Pretty much me described with two gifs. :P     'Marry the Beast and get that library'. ;)

So let me introduce you to my persona- I'm Ana, born 1984, that awesome year when best song ever 'Purple Rain' was made and released. ;)

I love Asia. I really do. Mostly part of Asia where Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan are but I love all the countries generally.. Their culture, literature, history, people, cinematography, traditional music, all of it.

As how I got to dramaland, it was one day when my friend recommended me some drama and since then I became a total fanatic, well like all of us here. ;)

Japan and China (and Hong Kong) are my favourite countries and I've been watching their movies whole my life so I was pretty familiar with their cinematography but when I started watching dramas, I saw the literal meaning of word OBSESSED. :P

And I'm open for any genre as long the writing is good and there is at least one actor I love. Priorities are historical, thriller, psychological, suspense, mystery, wuxia, mature, crime genre and those gold old Japanese romance drama from the '90s. ♥


Apart from that obsession I have others too: MUSIC, BOOKS and TRAVELLING. I can't survive one single minute without music and here's my youtube channel if you're curious to find out my taste: Anna Dragon. I want to travel the world, literally the whole world and my next big destinations will be China, Japan and Russia. As for books, gifs bellow say it all but I'll name couple of my faves- Wuthering Heights and Histoire du juif errant as all time favourite books and Dostoyevsky, Steven Erikson, Edgar Allan Poe, Lucinda Riley, Amin Maalouf, Tariq Ali, Pushkin, Stephen King, Amitav Ghosh, Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, etc. as writers whose books I enjoy reading.  






Some facts about me through gifs of course ;)







My musician number one is Jim Morrison, my favourite composer Franz Liszt, song Purple Rain, scientist Albert Einstein, book character Heathcliff, Disney movie Beauty and the Beast and Mulan, favourite character of all time ever existed Fox Mulder, movie character Tyler Durden, movies Fight Club and Matrix, show The Wire, directors Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch. ♥
I don't watch reality shows, don't follow private lives of famous people (sometimes only Keanu and Takeshi), do not listen Kpop, Jpop and all that stuff, almost never rewatch dramas, movies yes.

I love making lists a lot, gifs, tumblr, winter, snow, red lipstick, wine, ships, mathematics, cherry blossom trees, pigs,water, red colour, kisses, hugs, laugh, flip flops, art, nature, beard and long hair in men, truth no matter what, uniqueness, originality...I don't like hot weather in town, mushrooms and fish served as food, sleazy people, scrooges, metrosexuals, politics, religion, almost all comedy shows, milk, body creams, high heels, modern art, ...

Oh and here is my tumblr, feel free to follow. ;) Traveller4


And what I am, what I do and love the most these gifs will say:



Soon to be a mechanical engineer, department of Naval Architecture and I'll be able to build ships. ;-)  

In free time I love to party, watching sport games, movies and tv shows, go to concerts, drinking with my friends, spending time with my family who are the most important people for me in the world.         


Past year 2015. was the worst for me. I have lost person I love the most, my dearest mom, my Dragon mom who was my best friend in the entire world. That tragic and devastating experience made me stronger, more willingness and more determined to fight and live my life to the fullest. And also made my dad, sister and me to stay this close with each other and carry my loving mom in our hearts forever. ♥


In Reply 1988 that love, grief and longing for mom are shown in such a touching, real and emotional way, they killed me right from the start. ♥


Let's be honest. I love fangirling and going crazy over actors, it brings such fun in my life. ;)

Keanu Reeves will be forever my number one, I have stalked him since I was 11 years old. It has passed 20 years since then and he still is the only one perfect guy for me. ;-)

I mean just look at him, I love him cause he is so modest, normal guy, so different from all the others, I love his roles, his face, his smile, his voice, tallness, his way of living, his personality and his look, I think on this Earth there isn't anyone more perfect than him. :P ♥


Oh come on, say that to me Keanu. I have to meet this guy one day in person. :P ♥


After Keanu I have one man who I love since the first time I saw him on the screen, mister true gentleman and most talented Takeshi Kaneshiro. Everything that guy is doing is pure magic. And his acting is beyond brilliant. ♥


Beside those two, I have few more actors whom I absolutely adore:

Michael Fassbender who is the sexiest person alive, Josh Holloway who is my ideal type how a real man should look like and his character in Lost is the best character ever after Mulder, Chris Hemsworth who has the most beautiful face I've seen and Charlie Hunnam with coolest style and badass character in Sons of Anarchy.



