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Ra Eun Ho is a cheerful student who is one of the low-rank students in her school. She has a talent for drawing webtoons and dreams of dating the college boy she has a crush on. One day, while trying to find inspiration for her comics, she somehow is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets marked as a delinquent student. This is only the start of her troubles.

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14 days ago
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
I'm going to be that one person who wasn't hyped about this drama... just kidding? I loved the first eight episodes. They were exciting and unpredictable (most of the time). But after the eighth ep, it slowed down a lot, so I got bored. Why did I stick with it till the end? I was already halfway through, so I stayed for the romance (haha, this isn't the first time something like read more this has happened). ;)

Try this drama if you love light school dramas with a bit of mystery. I was really impressed by the acting of the cast, especially rookie actors Kim Se Jung and Kim Jung Hyun. Their chemistry is over the roof. I found myself skipping through episodes just to get to their scenes. The side storylines were incorporated well. Like sunah said, School 2013 has the best bromance, School 2015 has the best second lead syndrome (rip), and School 2017 has the best male lead. I personally enjoyed School 2015 the most out of all the School series (except for that last episode), but go ahead and give School 2017 a try. It might be your type of drama. :-) It was a fun kdrama, even if it lost steam in the second half.

The final verdict: watch if you enjoy predictable fluffy dramas

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15 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Brilliant drama, absolutely a gold medal winning series of 2017! It captured my heart right from the beginning and held the strong feelings inside right until the very last episode!

It's one of those dramas that is filled with emotion. Showing the real and quite awful education system in South Korea, the realness factor was why I became interested in watching. Of course, I have to mention the other "School" series but read more unfortunately, I can't compare any them to this drama, since this is my first "School" series that I've watched. Nevertheless, the actors really put on a great show! As far as I know, the majority of them are amateurs in acting, I just have to give them cool points. Furthermore, the characters were relatable, totally "best friend" and "best couple" goals! After each and every episode, I had to tell my friends what kind of a great drama this is. Not only does it make you feel kinda cool, brave and happy after watching it, but also concerned and shocked about some of the school related things. To add, the music made a hugely positive impact. The OST is very fitting and there are a couple songs that piqued my interest.

A wonderful drama for back to school or to reminisce the good old high school days. This drama will take you on a diverse emotion trip and leave you feeling chilled! Definitely re-watching it after I complete the other "School" series!
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Focuses on school life and have feel realistic. WF in college, School 2017 in high school.

Both the female leads have dreams that they want to accomplish. The male leads are just so lovable and they will constantly put a smile on your face. You'll love both the leading couples in these shows, chemistry is off the charts.
Recommended by scarletlover1
And the opposite is true too.
Plus add with them Sassy go go / Cheer up
and Who are you? School 2015.
as the four of them revolve around a high school romance comedy drama with some love triangles maybe although it wasn't really a love triangle in school 2017.
But it is just that hi school love on has some supernature genre which is extra but it's still amazing.
and also the four of them has the concept of bulling in them which make the drama more intense.
These 4 dramas would be your favorites if you like the high school - youth - romance - comedy type of dramas,like really i adoreee them!
School 2013 is great too but there is no romance in it so i didn't mention it but it shows what hardships friends might face and so on so if romance is not the main genre that you're looking for, you may check out this one too as the bromance in it between Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin is so cutee.
Recommended by Engy21

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    Mikhal 4 days ago - edited
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      KatySarang_TGeyes 3 days ago
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      Mikhal 3 days ago
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    egg-mont 5 days ago

    I really enjoyed watching this drama - the romance was super cute (main characters had insane chemistry), story was interesting, acting was imo great and overall i woud say it was one of the best kdramas of summer 2017.

    Unfortunately, after finishing it, i feel like there were quite some unresolved (or very lazily resolved) storylines of almost all side-chracters and that the drama had more potential. I know that real life doesnt always give you an ending but this is drama and i feel like we've been left hanging with stories/backstories of wayy to many people such as: that rich smart boy who abused his ex-girlfriend, yoo bit na (and the crew of rich kids overall), the idol boy (honestly why he even was in the drama. he was super expendable for the story), some of the teachers, the gang of bullying girls, to some extend even the friendship of class president and tae woon (srsly, after the 'dead friend' storyarc i was expecting something more) and living situation/family issues of class president. Moreover - character changes happened way too fast - one moment is tae woons father cold and calculating and the next thing you know it he is all reformed nice father and bought a school somewhere else. Same goes for Bo ras character to some extend.

    I feel like writers halfway through realized they dont have enough time to finish like... everything except the storyline of main characters which is a pity...

    But overall i think it is really great school drama (and im surprised how fast i got over those 'eww main actors are way too old to play highschoolers! wtf!!!' thoughts :D. by the episode 6 i was like 'thats exactly how highschoolers look. im 100% sure'. lmao)

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    Agnes 6 days ago - edited
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      egg-mont 5 days ago
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    Soumya 7 days ago - edited

    It was a cute drama . Nothing special but it was enjoyable. Tae woon's character was my favourite. The chemistry between the leads was also good .It would have been awesome if they showed a kiss scene between the leads

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    JEf 7 days ago

    As a very 'matured' (in age!) drama fan, I normally don't for the 'School' drama series. Somehow, I got into this and surprisingly found it very entertaining. The issues were very real and so the story was believable and interesting. The main leads are new (to me) and very refreshing and acted well. I wish there's a short '10 years later' to show how they ended up LOL!

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    KingLouie 7 days ago

    Loved it..loved Eun Ho..Loved Tae Won..every one one of them till the end..
    A very enjoyable drama..feels empty now its end..
    Eun cute beauty..she was awsome..and her scene at the end with tae won and the girls..made me laugh so much..

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    ohhe-buk 8 days ago - edited

    the school dramas won't satisfy me unless they get rid of these 27 year old full adults playing teenagers. they set the mood off so much sigh...

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    hazel321 9 days ago - edited

    cute so far, but it lacks the the "wow" of the previous two school dramas.

    • Reply
      KingLouie 7 days ago

      Haven't watched the previous one..but this one took me by surprise..i think the best drama of the season..

    • Reply
      hazel321 5 days ago

      If you liked this one, give school 2015 a go. I think school 2013 is the best but there is no romance and I like the romance.

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    Angela 9 days ago - edited

    i loved the Student X OST... my fav non lyrical OST ever

    • Reply
      RedHealer 7 days ago

      Same, I was going crazy whenever it was playing during scenes :D

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    sofi1993 10 days ago

    such a waste of a great chemistry between the leads, the plot simply felt empty and boring. i don't understand what's wrong with all these 2017 shows .

  • Reply
    Tatiane 10 days ago

    I really loved this one, it was so cute, funny and have a lot a cool messages... And Tae Woon is such an amazing character, i felt in love with him! ^~^

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    azeeza 11 days ago

    i find episode 12 till 14 boring ... struggling to finish it .. i hope its gets better at 15 onwards .. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee .........

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    OKasiandrama 11 days ago - edited

    I think at some point they should take all the School dramas from '13 forward and create one drama where they have all the main casts meet at a college!

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    Joowonholic 11 days ago - edited

    This is too wholesome for me, No sizzling smooch scene til the end. Haha But i like it, Reminiscing my high school life. I wish i had this kind of fun back then. :) I realize my senior year was very boring compared to theirs lol.

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    rationalbeings 12 days ago - edited
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