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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 10

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In order to fortify their relationship, Seung Jo decides to reveal his past and his reason for cutting his ties with his father. In exchange, Se Kyung promises herself to come clean with him about her plans of entering Cheongdamdong. Just as she is about to confess this to him, Yoon Joo interrupts her and convinces her otherwise, saying that Seung Jo will be broken hearted if he learns the truth. At the end, Seung Jo announces to everyone that he plans to marry Se Kyung.

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  • Aired: January 06, 2013

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 10 Reviews

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Feb 1, 2013

I just don't know!

It's been 10 episodes, and by this point I usually definitely know how I feel about a drama. But this one just keeps jerking me back and forth! I will go from loving it and wanting to watch as much as I can to just feeling wretched over what I know is to come. I don't like dramas built on lies, they make me nervous, and it doesn't help that I feel like Se Kyung is kicking a puppy by engineering her lies around him! I know she doesn't mean all bad, but it still makes me sad :(
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Jan 8, 2013

I just choked on a biscuit!

That was by far the best ending of an episode so far! Tommy Hong's face was priceless and we got to see another side to Yoon Joo :)

I was laughing so much at Seung Jo's father, he looked so uncomfortable at dinner :D I absolutely love him, I hope he doesn't turn into an ass.

I do think the whole marriage thing is a bit rushed though, I mean they've only been officially dating a few hours :o I think it was more of a "Father, this is my girlfriend... deal with it" kind of situation.
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Jan 8, 2013

Tommy Hong

Tommy Hong's facial expressions stole the show after Seung Jo introduced Se Kyung and said they're going to get married!! I laughed so hard when the camera panned to his face!! LMAO!!
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Jan 8, 2013

Dunno what's wrong with me lately

Just that I came to like Yoon Joo more than Se Kyung. I know that a Seung Jo/Yoon Joo pairing is impossible but I keep rooting for them. The girl seems more down-to-Earth and you can clearly see that she wishes him the best. I'm certain that she still loves him.

To be sincere I don't think I like Se Kyung at all. I didn't have a problem with Moon Geun Young until this series but now I feel that she's a bit expressionless. Shocked, crying, smiling..she looks like a lost puppy..And it's strange because, as I said before, it's the first time I'm having these thoughts about her. I quite enjoyed her other series.
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Jan 7, 2013

Whoa Nelly! Calm yourself boy!

Seung Jo and Se Kyung are finally united. As much as I love Seung Jo for being so honest with Se Kyung, I do think that he's moving a little bit too fast. I mean come on, marriage? I'm not sure if he really loves Se Kyung enough for that, or if he's trying to defy his father again by marrying a woman whom he opposes. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next.
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