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Prince of Lan Ling (2013)

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A prophecy foretold that victory goes to the one who has the priestess' blessing. Yang Xue Wu, the last priestess of her clan, unwittingly embroiled in a war between Northern Qi and Northern Zhou. Although she foresees the tragic fate of Lan Ling Wang, the general of Northern Qi, she nonetheless falls in love with him and helps him win the war against Yuwen Yong, the king of Northern Zhou. But destiny can not be altered.

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    Lan Ling Wang; Masked Beauty; 兰陵王 ; The King of Lan Ling

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Aug 30, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Story: The love triangle in this story will make you cry, sigh and smile. There is no evil man here. Both men are equally deserving of her. It is a story of sacrifices, of hardships, of courage and virtue. At first, I was doubtful about a romance drama being set in the Southern-Northern Dynasties period, knowing from history, that it was a bloody era to live in. Dynasties come and go. There read more was no stability in that period of chinese history. Furthermore, prince Lan Ling comes from a royal family that was slaughtered to extinction. Prince Lan Ling himself died at a young age (around 30s). So, how can there be a love story centred around this setting? Well... there is! And this drama told a wonderful love story involving Prince Lan Ling, Yang Xue Wu and King Yuwen Yong. I like that the writer stuck to the historical events to the end. There was never a boring moment, despite the length of the drama (46 episodes). Each episode ends with a cliffhanger that makes you want for more. Before you realise it, 46 episodes have come and gone! Highly addictive! My only warning before you start? You will need tissue - bucket loads of it! Truly a touching love story.

Acting/Cast: No complains on acting. Everyone did exceptionally well. Everyone's veteran actors and actresses; so they know what they are on about. The chemistry between the 3 leads in the love triangle was very good and believable. The only issue I noticed was a wardrobe malfunction with King Yuwen Yong... where you can see his 'fake hairline' in one of the later episode (forgot which one). They probably hurried the production of that episode. Other than that, all's fine and dandy!

Music: Beautiful songs that reflects the mood of the story. You will love the hauntingly sad vocals of Della Ding and Jia Jia. Each of the 3 leads have a song for them that pretty much sums up their love for each other.

Rewatch value: Time permits; I'll defintely re-watch this gem. In fact, I am out and about trying to get hold of the whole series in DVD.

Overall: I gave this drama a 10/10 simply because I can't give it 9.5/10 here. It is not really an 8/10 either. I made this decision by comparing this drama against Bu Bu Jing Xing (the perfect 10 ancient chinese romance drama for me) and against BBJX, this drama is around 80-90% at the level of BBJX. To me, BBJX is still No. 1 and this one here is a close No. 2. I hope this gives you an idea where this drama sits in terms of ranking. Lastly, just sit back and enjoy!
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23 people found this review helpful
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Feb 9, 2014
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
I just positively had to write a review on this drama. Had to.
If you're thinking of watching this drama but being put off by the 46 episodes, as I initially was, I have to say- don't worry! The episodes aren't as long as those you'll find in some dramas, and you'll find yourself flying through them.

With those 46 episodes in mind, I guess it's obvious to say that a lot read more happens in this drama. The story is a classic one of fighting the good fight for the good of the people, with a thrilling and beautiful romance (and love triangle!) to spice it up. I almost want to say that the romance is a bit too much, considering it feels like the center of our love triangle becomes a plot point more than anything, but it's definitely excusable.

There are several different arcs that we see our characters go through, and the characters also naturally develop with the story. By the time each character reaches their peak in the show, you've basically had a complete rundown about why they are the way they are, why they're doing what they're doing, and what your opinion is on them. This drama has much better developed characters than most in the sense that there are literally no characters I can think of (besides one that becomes irrelevant fairly early on) that I hate COMPLETELY. Of course there are moments of frustration, but even then you can definitely understand where they're coming from. This is a far cry from the usual drama antagonist, the ones that raise hell for no other purpose besides raising hell. It was refreshing.
Now, I'm complimenting the characters and their development, so you might be wondering why I didn't give a '10' to the Acting/Cast... well, that's honestly for no other purpose besides some brutal overacting in occasional places. But thankfully enough, those expressions that were overacted were at least fairly accurate!

The music was flawless. Nothing else needs to be said about that. Trust me.
Side note as well- this was a very... well... simply put, it was a very pretty drama. Besides the occasional questionable CGI sequence (that I'm fairly positive would only bother a perfectionist like me), the aesthetic qualities of this drama are worth being noted. Both in scenery and in people's faces. The Prince of Lan Ling isn't exactly unpleasant to look at if you know what I mean. And the clothes! The costumes! They were gorgeous, I feel like the people who made the clothes were having the time of their lives designing those clothes. Don't even get me started on the hair, which was almost* completely flawless. (* I think one of the actors had the occasional allergic reaction to the wig glue or something, I don't know man.) Basically, it was a very pleasing drama to look at.
Rewatch value is only a 9 for length, but the depth of the story, characters and romance will no doubt make for an engaging, interesting watch every time.

