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Mothers (or just parents and family in general) play an important role in almost every Kdrama. The minute we hear the words 'Kdrama Mom', the image that flashes into our mind is that of our typical evil drama mom. But isn't that just ignorance on our part? Sure, these type of moms might be more common, but they're not the only ones to grace our screens. So here are five types of Kdrama mom that we generally see:

#The Villainous Mom

Who isn't aware of the existence of this type of mothers in dramaland? We have all seen them and hated them. The entire purpose of their existence is to threaten the female lead with the power of their money and to separate the main couple at any cost. They'll use any means necessary to destroy their son's (generally) love life. 'Crazy' doesn't even begin to cover them!

     Boys Over Flowers                                                        Secret Garden

#The Scheming Mom

Now this type of moms, as apparent from the name, are quite the schemers. Most of the time, they are looking for a rich chaebol who they can set their daughter up with. The only objective of these moms is to marry off their daughters into a wealthy household, through any means (though rarely harmful). This can create quite a few hilarious situations the drama.


     Boys Over Flowers                                             Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

#The Intrusive Mom

These moms have practically no boundaries. They are always barging into their children's lives, usually without their children's permission, intending to help them. These moms are pretty harmless most of the time. They can be somewhat mischievous at times, and we just love to see that!


                                Playful Kiss                                                               Tomorrow With You

#The Badass Mom

These moms take their motherly duties very seriously. May it be enrolling in a school to fight bullies, or putting their lives on the line for their children, these moms never let anything stop them. Definitely the coolest moms in dramaland!


                                 Angry Mom                                                                The Bridal Mask

#The Supportive Mom

These moms love their children unconditionally. They always support their decisions, no matter what the circumstances. They are always helpful and the kind of mom their children can rely on, even in the toughest situations.


             Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo                                                       Sassy Go Go

Which kind of mom do you love to see most?

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  • Reply
    Kala 1 day ago

    I love to see the intrusive moms! They are usually very loving and funny. <3

  • Reply
    _Muffty_ 3 days ago - edited

    Oh hae youngs mom was super suppotive, a bit badass and to the end more and more intrusive. XD

    • Reply

      I was just about to write that, she fits into so many categories lol. She was so cool!

  • Reply
    John 3 days ago

    I loved the mother from Sassy go go. As much as I hated Playful kiss the mother was the most entertaining character in the drama.

  • Reply
    abee 3 days ago - edited

    One of my favorite moms is the female lead's mother in I Hear Your Voice. She's both badass (the way she confronted the judge when her daughter was wrongly accused) and supportive!

  • Reply
    AmauryLindy 3 days ago - edited

    You forgot the useless mom that's only there to do nothing but use the leads money and cause problems.

  • Reply
    Yume 3 days ago - edited

    There's is the evil mother-daughter duo: Baby-Faced Beauty

    • Reply
      Midnight 3 days ago

      You can say that again. That was not normal.

    • Reply
      Malu 2 days ago

      Yes! Stairway to heaven style!

    • Reply
      Kala 1 day ago

      The evil mother-daughter duo is also in Brilliant Legacy and Bride of the century. Bride of the Century is the worst.. stg.

  • Reply
    Malu 3 days ago - edited

    You forgot the "AS MAD AS DAUGHTER" type, like the mother of Another Miss Oh. I'd like to see more mothers like that one, if anyone knows of a similar one, please give me the information!!!!

  • Reply
    Fortuna 4 days ago - edited

    What about them scheming saeguk mothers? Always trying to marry off their daughters to rich men, support their corrupt husbands, and doing the utmost to keep their sons in power.

  • Reply
    dragynfaerie 4 days ago

    It might be the old soap lover in me, but I love the villainous and schemers the best. I just love to hate them.

  • Reply
    Klaudia 4 days ago - edited

    I think you forgot about one more type - dead mom. They are pretty common in dramaland

    • Reply
      dragynfaerie 4 days ago

      LOL You are so right. I just watched 3 dramas with dead moms.

    • Reply
      Fortuna 4 days ago

      Yup - they're often great, having died although they didn't want to leave their children behinds. They (usually) can't be hated.

  • Reply
    Hessa 4 days ago

    #The Supportive Mom
    Seo Yeon's mother on Solomon's Perjury

  • Reply
    Eunha 4 days ago

    The villain type was getting annoying, love how we have a variety now days. Watching SWBDS and her mom is hilarious right now, a little too much but it works out since daughter isn't like that so most likely CEO won't misunderstand. (pls don't CEO)

    My favorite is probably Angry Mom, she was just amazing.

  • Reply
    cityhunter83 4 days ago

    i love the bad ass mom. b/c i too am a bad ass mom. i once told this little shit that was 6 years older than my spawn if he hit her again i was going to pay one of the under age neighborhood kids $20 to beat the crap out of him. earlier this year i filed a complaint with the office of civil rights over the way a school employee treated my kid (they can be sued over it now) oh yea and when my kid was in 2nd grade i got a substitute teacher fired b/c the spawn broke out into hives and the teacher would not let her go to the office to get her meds. do not mess with City Omma!!!

  • Reply
    Kimicub 4 days ago

    The mum in Strong Woman BS verges on abusive. She's too much. Love the mum in Sassy Go Go she was so sweet.

  • Reply
    kez 4 days ago

    The secret garden mom always slays at her evil mom roles :))))))

    While joon hyung and ma rin's mom tho HAHAHAHAHA completely different mom.

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