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ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: Sep 23, 0000

Verabelle is a chinese actress.

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Jul 20, 1991

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Jun 15, 1991

Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand Height: 179cm Weight: 62kg Education: Bachelor's Degree from the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy.

ThaiGender: FemaleBirthday: May 8, 1997

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Jun 7, 1990

He's an actor and singer from K-OTIC He's half japanese, half thai.

TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBirthday: May 28, 1985

Jessika is a Taiwanese American actress, director, singer-songwriter, pianist, and dancer. She started in music as a classically-trained pianist and singer. As a child, she won dance competition titles and music awards that led to her performing for local Philharmonic Society events and the Duchess…

TaiwaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Jun 6, 1981

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001

Sarut Vijittranon is a Thai actor.

ThaiGender: FemaleBirthday: Sep 21, 1991

Pimpatchara Vajrasevee nickname Pie, is a Thai actress , model, and host. She was in the 2014 drama Pork Kai Jaae. She studied in Bangkok University International College.

South KoreanGender: MaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001

Raccoon is a South Korean bassist from the band "Trashest".

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Sep 5, 1992

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Jul 31, 1977

Ace is an actor, model and program host. Trivia : - Born to a Thai Chinese parents he is the 2nd child of 3 in the family - Holds a Bachelor In Communication from Bangkok University

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Oct 11, 1977

Son of Chalit Fuangarome, and brother of Nan Chalitha Fuangarome.

ThaiGender: FemaleBirthday: Jan 22, 1992

Kimberley Ann Voltemas or also known by Kimberley Ann Tiamsiri, the half Thai & German actress who entered the Thai Industry in the year of 2009; modeling and filming music video. She finally have her first debut appearing in one of Channel 3 hottest and famous tv series of all time in 2010 called 4…