Ugh. This was just such a satisfying drama! Just watch it! I no doubt have more to say but it isn't occurring to me right now.
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This is truly the greatest drama on earth it would have been wonderful if they had 6 seasons like Game Of Thrones because as a HUGE! GOT Fan Nirvana and Fire Out Wits Out Smarts and all around Out Class Game Of Thrones in every way. Nirvana in Fire is up to par or I may even say far more superior than many high rated American Shows. I was stunned by the Brilliance of NiF in every way plots, screen writing, soundtrack, acting, cinematography etc the directors are extremely talented I would watch anything created by this Magnificent team.
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There are many similar plot points, but in general so I don't spoil anything, both are great romances with an intriguing overarching plot. The male leads are both princes while the female leads are from a different "clan". Ten Miles of Peach Blossom has more fantasy elements, but the development between the leads are similar (they get together early on) . If you love one, you'll definitely love the other!
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    earthlin 10 days ago - edited

    Can someone tell me how bad things are going to be after episode 30 on a scale of 1 to 10?

  • Reply
    QueenCherry 28 days ago


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    moondust Mar 15, 2017 - edited

    Second Lead Syndrome is real here. Rewatching this and Yuwen Yong is just as awesome the first time around. He was ruthless, manipulative, self-centered and spent his entire life being an underdog whether in politics or love, yet he was selfless, loyal and passionate to those he cared about. Never changed who he was, but makes exceptions for those who deserved it Makes him so real as a character - why I can never get over how awesome he is :(

    • Reply
      Emily Mar 30, 2017

      Everytime I watch daniel chan's OST MV I feel sad all over again. Such beautiful song.

  • Reply
    Jenny Van Jan 22, 2017 - edited

    Can someone recommend me a drama like this

    • Reply
      Emily Mar 30, 2017

      Yes! Definitely a must watch. My no. 2 historical drama so far (ranking behind Eternal Love).

  • Reply
    Georgina Jan 16, 2017 - edited

    Does this have a sad ending?/

  • Reply
    Meggie Chen Nov 26, 2016
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Destin Nov 24, 2016 - edited

    does this drama have a lot of action/ fighting scenes in it, just like the trailer show it does?

  • Reply
    Otps4Life Nov 16, 2016

    Team Yu Wen and Xue Wu forever

  • Reply
    rumtumcat Oct 8, 2016 - edited

    Watch till ep25. Feel too draggy. Should I continue...???

    • Reply
      Mohammed Taher Patla Oct 23, 2016
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    • Reply
      oppalover87 Nov 14, 2016

      I've had it on hold for about 2 months from episode 31. Watched Episode 32 and i think i'm going to have to skip to right at the end. The only EVER drama that i have had to do this too. ITs too draggy, Zheng 'er is too annoying to watch. I want to watch more interactions with Wen Yong but just can't be bothered now

  • Reply
    yarnie Sep 21, 2016 - edited

    i dont want to believe that writer also producer see/feel that the ending is her justice :/ ending sucksssss

    • Reply
      Meggie Chen Nov 26, 2016

      the ending for this drama was not good in my opinion ;(

    • Reply
      yarnie Nov 27, 2016

      i agree but still i cant give this drama any less rating because i dont know i just love it so much ToT;;
      It must be cause of Ariel Lin & im masochist sometimes...

  • Reply
    moondust Sep 13, 2016

    This drama is etched into my heart and will always hold a very special place. Main reason being the King of Zhou, quite possibly the BEST second lead in drama history ever. He was so well written, and so well developed, that I never stopped rooting for him til the end. Daniel Chan is the best actor here too

  • Reply
    Jay Apr 5, 2016
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  • Reply
    nova hariyana Jan 31, 2016

    I don't like sad ending drama but so far i really likevthis one.

  • Reply
    elizabeth Jan 25, 2016 - edited
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  • Reply
    Kiseki Dec 3, 2015 - edited

    This drama is overrated <.< I was disgusted by the blatant fanservice in the first episode (SERIOUSLY NUDE BATHING SCENE??). Not to mention the main female character is naive and very unlikeable for me. I came in expecting an action/battle drama but got a corny romantic melodrama.

    • Reply
      mika Feb 7, 2016 - edited

      You do realise... that all film is basically fanservice? That's why there's such a large market built around it: of course the directors and screen writers are making the drama for themselves, but they only have the opportunity to do so because of viewers, so it makes sense that they'd try to please their broader audience.


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    Aug 14, 2013 to Aug 30, 2013
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