MDL needs writers! [Find out how to apply inside]
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Hi everyone,
MDL is in need of volunteers to help the site out. As you know, MyDramaList is a community driven site where every single user can help add every itsy bitsy bit of information. However, in order to be on top of every single thing in the drama world, we need more members to help out regularly (and in different ways.) And yes I actually reused that part from our previous volunteer drive post :D 

We are currently in need of:

We need more writers who can write articles for our front page on anything drama related from the latest Drama News, to your top 10 *insert random Drama related thing here*, to nearly anything drama related. An issue many people stated was that they don't know what to write about, and if you have that issue just message us. We can send you some ideas (We have a decent amount of topics that you can possibly write about). The only limitation for writers is that you have to be confident in your English. It doesn't necessarily have to be your first language, just please be decent at it so our poor editors don't end up crying. 

We are also creating a separate group headed by the wonderful MDL user (HeyItsEst). This is going to be a group of writers who will be writing asian drama/movie/actor news articles for MDL. If you're interested message her on her profile and she'll help get you started. Here is her link again

If you want to apply to be a normal writer (someone who writes top ten, and other drama/movie/asian actor articles) you can message either HeyItsEst (
or SeRose (Or click here ) and they will help get you on your way!

-Skye Jin

P.S if you applied in October and no one responded apply again. Chances are I missed your email (as we got way more emails than expected last time)

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  • bannie Dec 20, 2012
    interesting. doesnt seem like there is sufficient QC based on the articles ive seen recently. they felt more like forum rant posts
    2 ❤
  • DMCpawn Dec 19, 2012
    After college applications, I'll think about writing some stuff for the site. I've just been so busy writing application essays (T___T)

    EDIT: And yes, I do realize that saying excuses for not writing is terrible for a writer.
    1 ❤
  • aisheteru3182 Dec 18, 2012
    i migth try this one, just needed some more time, im a bit busy these days..............
  • ekosgothika Dec 17, 2012
    AH! I would love to! I dream to be a writer so this could be a little training *_* but I have no time! damn.... TT_TT
  • Layla-TB Dec 17, 2012
    I don´t know why, but I can´t get access to my profile nor my messages. I got a reply from Est and I can´t read it.
    • SeRose Dec 17, 2012
      It may be a problem with your username having a space in it? Not sure, but if you can click on the Edit Settings button on the top right corner, you can change your username. If that doesn't work, msg Jin, the admin.
    • Layla-TB Dec 17, 2012
      Thanks a lot, it´s all settled now.
  • ForeverHN Dec 17, 2012
    So if we didn't get a reply from when we applied in October, we just have to send it again? Even if it was the job of Approval and not Writer?

    P.S. Seeing all these comments, I'm starting to feel the bond of people who love asian dramas as much as I do. This just proves how great MDL is for bringing people together. ;D
    6 ❤
  • SapphireSong Dec 16, 2012
    Oh... I LOVE writing.... and I would love to give this a try... but I'm not too sure if I'd be any good.
  • emmylou1231 Dec 16, 2012
    HI! I'm want to give writing for MDL a try. Just give me a topic and I'll give it my best.
  • LMitsuki Dec 16, 2012
    I wish I was back at high school to be able to do such things! But unfortunely time is short -.-
  • Sawawawawawa Dec 16, 2012
    I'm interested but gosh I'm so lazy to write unless it's my assignment... .__.
    8 ❤
  • CloudChill Dec 16, 2012
    I know I just joined today but this sounds like so much fun! Count me in! :D
    1 ❤
  • goldenseal50 Dec 16, 2012
    I am a reader! I read all the articles and love them :)
    4 ❤
  • MyOwnJudgement Dec 16, 2012
    I mailed in October but never got a reply, I was already wondering what happened... xd I guess I'll apply again in that case! ;)
  • Anonymous Dec 16, 2012
    Tempted to get involved, is there a time limit so as when we have to sign up by?
  • CheerfulSoul Dec 16, 2012
    I am really sorry, I know I am being bad lately since I haven't wrote any drama news for a long time.
    I will do my best to find time and write some articles soon.
    3 ❤


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