MDL Facebook page hits 5k likes! 

Yep, we've finally hit over 5,000 likes on our facebook page! If you haven't already, visit it below and like us!

And our twitter page has over 4600 followers! Click on the link below to follow us if you haven't already

We also have a tumblr page with a lot less followers, but just as enriching as our Facebook and Twitter pages! Follow/Subscribe here: (because I Love MyDramaList! :D)

So now how do I make this seem less like an article just promoting our social media pages? Oh right! 
We are working on a new feature that will help make the site more social....That's all I can reveal right now, but we hope that you guys love it as much as we think you will :) It should be ready in the next month or so~! 

-Skye (who has Flan, Coconut Cream Pie right now and is apparently quite random. )

And if you have any other features you'd like to suggest, post them in the comments below (though please do not link to other sites.) Thanks

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