Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung Break Up!

As of 3 days ago, the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo co-stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung officially confirmed their break up. The NamLee romance is unfortunately over.  


After 4 months into their public relationship, the couple have decided to go their separate ways. Their relationship was first revealed on April 23, 2017 when they were on a secret date. 

YG Entertainment issued an official statement confirming the news, but did not make any mention of why it happened.

Many fans are upset over the breakup, and I am terribly sad too! 


Don't be too sad viewers! Hopefully a new couple with amazing chemistry (on and off the set) will come through.

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    JubayerMahmudKhan 6 days ago

    Shin se-Kyung?

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    Kei 20 days ago

    I surprised myself for not being surprised. I guess even though I wanted the ship to forever sail, I felt an inkling right of the bat.

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    All_In 25 days ago

    I don't much care who celebrities date and absolutely don't understand "shipping" wars. It interests me in the sense of understanding the Korean culture. I still remember watching Greatest Love early in my k-drama viewing days and not understanding why his fans felt they deserved an opinion on who he dated. Why did they have to hide? etc It was so foreign to my Western eyes, but it is really like that. I wish them both the best and hope both them and his poor co-star can get some peace.

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    Bri 26 days ago

    *disappointed, but not surprised*

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    rationalbeings 28 days ago - edited

    Sorry but I will never get why people care about celebrity relationships...why does it matter ?

    • Reply
      Maham Tanveer 27 days ago

      i know right? it makes no sense to me

    • Reply
      Archania 26 days ago

      I totally agree with you ... who cares if they are together or break up, they are people like you and I. Just because they are celebrities doesn't make them more important or interesting, in my opinion.

    • Reply
      klairi360 19 days ago

      What can I say humans love to gossip other people!

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    Taylor_elle 28 days ago

    I don't ship celebrities at all. I think it's hard for their relationships to work with their busy schedules. Also, they meet other people all the time and sometimes I feel that for those who fall in love on the set it can mean that they were caught up in the many hours they spent together on the set. Of course there are sometimes exceptions because there are some celebrities who got married and are still going strong.

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    Maral 29 days ago - edited

    They made this decision and we should respect the way they're human with private life before being characters in dramas.

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    Trouble-chan 29 days ago

    Great they were happy together, but if they feel they are not any longer and wish to move on then fair enough. They are REAL PEOPLE, and are NOT just the characters in a drama. They have every right to be with who they want to. Whatever their paths in the future I really hope they BOTH continue to delight us in their new roles and they can find happiness and love with someone special in the future.

    I know that Asian celebrities are much more respectful of their fans than western ones (I'm looking at you Bieber), but they still are people who have lives of their own. That MUST be respected.

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    Myung27 29 days ago - edited

    Why should anyone care if they are together or not. It is no ones business. If they want to break up, it is between both of them! No one has the right to comment or interfere in regards to their relationship. People are stupid and nosy. Whatever!!! My advice to all you stupid mindless nosy idiots is "GET A LIFE, HAVE YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP AND ONLY WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN ISSUES"!!!!!

    At the end of the day, celebrities do not concern themselves about the life of ordinary people (fans). If anyone is in doubt, put it to a test. Call them (good luck with trying, you will not be able to talk or go near them), and ask any of them to help you pay your bills or help you put food on your table! As a matter of fact celebrities are different behind the camera. Some celebrities don't even like their fans.

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      Naxald 29 days ago

      I am happy to see someone is finally said these words.

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    kez 29 days ago

    I loved both of them individually and loved them even more after Weightlifting. The joy they gave me after their dating news was surreal. Now that they've broken up, I wish they're still in good terms and that I'll see them again in other dramas. <3

    Ps. to all the namlee fans who are hating and blaming Shin Se Kyung for their break up, stop it. She didn't do anything here at all. of course the kissing scene is inevitable in every romance kdrama so shut up already. Ya'll have to accept this kind of fact. bye.

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    Yee 29 days ago

    It has been exactly one month since I first heard they were even dating xD

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    LinLi 29 days ago - edited

    I did really liked them together and stuff especially with the drama weightlifting fairy drama to support my thought of them being together. But secretly inside I wanted Nam Joo Hyuk for myself. Lol

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    Antonin 30 days ago

    Aw man, I really liked them together

  • Reply
    SarahEm 30 days ago

    I'm a little disappointed, however I can't say I didn't expect this.

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    Zardua_ 30 days ago

    Thats a shame, as I was happily surprised when the news they were dating came out. But in the end, they could each marry a fridge or pineapple and i'd still probs support them both lol. I love both actors together or apart. I hope neither of them get hate for this, being a celebrity must be pretty difficult, especially with 'fans' who won't allow their precious oppas to have a relationship outside of work. Fighting!

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