100% me- whenever I see these 6 guys from above on my screen, I get completely lost and shocked from the amount of their hotness. :P


Ana before meeting Keanu or Takeshi


Ana after meeting them :P


A real Annie from Misery. :P


Like I already mentioned my addiction and obsessiveness when I start something new, these past few months I'm into BL dramas,movies (where till this day- 19.1.2017. I've probably watched everything that exists :P), animes and mangas. And they make me literally go crazy, can't seem to find the way out. ;)


First one I've watched was Addicted Heroin and I completely fell in love with both leads, their chemistry, interactions, conversations, all of it is pure love. Plus the actors are so damn handsome. ;)  My fav. drama about boys' love. Not to mention this song, this pure sex and eargasm, and the scene when song was played. ♥


As for other faves, I seriously love these couples, dramas and movies they start in. ♥

         - Grey Rainbow           - Takumi-kun: Pure (I love this couple)      - Sotus The Series


and these two animes where I cried my heart out, love the art and love the story. ♥

        - Winter Cicada                               - Hybrid Child


Now let me tell you about some Asian actors I love, I have many of them, some of them love for their looks some for their talent but these ones I love for both:








and my dearest Kaikai whom since I've seen as loyal and lovely prince Jing in Nirvana in Fire, I started to adore and he in such a short time became one of my all time favourite actors. He is fantastic in every way possible and I would die to meet him IRL one day. ♥


I love those who are a bit weird and little freaks in their own world. ;) Cheers to insanity! :




These two actors I could watch 24 hours, in every single role they were brilliant, my favourite Japanese people: Kubozuka Yosuke and Eita.


Before I discovered Asian dramas, I've been obsessed with Russian ones since Russia is the country I'd like to visit very much and I love everything about that country. I've watched a long time ago show Бедная Настя- Poor Nastya and it became my fav. historical drama ever.    

In that drama I've found one perfect man :P His name is Daniil Strakhov and he is the man with the most gazing look in the eyes I've ever came across. Honestly just google him or watch one episode where he is and you'll see what I'm talking about. ;-)


I'm a real movie freak, I've seen so many of them that I could easily go to some competition about all movies from the world. ;) Some of my dearest non Asian movies are:



And my favourite non Asian shows:  


I have one actor who is since always my favourite and will be forever. That is mister Brad Pitt. Yes I don't see him that much as a guy although he did have some roles where I fell in his character like crazy but for me he was always someone whom I respect so much and admire. Why? For only one reason- he is a genius. He played so many various characters and in every single one he was different, every time he fascinates me and leave me speechless like no other actor in the world. His eyes say even the deepest emotions he has, watching him act is for me a true paradise. ♥♥




Some of my favourite Asian movies:


And some of fav. dramas:


My favourite part in dramas is bromance, I love when there is good friendship between men. ♥






My list of dearest characters from drama, I do have lots, right? ;)  But I can say these 5 are my ultimate love.

The best characters ever existed in dramaland.

As I mentioned already I love good quotes and I do have lots of them from Asian movies and dramas too but these two are my favourites:
" If the power you have now dulls, and your beautiful sound loses its precision and brilliance, and becomes impossible to recover, I will not see you anymore. This is because what I hate most are the masses, who rest in complacency upon their mediocre accomplishments. When the time comes - and listen carefully - that you fall in love with a gentle girl,you’ll see an image of infinite shadows and lights.You must make music out of it. While others live in town or waste their days away, you will reap the grasses alone in the field. With that loneliness you will make music. All the insults and poverty you must embrace and sing. If you have no instrument, remember you are my pupil; with all your strength play that pipe organ made ot the light that fills the sky."- Monsters club

" I want someone to want me so much that if I disappear, there will be a hole in their heart. If that is the only proof that a person existed, then truthfully, how many people are alive right now?" - Love Shuffle

Drama Soulmate has a special place in my heart because of such an unique story and the best soundtrack ever. ♥



I love these dramas for its characters, originality and friendship:








I'm a person who really loves a blow minding chemistry and great kiss scenes, especially in dramas where romance is in the main focus. These are some of my fav.kisses:











Let's do some dancing, I'm always up for it. :P





I'm all for free will and having your own opinion. If anyone likes you it's cool, if anyone doesn't it's cool again, who cares anyway, all it matters that on your path for freedom try to be a human and not a bastard. ;)




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