looking for dramas like 1 litre of tears, a millionares first love, classmates, Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide where one of the characters has an incurable illness. no specific countries any is fine.
I just saw Stairway To Heaven also theres A Moment To remember (film) I suppose you dont mind knowing whats gonna happen before you watch the drama then ..?
Autumn In My Heart
Scent Of A Woman
Koizora, I preferred the drama version to the movie but the movie was also good
Koizora, Padam Padam
and oh..how about Padam Padam?!...amazing drama
Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World (film) but i have now allergy to that kind of theme
lisnoir wrote: koizora, padam padam

Taiyo no Uta
bokami wrote: ohmybeep!!

LOL, what?
What about Padam? LOL
I'm Sorry, I Love You Padam Padam 90 Days Time To Love
lol Bokami