Hi ! Ted's here ^^ 19 years old French student in Linguistics, I'd give my life in Paris anyday to go live in Asia ! I started like a lot of people around 2008-2009 with Hana Kimi (which is still one of my favorites), Kimi Wa Petto (also a favorite) and Hana Yori Dango. At first it was mostly Jdramas, and mangas adaptations (as I was first more of an otaku) but as the time passed I discovered Kdramas (I think my first was Coffee Prince, but I'm not sure anymore), then I seriously learned english (which is still not perfect, sorry ^^') in order to watch more and more dramas, then I found Mydramalist and it was the end for me : as much as my roomates laugh at me when I connect my laptop to the TV, I DONT CARE ! I also watch some TV shows like Running man (<3) and Kpop Star, but I'm not a huge fan of Kpop in general except for some aesthetic reasons (TAO TAO TAO !! KAI KAI KAI !!) AND 2NE1 because they are 2NE1 and that's all I need.

1 - Hana Kimi
2 - Hotaru no Hikari
3 - Time between dog and wolf
(special prize : Coffee Prince)

1 - Bloody Monday
2 - Gokusen 3
3 - Iljimae

1 - Mei-chan no Shitsuji
2 - Boys before flowers
3 - Atashinchi no Danshi

1 - Bloody Monday 2
2 - Personnal Taste

1 - Switch girl !!
2 - City Hunter
3 - Dream High
(special prize : White Christmas)

1 - Reply 1997
2 - Ghost
3 - School 2013
(special prize : I need romance 2)

- Nine : Nine Time Travels
- Let's Eat
- Adolescence Medley
(special prize : Cruel City)


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  • xoxo 11 days ago
    Glad you like it ^^ It's very old school, isn't it? Kind of similar to Kim Sam Soon in its pre-Hallyu wave Kdrama style.
  • xoxo 11 days ago
    No problem :D I hope you'll like them!

    My main Tumblr's inactive, but I'm the admin of milhwe.tumblr.com + our-era-of-freedom.tumblr.com ^^
  • xoxo 12 days ago
    Totally agree with your post about noona dramas ^^ Here are some older-woman/younger-guy dramas I recommend:



    http://mydramalist.com/japanese-drama/571/majo-no-jouken (<--- teacher/student and it has some similarities to SLA)





  • Hessa Feb 6, 2014
    I know you may like the drama, but don't write a review before watching the whole drama. At least wait for the drama to finish airing, then express your opinion about it.


    Don't write a review before seeing the whole drama.
    Please user I am asking you. If you feel the urge to write a review, write it as an episode review in the episode guide.
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Aug 12, 2013
    i totally agree with ur point of view espically in hana kimi it was crazy , funny , showed bromance and competition between dorms
    and reply 1997 was totally a new idea with great story
    talking about first love ^_^
  • lola_SuJu-ELF Aug 11, 2013
    i watch a lot of japanese dramas too i feel that they're meaningful and teach us moral lessons xD
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