and x-ed it out in the first scene because I couldn't take it serious. The modern action music annoyed me but this is very very well done.

    • Reply
      Emily 4 days ago - edited

      I gotta second what nastou said. Hong Gil Dong was ridiculous in the first episode, and it sort of continues that mild eccentricity and fun fusion-sageukness a little bit throughout, but it is a pretty great drama imo. It may feel a little bit dated nowadays but it's definitely worth giving another try.

    • Reply
      sonya 2 days ago - edited

      Is it kind of like Gu Family book? Or Hwarang, scarlet heart(the happy times)?

      I tend to not like the overly modern lighthearted sageuks because instead of forgetting they're just putting on costumes and pretending to be in the past, that's all I'm thinking. But I can handle it if it comes of as natural.

    • Reply
      Emily 2 days ago - edited

      I guess in terms of how they portion fantasy and reality into the mix it's similar, although I haven't seen Hwarang so I can't speak for that. I'd say it's more fun than those however. Slightly less melodrama.

      How to put it...
      It's not OVERLY modern, but it certainly has a twist that makes it clear it isn't faithfully historical. The best way I could describe it is that it feels more like an anime or cartoon, or like a story of Hong Gil Dong the way that the story would actually be told, considering it IS based off of a piece of fiction as opposed to an actual historical event- it feels fantastical, and it tells stories in fairly distinct arcs as Hong Gil Dong and his band grow and progress while still also telling a more serious and epic-feeling story around the prince and monarchy that is more in line with your traditional historical.

      If you give it the same suspension of disbelief you would any over-exaggerated fairy tale, I think you're in the right state of mind to watch it.

    • Reply
      nastou19 2 days ago - edited

      I agree with Emily. And as I'm watching both, I'd say it feels closer to Iljimae and Warrior Baek Dong Soo for instance than Hwarang.

    • Reply
      Emily 2 days ago

      I was gonna mention Iljimae, but considering HGD and Iljimae are two of my absolute favourites I wasn't sure if they were actually similar, or if they were just similar in that I like them both a lot. Lol.


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    South Korea
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    Jan 30, 2017 to May 9, 2017
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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