"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." - Scott Adams

  •                                       ^_^ Hello, welcome to my profile ^_^
  • - I'm 23, Turkish
  • - I dream a lot and want to travel many places
  • - I also like to read a lot 

* I only watch K-drama/movie for now but some C/J-dramas are on my watch list,too!


Well... years ago when I was between primary and secondary school (I must be 12 or something) our national Tv channel broadcasted this drama every afternoon on weekdays.


and I was mesmerized by clothes,food,palace life,nature, jang geum and the whole story.

                                         My very first drama still makes me smile ❤️

Strange thing is for a few years I watched some historical dramas on TV and I thought that they make only historical dramas.It's a bit silly I know. -.-

Then like two years ago my interest rose again because of my dear k-drama addict friend in university.So, my very first modern k-drama happened to be Kill Me Heal Me

SHİN sE Gi  ❤️


So here I am, back in drama land.I try to learn a lesson or something from dramas I watch.However unrealistic they may seem, I think we can grab something important from them if we look close enough.If a drama has a happy ending, it is highly likely that I will rate it high.(I'm a sucker for happy endings.) A strong female lead,good ost... but the most important thing is the story/plot for me and what it made me feel.

I rarely rewatch a drama.

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