Sung Hoon slays in new Photo Shoot for BNT

BNT's latest interview and photo shoot with Sung Hoon


He is a multi-talented Actor, Model and DJ... Sung Hoon is spreading quickly online! He is melting hearts around the globe with his killer looks and type casting for a strong romantic lead as well as in a variety of roles.

Known for his striking appearance and evolving talent in acting, this Model, DJ-turned-actor was born on the day of love itself! Valentines Day Feb.14th, 1983. He is admirably very swoon-worthy in what ever apparel he is wearing!

He's known for his roles in these romantic dramas:
Noble My Love | My Secret Romance | New Tales of a Gisaeng

More main roles in Dramas:

Five Enough | 6 Persons Room | Passionate Love

His latest role: 
[email protected]

But here is his latest photoset and with captures like these, he could give Habaek a run for his status of Water God! Enjoy! Habaek aka Bride of the Water God is a currently airing 2017 Drama starring Nam Joo Hyuk. Seriously though, both these guys are great!

BNT Shoot:




Sung Hoon is gaining fans globally and with good reason!





To view the rest of his photoshoot, check out the original post on BNT!

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His unsubbed video interview:

What is your favourite Sung Hoon role?

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    Feli 14 days ago - edited

    For those of you not in the know, before he became a model or actor, he was a wold class swimmer. He was on the Korean national swim team for 14 years before a spinal injury forced him to quit the team. That's why he's so often pictured in the water. Then he joined the military, but the was let go early due to a recurrence of the same injury. Sung Hoon got his big break when he debuted as an actor in 2011 with New Tales of Gisaeng, landing the lead role despite having no modeling or acting experience.

  • Reply
    stardust 14 days ago

    I feel attacked, gosh, how can someone be that perfect?

  • Reply
    Ice2505 14 days ago

    My image of him is forever ruined after his appearance on "I live alone" xD
    He is adorable

  • Reply
    awaw 14 days ago

    awwww <3 <3

  • Reply
    SarahEm 14 days ago

    I first saw him in Oh My Venus and have admired him since then. I'm glad for him and hope his career will sail with clear skies.

  • Reply
    DramaNewbie 14 days ago

    God damn it! Why isn't his shirt off in at least one of these pics ?

  • Reply
    StephanieGreen 15 days ago

    Gahh Everything about him is just so perfect!

  • Reply
    Humbledaisy 15 days ago - edited

    But - why the stuffed monkey? Did they think it brought some depth to the photo shoot? Brought out his playful side? Showed his love of animals? All in all, I just wondered whose kid left it in the pool.

  • Reply
    LinnAnderson 15 days ago

    Wow, Handsome Oppa

  • Reply
    Violet 16 days ago

    OMG!!! so handsome i watched everything he is in, i love it

  • Reply
    CharlieBishop 16 days ago

    Very handsome!

  • Reply
    tatyangel 16 days ago

    this guy is like an instant nose bleed for me. How can someone be so handsome!

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