Hero (2012)

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Set in the near future, the country of South Korea has gone bankrupt. In the fictional city of Mooyoung, irregularities and corruption has now become rampant. By chance, Kim Heug Cheol (Yang Dong Keun) receives superhuman strength and he fights against the corruption plaguing the city of Mooyoung.

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    Hero OCN

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Jan 1, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
This drama is amazing!
Another kick-ass character from OCN series. Of all, Hero is the cutest and most idiotic and imature chracter. Which actually make you love him from the first episode to the end. His change from rich playboy to the real HERO is hard and full of blood, yet... this journey is fun and action packed.

Storyline is very interesting and full of excitment through the whole series (well, it read more has only 9 episodes which makes it easier). The story is dark and full o special effects and action. It just feels like one long Batman movie! :D

As for acting... i gave it 8, because of Yang Dong Geuns acting. He is great actor and he gave this character a special charm, that wll make you fall for him. But in some psychological aspects, i felt like he overacted some scenes. But I felt that just in one scene, so its not such a bad thing.

So... this drama is great. With every episode, you will want to see more and more... i hope, that there will be second season, because it would be great.
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4 people found this review helpful
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Sep 2, 2012
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
Looking around mine "On-hold drama list" I came across Hero. I remembered that drama was very exciting at first. But ... some other dramas are airing in the same time and Hero was put on-hold. It' not this kind of drama that will make you crazy in the end of every episode.

I love the whole lonely hero fighting for justice concept. Well I'm a huge fan of Bridal Mask and City read more Hunter and they are the most awesome heroes ever!

Cast did a good job, but overall I got a feeling that they are lacing in some departments. The main lead was adorable, clumsy trouble-maker but in the end writers tried to put to much dept in his character and that made him just a kid playing justice. I loved the music, it's was really great, actually I never had an opportunity to hear Korean rap - quite good :) All instrumental background music - awesome!

I'm a little disappointed how the story developed, I know they cut the drama from 10 to 9 episodes, but come on some actions were completely illogical. I did not regret watching it, had some fun during the show. Overall drama is good, if you like action, fighting corruption and supernatural powers this is a drama for you.
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Both protagonists have supernatural streight and try to fight evil with it, while continuing their everydays' life.

It's both everyday-life drama mixed with superhero-supernatural streight.
Recommended by Loving_Roots

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  • Reply
    xabcx123 Jul 7, 2017

    someone give me a link to watch this?

  • Reply
    RodJun828 Jan 17, 2016 - edited

    For those who finished this. Is it worth it ? I'm a bit skeptical because of bad comments.

    • Reply
      zeamays Sep 17, 2016

      Okay, my opinion, since no one else has answered. I started this drama...two years ago? Something like that. I watched the first 6 episodes. I liked it, but didn't love it; left it there, intending to go back to it.

      I just finally did so and finished it a day or two ago. The story isn't complicated enough that I even forgot much of what was happening. That might be a bad thing if you're just watching straight through, but it worked for me, haha. Anyway, I liked the last three eps, too. Overall, I thought it was a good drama, not great, but good. There is something of a decrease in quality from the beginning, but it never gets truly bad. To me, at least. The ending isn't even a bad ending. (I go into all kdrama endings with very low expectations, though.) It seemed to me that they were leaving it a little bit open in case of a second season, but clearly that never happened. It suffers a little because of that, but still. I found it enjoyable.

      And it's 9 episodes. It's not like it's a big time investment. :) So if you're still wondering 8 months later...

  • Reply
    kanade Dec 13, 2014 - edited

    1st episode was good, dark, it felt almost like watching some good hbo tvshow, then it turned into crap

  • Reply
    MonikaB Apr 18, 2013

    This was a very good, creative drama. My only complaint was our hero's mask. While Yang Dong-Geun always gives an intense performance, he's a mumbler and the mask didn't help (thanks for subs). Other than this minor flaw, I hope there'll be a season 2.

  • Reply
    Dark_Howler Jan 6, 2013

    I watched this, and it had a unique feel to it. I'll recommend it to those who like a bit of humor with action and less sappy love stories.

  • Reply
    Infignat Nov 21, 2012

    The cover looks like Mithra Jin from Epik High

  • Reply
    dreamer Aug 5, 2012

    where can I watch this?

  • Reply
    ELFfreak May 18, 2012

    Oh, it's sooo good! :D

  • Reply
    qiche May 17, 2012

    Actually there are only going to be 9 Episodes, not 10.

    • Reply
      GreenPaintedRose May 19, 2012

      Were there only going to be 9 ep from the beginning, or did they shorten the last part?

    • Reply
      qiche May 19, 2012

      I'm not sure myself. When the Drama started, I looked on the Official Website. Back then it was supposed to get 10 Episodes, but now it says 9..

  • Reply
    ELFfreak May 9, 2012

    Now are that eng sub on episode 5, 6 and 7! On dramacrazy! :D 3 ep left!

  • Reply
    ELFfreak Apr 8, 2012

    I'm on ep.3! And the whole story is fucked up, it's good but really confusing. I don't know, now longer who is the bad guy or the good one! Haha. Ofc the main actor Cheol and YiOn is good, but then I don't know. :p

  • Reply
    chokita Apr 6, 2012

    second ep is also subbed! :D

  • Reply
    greysniper Apr 1, 2012

    Yeah I have been waiting for subs for this too. Oh, if only I was a drama fan enough to learn the language.....

  • Reply
    ELFfreak Mar 31, 2012

    Sub plz!!!

    • Reply
      Lylina Apr 5, 2012

      first ep has sub @dramacrazy

  • Reply
    Hangebokhan Mar 19, 2012

    I hope this gets subbed~


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    South Korea
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    Mar 18, 2012 to May 20, 2012
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    45 min.


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    7.4 (scored by 304 users)
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