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Mar 14, 2015
Like I said! Shouldn't taking the off bracelet equal impending doom by now?! Tae Seo don't look at your bloodied hand like your surprised! And friggen Chung Jo, I wanna beat her with the very rock she through at him. I feel so bad for Kang Chi right now. Hopefully Yeo Wool can give him a hug soon... And that stupid bandit guy is becoming a running gag. Although I'm guessing that's read more the point. Who know's maybe he'll become an asset to the growing group.

I squealed like a love struck school girl when Yeo Wool grabbed Kang Chi's hand. Awwwwww!!! They're gonna make such lovely babies together!! <3 Eh hem excuse me... Got a little ahead of myself there. XD Oh and the crying... They're crying, I'm crying, we're all crying! Its just such a good episode! ::Sniffs:: Just watch the episode, you'll love it. I promise. T3T

And finally at the end... Ooooo who might this be?
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Nov 15, 2013
Wow. Just wow!!!!!! W. O. W.

No really, just when I think I know this show and that it's finally going to turn boring it totally whams me over the head! This series is proving that it deserves to have over twenty episodes! The complexity of the plot and characters is totally awesome!! Now I don't want to give too much away.

What I will say is that this episode eloquently shows read more viewers the many degrees of love, and that by opening ourselves up to it that the ones we love the most are the ones that can hurt us the most. What I love even more is watching the idea of love grow and expand in Kang Chi. The writers do an excellent job of showing viewers the the inhuman beings, might be more human than the actual humans. That monsters are not to be interpreted so easily.

Cheong Jo's future is getting more muddled. While I become disgusted with her, I can't help but understand her actions and even sympathize with her. She's a character I love to be annoyed with, and at this point the directors could really take her to amazing points.

Oh, and if you were worried that Kang Chi's father had no further role rejoice my drama lovers! He's back and I'm hoping better then ever. (There's also hints that Kang Chi's mother is back, and I'm very curious to see where this is all going.)
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Aug 12, 2013
I AM SO FLIPPIN EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!! I had all these coherent, witty things to say about the episode, and who I think the lady merchant is (Seo Hwa?) and the fact that I love that the guys can stab and slice and punch the heck out of each other and still be best friends, BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS BECAUSE OF THE LAST COUPLE SECONDS AND I THINK MY GUMIHO LOVE read more IS COMING BACK!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I love the beauty and the beast feel with Kang Chi overcoming his monstrous form by Yeo Wool standing by him. ^.^ So sweet!

But, uh... yeah, MY BEAUTIFUL GUMIHO!!!!
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May 17, 2013
I'm so excited for this show, although I thought the Tae Seo suddenly comes out of the illusion was a bit ridiculous.

However, I have to make something very clear. No matter how I feel about Cheong Jo's lack of acceptance of Kang Chi (it's obvious that I dislike her), but to say that she deserved to be raped is disgusting and foul, as disgusting and as foul as the villain and read more Cheong Jo's rejection.

Now that I've got that out, I'm interested to see if my theories are correct about our new (old) faces and their connection to our story. Also, I can't wait to see more romance between Kang Chi anf Yeo Wool, with a little bit of snarky Gon thrown in for good measure.
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May 17, 2013
Hey i didn't like Tae Seo anymore, but not to the point of hanging him! what's with this manner of hanging people you don't like seriously. And I don't know what to think of Tae Seo now...
I just love the admiral he's so nice and sounds like a father to him!
Yeo Wool is so cool as usual... When will he find out she loves him?
The ending was interesting, I'm read more looking forward to netx ep!
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May 16, 2013
I really enjoyed this ep, it was full of good and different events that made me pretty interested.

Chung Jo getting raped was sad but somehow, she deserved it, why call Kang Chi a monster and throw rocks at him? She sort of reminded me of the stupid Seo Hwa at the beginning of the drama but I can understand Chung Jo because she thought that Kang Chi killed her brother so read more it’s okay after all.

It was good to see that Kang Chi can lose the Gumiho appearance even without the bracelet since Yeo Wool was able to make him do that. I was also glad when Kang Chi saved that bandit, now he will always be on his side.

I liked the scene between tae Seo and Kang Chi near the end, they were always like brothers to me but I am anxious since tae Seo may betray them again and tell Jo about the admiral’s plan.

I am very excited about the new characters that appeared, that woman seems pretty interesting because I feel like she’s one of the four masters because if she’s actually on Jo’s side then this means trouble. I have this crazy thought thatshe maybe Kang Chi's mother, weird,right?

And finally, Wu Ryul is back! *happy dance* although he’s back as a demon but still he’s back! It’s not like he will hurt his own son or something, I am so excited about his comeback!
Next ep come now!
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May 16, 2013
This episode was awesome, with enough to (hopefully) definitely end the romance between Kang Chi and Cheong Jo (she rejects him, gets raped and accepts her destiny as a Giseng), and many things that make Kang Chi and Yeo Wool even closer. The scene when he comes back to see her is really touching, but the one that almost got me crying was the moment when he says he wants to become read more human.

I'm not bothered by Suzy anymore. I actually like her acting. She might give the impression that she takes everything lightly, but it gives balance the to show. Were she a tragic heroine, the entire story would have been way too melodramatic.

And as for LSG's neverending awesomeness....well, I can't say anything about his acting anymore because past the first 5 minutes, all I see is Kang Chi.

But now, WHO Is that woman we see in the end ?

Speculating : She might be his mother. Why ? Because when she "died", it was in front of those japanese visitors, and if you look at it closely, you see that you have a lot of close-up of the japanese man during that scene. And now that other japanese people came, a strange and mysterious woman appears ? And Kang Chi's father wakes up at the same time ?

We'll see that next week...
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