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Melodrama: That Winter, The Wind Blows

Since Missing You is ending soon, dramaland decided to compensate its fans with a new melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows.

Based on the 2002 Japanese drama “Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu” and the 2006 Korean movie Love Me not, the upcoming SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama will explore the story of Oh Soo (Jo InSung); an orphan who leads a high-class gambler life and a mischievous play boy after the death of his first love. He’s also a con artist who target rich people for their money and now he aims to Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo) who is a sole heiress of a rich family, she tragically loses her parents and eyesight in a car accident. As her brother went missing a long time ago, Oh Soo decides to take over her long-lost brother’s spot and her fortune. However, things turn the wrong way when he falls in love with her.

Also, this is Kim Bum's comeback drama (as Park Jin Sung) who will play the role of Oh Soo’s best friend and right hand in everything.

On the other hand, Jung Eun Ji (as Moon Hee Sun) will be Oh Soo’s first love’s sister; a boyish character who tries to hate the lead male for his deeds with her sister but she can’t seem to hold grudge against him.

Start marking your calendars, That winter, The Wind Blows has been scheduled to air on February the 11th.

The released teaser seemed emotional, dark and full of sadness: the perfect combo of an outstanding melodrama or maybe not?

Flower Boy Next door: Latest trailers and stills.
It finally aired, and already the third flower boy installment is getting a high buzz and gaining great expectations from many viewers. If you haven't tuned in to it yet, check this out...

Starring Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon, Flower Boy Next Door started airing this Monday on TvN.

First episode's preview: 

Level 7 Civil Servant releases first trailer

The first trailer of the upcoming spy drama Level 7 Civil Servant has been released. Well, it’s about time since the drama starts airing after I Miss You which is around the corner.

Viewers, as well as critics, have expressed their anticipation for this drama considering the fact that Joo Won will play a different kind of role compared to his previous role in The Bride Mask. I mean, you can tell just from the trailer that he's a bit more...yeahh. Now, the question is, "Will he have great chemistry with the female lead like he did in TBM?" We will have to wait and find out on January 23 [perhaps even later depending on subs ;)

IRIS 2 releases official poster and a second trailer

Another teaser has been released for the upcoming KBS Action Drama IRIS 2. The teaser was full of action moves, explosions and most of all suspense!

IRIS 2 is the most anticipated action drama of the year mainly because of its cast and high budget. 

Guga Medical Book confirms airing date

It has been confirmed that the upcoming Seung Ki and Suzy drama will start airing this spring on MBC following Horse Healer therefore, the scheduled date will be set in the end of March or the beginning of April.
The released plot of the upcoming sageuk doesn't tell much, we only know that the drama will be a fantasy about a male Gumiho.

Are you excited about the upcoming dramas? Which ones do you plan to watch?

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    Ji-N Nov 8, 2015 - edited

    test 2

  • Reply
    maeline Jan 13, 2013

    Does anyone know the song from the first episode preview of Flower Boy Next Door? I know it's an American song, most likely from a dance film but I can't remember what it's called .... :(

    • Reply
      maeline Jan 13, 2013

      Nevermind, it is Petey Pablo "Show me the money" if anyone was wondering.

  • Reply
    Marse Jan 12, 2013

    I haven't started watching any of the Flower Boy series, but I think the new one is interesting. :3

    Out of all the dramas in this one, That Winter, The Wind Blows is what I am most looking forward to. Already expecting high for it. >w<

    I'm also excited to see Level 7 Civil Servant. :3 Seems interesting!

    And of course, I'm excited to see Seung Gi again! *u*

    So informative article! Thumbs up! ;)

  • Reply
    tomatipasta Jan 12, 2013

    flower boy next door is just too funny, but level 7 civil servant looks quite promising too and i can't wait to see seung gi opppa with suzy, cause i really do love them both

  • Reply
    myt124 Jan 12, 2013

    i've already started flower boy next door and a hundred years inheritance. love yoon si yoon, joo won and eugene in the baker king where i first got to watch them =)

    will be including iris 2, legal 7 civil servant and iris on my list as well. excited for the new ones to come!

    im still currently watching other dramas -- golly i need more of my drama time! =)

  • Reply
    axiersa Jan 12, 2013

    IRIS 2, it's been a long long wait

  • Reply
    addylovesbwood Jan 11, 2013

    JOO WON in Level 7 Civil Servant!!! <3 counting down the days

  • Reply
    shenshen103 Jan 11, 2013


    • Reply
      animefayinc Jan 11, 2013

      IT IS. OH MY GERD IT'S SO GOOD. My favourite flower boy adaptation by far~ And there's only two episodes out... ^^" A-and Yoon Shi Yoon is so amazing QuQ

      Btw, nice avatar~ ;D

    • Reply
      celene Jan 17, 2013

      im currently watching it.....and im hooked...

    • Reply
      shenshen103 Jan 18, 2013

      so im i , you should messsage me when done watching it!!! so we can spazz out about it:)

    • Reply
      celene Jan 18, 2013

      sure,.., ^^

  • Reply
    EzzeZe Jan 11, 2013

    kdjhfs;khglsdhglskhjd cant wait xD

  • Reply
    steciLovesDramas Jan 11, 2013

    can't wait for the drama with Joowon^^

  • Reply
    neaa Jan 11, 2013

    that winter the wind blows is the comeback of two great stars.. and i'm one of hye kyo's greatest fans. but i don't watch sad dramas... and it's sure going to be one! what to do?

  • Reply
    anna-ka Jan 11, 2013

    GUYS!!! don't you agree that in "flower boy next door" that mangaka neighbor is waaaaaay better? Huh? i don't know about you but i ship for that guy :)

  • Reply
    tlkdrama2me Jan 11, 2013

    thank you so much for these upcoming drama updates :) the beginning of the year in dramas looks very promising .. excited for all of these!

  • Reply
    claudya87 Jan 11, 2013

    I'm watching Flower Boy Next Door and it's really funny..and has so many bishies *drooling*

  • Reply
    Mirichan Jan 11, 2013

    Okay I will check out Flower Boys next Door (=:
    These months I have avoided these melodramas...they just depress me xD

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