A Stalker's Guide to Lee Hyun Woo

Lee Hyun Woo

Born: March 23, 1993

He first got my attention when I saw him in The Return of Iljimae as the little sidekick of the "martial arts master" lol - his role was memorable and it made me recognize him right away when I saw him later in Equator Man. I then saw him in Lobbyist, Brain and Queen Seon Duk. A few years ago I watched him in To The Beautiful You. Also, earlier this year I watched him in Moorim School where he totally stole my heart with his character and role in that drama. ^_^ He's a talented man who leaves an impression with his works. I enjoy his natural acting and his sweet characters. He has a gentle nice voice that is so easy to listen to. ^^ I personally have a thing for his nose shape, his voice and his neck. lol (There are always little things about an actor I like that attracts me to them (outside of their acting). Some actors it's their hands, forearms, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, lips, neck or a little of everything. :P).





The Liar and His Lover (2017)

It's a drama centered around the entertainment industry. The main lead played by Hyun Woo is a genius music producer who creates amazing songs and has an ear for music. When a song came to him while he was out he meets So Rim coincidentally and their interactions begin. He's a type of person who wanted to make everything perfect and wanted it to be perfect for everyone, but because of this and his strong focus on things like music he doesn't end up seeing the hurt others are going through because of his "perfection" and this causes struggles and misunderstandings in his love life and friendships as well as his work. The one who draws him out to reality and makes him see the whole picture is the girl he falls for. She "awakens" him in a sense, where he can now see the things he didn't see before. [don't let the title fool you, he's in no way a "liar", he hid things in the beginning that in my mind made perfect sense - trust is after all built with time, it doesn't come immediately and he had already been an "invisible" person behind the scenes for years so it came naturally for him to hide who he really was.] I enjoyed it and especially liked him and his friends. ^^ MV


Moorim School (2016)

My favourite character Hyun Woo has played thus far, and it was also a main role - so, of course, I was free to love him fully. ;) He plays a famous singer who ends up having trouble with his ears who meets a girl who tells him he can get help at her school. So he searches for it and starts to attend this special school for people who have supernatural powers. He makes friends and falls in love. I really enjoyed this story (there are varying opinions but for me personally it was a great watch). I also really loved Hyun Woo with this blondish grey hair - it really suits him! I missed it a great deal when he dyed his hair back to black later in the show. lol - MV (the bromance)


The Equator Man (2012)

The second drama I saw him in and once again I loved his character - though he was only here for about 3 episodes. :'( I did not want him to leave. This drama is about the ultimate betrayal of friends. When I watched it (long ago now lol) I remember loving it. It's kind of a revenge themed drama where the one goes to prove what the other one did. MV of his character


God of Study (2010)

My favourite character in this drama, he's a kid who is pushed by his father to study and condemned for not doing well. His passion, however, is dancing, and as he's about to get sent off to America to study he joins the "special study group" at his own school and starts to raise his grades by being taught how to study. He also has a crush on his kindergarten schoolmate who he has continued to be in the same school with. His character is adorable and you'll be sure to love him as I did. Yoo Seung Ho's character got on my nerves a lot in this drama but I managed to pull through because of Hyun Woo's lovely character. "I have a dream"


The Return of Iljimae (2009)

The first drama I saw him in and I loved his silly cute role as the sidekick to a "martial arts master". He was an enjoyable addition to this drama and his role in this easily made me recognize him in his future roles.


Run Towards Tomorrow (2015)

I can't find this online but it's about a guy who doesn't get along with his father. He gets into an accident and travels to the future and he discovers that his dad got into an accident when looking for him. In order to change the future, he goes back to the past. Sounds good and he's got the main role (even if it's just a special drama). I'd watch it if I could find it.


