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Bachelor's Vegetable Store (2011)

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Based on the true story of a young man who turned a tiny vegetable shop into a national name, Bachelor Vegetable Store centers on the love lives and successes of six single young men. Wang Ji Hye of recent smash hit Protect the Boss and Ji Chang-wook of Warrior Baek Dong-soo lead a cast of recognizable faces and rising stars (including Lee Kwang-soo from City Hunter). Ji Chang-wook is a talented young read moreman with big dreams for his tiny vegetable shop who finds himself falling in love. Chang-wook’s friend, a wealthy heir who grew up without a father, comes to work at the shop. He falls for a spoiled young heiress (Park Su Jin) and complications ensue, especially when she’s drawn to Chang-wook instead. Pop singer Ji-hyuk, model Sung Ha, and musical actor Shin Won-ho round out the quartet of good-looking bachelors who work together and deal with life, love, and career.

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    총각네 야채가게
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    Chonggakne Yachaegage

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May 7, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
First off, my rating is based on emotional attachment, and that's just how I am. :P If I were to be completely logical it would most likely be a 9, but my love bumps it up. haha

When I first ran into this drama, I had no real interest. The cast members looked cute, but I didn't really have a desire to watch a story about some guy opening a vegetable store read more with a ragtag group of friends. I need romance, and the synopsis they have for this drama is so horribly lacking that I didn't even expect any. Except, that's half the drama! I was surprised and hooked from episode one until the end!! Normally they don't want you to put a synopsis in your review, but since the one they have is so lacking, I'm going to a little.

Tae Yang (played by Ji Chang Wook) and Jin Shim (played by Wang Ji Hye) were childhood friends, a couple, but because of an event (no spoilers) they split up and years pass. When they meet again, they don't know it's each other because Jin Shim is using a different name. (I hope no one sees this as a spoiler, because honestly any other drama would put that much information up in their synopsis usually) Now Jin Shim is an heiress and her mother has a deep rooted grudge against Tae Yang. Ok, that's where I'll stop with my synopsis because frankly, I'm a little upset that a lot of people are placing the mom in the typical rich wife category. The reason she goes after Tae Yang so much is because of this grudge she has, not just because he's a vegetable owner. As insane as she is, and she is clinically insane, I understand that hatred to a point. She's one of the most terrifying villains I've seen in a drama, and man does her acting just blow me away. I was actually scared of her in many scenes, because she's just a woman who's ready to die for what she wants, and is always just a step away from the edge.
The romance between the two leads was amazing to watch, and even though I think Wang Ji Hye didn't quite match up in acting ability to Ji Chang Wook, she held her own ok. Ji Chang stole my heart right away, and his acting always surprised me. Not matter what scene he was in, he stole it right away. The way the main pair just understood each other, was drawn to each other, and Tae Yang's unyielding love for Jin Shim was heart warming and heart breaking at times. I really fell in love with these characters. On top of the romance that I'm still going back to re-watch, the bromance between the "fresh Men" was so fun to watch!! It was cheesy and cliche, but so satisfying! You also get to know each one of them, their back stories, what they're going through in their own lives, and you get to see them grow into men.

The music is one part where I got annoyed with this drama. There's this one song they play sometimes during the "touching" scenes that just made me want to punch the person who decided on that song selection. XD It wasn't so bad that it turned me away, but they could have done better.

I will be re-watching this drama a lot, because it's fun and warmed my heart. It also taught me a few lessons about how to deal with set backs and just how one tragedy can ripple outwards and utterly destroy someone's mentality, and how that damaged person poisons everyone.

