Gokusen (2002)

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The story of a young, idealistic teacher who enters Shirokin Gakuen with hopes of making a difference in the students' lives. However, Yamaguchi Kumiko is in for a rude awakening when she finds that she will be the homeroom teacher of 3-D, the hardest class to maintain in the school. The students have multi-colored hair, sloppy uniforms, and show absolutely no respect to her. The leader of the class, Sawada Shin is read morelazy but bright and shows some interest in Yamaguchi when he notices that she is very different from other teachers. The students try to bully her to make her quit, but their attempts don't get them very far.
What the class and the rest of the school does not know is that Yamaguchi Kumiko is actually the 4th generation heir to the Ooedo Group, a notorious yakuza clan. Even though her family would like her to take the title of Ojou when her grandfather dies, they have accepted the fact that Yamaguchi would rather be a teacher.
Eventually, the students learn to respect their quirky teacher because of her devotion to them, and even give her a nickname: Yankumi.

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Mar 18, 2013
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
I never expected that I would come to love this drama this much. Since I don't watch this genre often I didn't want to watch this drama for 3 years.
But I just finished all three seasons within 3 days.

It was really inspiring and enjoying to watch how the teacher, Nakama Yukie portrayed, was able to change the student's view on school, live and teachers. I noticed that teachers like her read more are quite rare (well I don't have one) and I guess that's also a reason to watch this drama because you'll get hope and you'll have your lessons for your live through this drama.

I really liked the chemistry between Nakama Yukie and Matsumoto Jun who portrayed Sawada Shin and I guess I'm not the only one who would have liked it if there was more.

The main teachers and students each got their own episodes in which we get to know more about their background and how they gradually change to the better.
I also liked the close relationship between the main 5 students (including Sawada Shin) and the teacher.

All in one, it was great drama where you learn about the importance of friendship, family and school (If you didn't already know it).
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Sep 30, 2011
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
I remember watching the anime first a while ago, but I don't remember much about it other than the fact that I enjoyed it. After watching this drama I still enjoyed it - and loved it! It's a light drama for the most part, you have your silly moments - but you also have your heartwarming and moving moments. While there are some things about this drama that might seem cliche nowadays read more - you have to keep in mind that it came out almost 1O years ago and it was original for the time.

In the beginning you have all of these arrogant kids who start to change and mature as Yankumi becomes their teacher. She takes care of her students, she's always on their side. It's a drama that says "You can live by standing on your own two feet" - sometimes you just need a helping hand.

The acting is great - Part of my reason for wanting to watch this drama was for MatsuJun: the more I see of him the more I can see him as a great actor for his portrayal of different types of roles. The rest of the cast was great, too, no complaints.

The music is okay - they only really had 1 song that played at the end of the drama. The rest were instrumentals that fit the drama but didn't stand out to me.

I think I'll watch this drama again someday.

Overall: I think this is a drama worth watching. Remember that it came out in 2OO2, that it's also based off a manga. It gets better with each episode - I watched the last 7 episodes in one day. If you're looking for something light and comedic with characters that go through problems and mature - this is a good drama to watch (:
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A class full of children "without a future" and the teacher who believes in them and will change them. Comedy is a great factor.
Recommended by claudya87
Both of these dramas star young Johnny's idols. The dramas' leads are Arashi Members: Ninomiya Kazunari for Stand Up!! and Matsumoto Jun for Gokusen. Also, Oguri Shun and Narimiya Hiroki are in both supporting casts. They both center around high school life and troubled youth. It's really fun to see these actors' early works.
Recommended by Elle

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    movuzzo Jul 10, 2017

    matsumojo jun always cool to be a bad boy

  • Reply
    YueofBlueGables Apr 26, 2017

    nice oldie, but the manga is 100% better. I am amazed that the dorama is more popular than the manga.

    manga >>>> anime>> dorama

  • Reply
    veronicaruiz Jan 16, 2017

    I watched the first episode about 2 years ago and It didn't really grab at me but I'll give it another go

  • Reply
    INFIRES Dec 31, 2016

    Just realised Yankumi's name "Yamaguchi" originates from the biggest yakuza family in Japan also known as "Yamaguchi-gumi".

  • Reply
    urwonandonly Sep 12, 2016

    There were a lot of funny moments! However, the drama eventually felt repetitive and began to drag by the end...

  • Reply
    AdaCakes Jun 30, 2016

    I miss Sawada Shin so much.
    Also, for those who have also watched Kamen Teacher: Can you imagine Araki and Yankumi together? Omg (>_>)

  • Reply
    Maze May 20, 2016 - edited

    It is really one of my all time favorite drama. I cried like every other episode. I admit that this season is my favorite from the rest (but the rest are as good too tho). Also Matsumoto Jun is such a bae.

  • Reply
    Syranus May 11, 2016

    1. Hilarious to the bones. ROFL!!! Yankumi is so pretty, cute and funny.
    2. Smooth flow of the story; no annoying and unnecessary flashbacks.
    3. Overall Rating: 10/10

  • Reply
    sound Mar 20, 2016 - edited

    GOKUSEN! gotta love the manga ,anime, and to top it all i fell for the Drama as well the main lead did such an amazing job she captured the essence of Sensei so well gokusen is known for its comedic relief when tough situations calls for it. especially when sensei turns into her gangsta ways in front of people. was on point loved it so much each gokusen was such a nice piece. in terms of sticking to the manga they tried as best they could but kept it fresh all the same. yes i can defiantly say u will get a kick or a punch maybe even some bruising along the way with all the comedy and fights u will run into.But u will leave with the Pride and praise of a yakuza memeber for it clan at the end of the day romance wise sadly was was close to the manga on this in terms of taking forever or just giving slight indications but no matter even without that it will surely become ur favorite for many years.

  • Reply
    mydearNatsume Mar 8, 2016

    one word that best describe it - "great"..

  • Reply
    NastaranFar Feb 17, 2016 - edited

    I miss this so much, I wish I could forget that I ever watched it just so that I can watch it again without knowing anything. :( :(

  • Reply
    Kei Feb 1, 2016 - edited

    Currently watching this and fell hard for Matsumoto Jun!How can he was this handsome when this drama was produced like 14 years ago?!Definitely gonna watch more of his works!

    • Reply
      Qing Feb 5, 2016

      go ahead. i have seen all of his dramas. you should watch Hana Yori Dango, it has 2 seasons and the film

  • Reply
    Karina Jan 19, 2016

    I have fallen in love with this drama and all the guys on it. I started to read that manga, and it's going really good. This season of Gokusen was really good.

  • Reply
    Takishou Nov 5, 2015


  • Reply
    MokaAkashiya Oct 25, 2015

    a big shout out to Matsumoto Jun


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