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Jung Woo asks if the cleaning ahjumma killed three men. She says it's not killing, she?s clearing away the filth in society. He continues interrogating her. Su Yeon goes to meet her mother in her restaurant.
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  • 7.0"Good"
    kinda. draggy
    totally agree with the "Plot thickens but" review.

    The only reason I am still watching is because of all the close ups we get of "Harry" :) lol and they give us a lot of those. SCREENSHOTS everyone!

    I did cry over Zoey wanting to meet her mom in secret,read more
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  • 9.5"Very Good"
    Endless pain
    I feel like they should lighten up the drama now a little bit before the ending because I'm pretty sure the last few episodes are going to be DRAMATIC!

    Also I did cry a bit but they cry so much in this drama I'm getting used to it...

    Anyways thisread more
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  • 8.0"Very Good"
    Plot thickens but...
    I got bored in between. Half way through the drama it becomes boring/overly sentimental with the interrogation and so on. It pick up towards the end.
    I feel really bad for Harry in this episode as I like him.
    My favourite character in this series is Jung Woo's detective partner/read more
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Missing You

Missing You


  • Main Title: Missing You
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