Overall, I'm defensive of this drama because I love it so much, but I do acknowledge that I may just have twisted tastes and not everyone will watch it with my mind frame. I just hope you give it a chance and not start watching it with certain expectations off of the synopsis they have up, because you will find something different from what's there. If you watch it because of my review and don't like it, I'm sorry, but if you love it, you're welcome. haha jk :P
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Mar 7, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
There are 2 main story lines in this drama.One is how Taeyang struggles to make the vegetable business work with his group of "Fresh Man" despite Jin Shim/Ga On's mother.And The other is how Jin Shim takes on Ga On's place and therefore there will be a lot of problems,but Ga Ons father finds out about the lies Ga Ons mother had said to her husband and therefore will be even more read more problems will arise.This show has a very complex storyline where bits of other characters also contribute,like Seul Woo) and his mother,Jung Dam Bi and her parents,and other members of "Fresh Man" and so on.
This drama was so heavy and seriously packed that you know its called "Bachelors Vegetable Store" so to be honest I thought it would be a light drama where I would have to stop about in the middle,but this is the second "food-drama" that had me surprised because it was so awesome ,on the egde and complex!( the 1st was baker king,kim tak goo:) )
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    Cherry Quin Dec 29, 2016 - edited

    If you want some feel good romantic easy flick, this movie is for you. I am bit biased at some point because I love JCW. I like the fact that everyone's life were discussed equally in the movie though the main protagonist is JCW and his love interest. It was a good ending. I don't find it dragging. I enjoyed it so much. The friendship built among the bachelors were beyond compare. Watch it. You will laugh, cry, remember your love for your famly and parents and fall in love. ;-)
    I am giving it an 8

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    Intimation Dec 17, 2015 - edited

    I like this drama pretty well but there's some things I started to get sick of after a while. I could have lived without the mom drama and Wang Ji Hye wasn't that good here. I think she does better in comedy roles. When those 2 are not in a scene I feel relieved lol. Most of the characters I really liked and thought were interesting didnt get as much airtime but I gave a pretty good score cause I like it overall. The first half or so was much better than the rest.

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    misa7 May 30, 2015 - edited

    I really had a hard time finishing this boring drama! :|

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    lunatepe Mar 13, 2015 - edited

    Ji Chang Wok as well as most of the other excellent cast made this otherwise very confused drama watchable. (Although I feel that Wang Ji Hye was miscast). All unfortunately were however let down by the scriptwriter(s) / producer(s) who could obviously not quite decide what genre this drama was meant to be.

  • Reply
    mejustcassie Jan 17, 2015 - edited


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      shaghayegh Jul 1, 2015

      to my idea it was too boring. droped it on ep 4 :/

  • Reply
    MinaVIP Oct 28, 2013

    Does anyone know where I can watch this drama? I've searched for it but I couldn't it find on any dramasite where I usually watch my drama :s please help! D'x I want to watch this so badly!

  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA Feb 18, 2013 - edited

    I liked this drama but I think they should've cut it to 20 eps. There was some dragging in the middle...

  • Reply
    EmoGirl314 Dec 29, 2012

    I like all the actors and actresses. :)

  • Reply
    WowCreations Dec 22, 2012

    This had so much potential.

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    DLO Nov 22, 2012

    I dont see how this drama dragged.... like one of the reviews above there's basically two different stories being told at the same time between the two main characters. Each character I think was played well. AND off course this is a tv drama, they're always going to add more dramatic and sarcastic things when being based on real life stories. But in comparison to dramas in general it was good. This 24 ep drama was gradually told from start to finish compared to 16 ep dramas where they mostly cramp all the important stuff in like the last couple episodes.

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    talilo Nov 3, 2012

    This is like an old style drama, there's an evil mother that you couldnt understand how her crazy mind is working and other annoying characters. But i love the main couple love story and also how ji chang wook achieved success ;)

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    Lizzie888 Jul 17, 2012

    The beginning was so good with the childhood parts! I started to watch this because of Shin Won Ho, but after Park Soo Jin appeared it was very annoying, I really dislike her... Her speaking and such. She was annoying in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho too... (sorry fans). Dropped it too.

  • Reply
    lildelights Apr 19, 2012

    Had to drop this drama. Too much of a drag for me. I really loved the beginning and JCW's acting, but I didn't like the progression of the story.

  • Reply
    steciLovesDramas Apr 1, 2012

    gave 8 just because the ending kept dragging on and after a time i just had enough of the mother...

    apart from that i loved it!! really good...does miss it
    ji chang wook fits the role perfectly

  • Reply
    darkn3ss Mar 17, 2012
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