To the Beautiful You (2012)

Pretty much the only reason I stuck around (or skipped around) with this drama was Hyun Woo and Seo Joon Yeong's characters. This was probably the worst adaption of 'Hana Kimi' ever made... but I did like Hyun Woo's character - he was lovable and funny. LHW's character


He also appears as a guest in Scholar Who Walks the Night and Brain. He plays the younger version of the main leads in Gye Baek, Queen Seon Duk, Lobbyist, The Legend and The Great King Sejong.




Northern Limit Line (2015)

He plays one of the soldiers on the boat that patrols the border lining South Korea from the North. A battle breaks out called The 'Battle of Yeonpyeong' - it's based on a true story of when North Korea purposely attacked the officers. And this battle leads to many of its crew members dying a senseless death. This movie went out in tribute to all those who died and fought bravely. Trailer


The Con Artists (2014)

He plays the hacker of a group of cons. I personally really liked this film, a lot of people said it's the same as all other action types of movies - but if you are like me and you're a fan of those kinds of films then they rarely will be boring for you. ^^ Trailer


Secretly, Greatly (2013)

It's a movie about North Korean spies who were sent with the supposed purpose of unifying Korea. All in disguises they meet and are then suddenly assigned to a new mission - only this mission isn't what they were expecting and they wind up having to fight for themselves and each other. I must be in the minority who didn't see anything truly great about this movie, it was just average and for me personally not a movie I'd really want to watch again... but I did enjoy watching Hyun Woo and the other cast, I just didn't particularly care for the movie as a whole. Trailer


Glove (2011)

He's one of the baseball players on the team and he grows while being taught by a professional. The movie is based on a true story and I found it to be good - especially if you are a fan of sports movies and movies that help people to realize their full potential. Trailer


He has guest roles in the movies A Dirty Carnival, The Beauty Inside and Courtesan Hwang Jin Yi.    _____________________________________________________________________________________

Bonus: Music Video's he's starred in ~ (links are in blue - click to open)

IU - You & I, KCM - Ordinary Love, Akdong Musician - I Love You.

Discography: Ode to Youth, It's a LieI'm Okay, Your Face, Feel so Good, One Thing.











You can read up more on the actor here: Wikipedia - This will conclude my article on an actor who I've enjoyed watching for years. I hope he gets more great projects soon. ^^


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  • Reply
    _Rosie 4 days ago - edited

    He was promising as a young/child actor however his recent drama choices (Moorim/Liar) have not been impressive. I hope he gets back on track with his next project.

  • Reply
    desertbanshee 6 days ago

    He owned Moorim School; should have been nominated for kiss scenes of the year!

  • Reply
    GoEunChanDaddict 8 days ago

  • Reply
    Lovely 8 days ago - edited

    Ok I still loved To the Beautiful You and I was totally Minho biased and I admit it.
    But Lee Hyun Woo is really no joke in Nothern Limit Line. I watched it in the cinemas and boiiii I cried so much, like it was my end of the world.
    and Secretly, Greatly was a freaking great movie and I cried so much there too. If he does movies, he does them very well.
    He is so handsome and super talented and he needs more recognition, Moorim School was bad and The Liar and His Lover wasn't the best either, but I am just waiting for him to get the perfect role. He is still so young, so he has so much time to get better drama roles.

  • Reply
    BlackZen 10 days ago - edited

    He's soo cute!! Wish that he's more famous though

  • Reply
    Wonderweiss 10 days ago

    My first crush in dramaland *0* still have a lot to watch but I loved his character in To the beautiful you <3

  • Reply
    akai-kitsune 10 days ago

    He was extremely funny in Return of Iljimae and To the beautiful You.

  • Reply
    PKsuperfan 10 days ago

    I forgot he was in Secretly, Greatly. I agree with you that movie wasn't that great, but I love Lee Hyun Woo!

  • Reply
    Antonin 11 days ago

    Saw him in Moorim School and in Nigh Scholar

  • Reply
    Elisa 11 days ago

    Great article! I discovered him in the Con Artists, and then in Moorim school. I didn't know it was him in Secretly Greatly, but he was so cute in that movie! now I want to watch it again :3

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