Just started watching dramas Jun 2011 and now have been totally sucked into watching not only KDramas but TDramas as well as JDramas. I especially like the historicals which I tend to end up marathon watching them so I am careful about when I watch them. 

My top two favorite actors are Lee Jun Ki and So Ji Sub; closely followed by Hyun Bin; 
My favorite females are Ha Ji Wan and Moon Geum Young.  Next to sageuks, I prefer crime and medical dramas. I especially like revenge drama, I don't know why that is the case but I generally watch them but prefer to marathon them instead of watching them week to week (Equator Man was the exception). I don't really watch a lot of comedy dramas because the funnies tend to go over my head! I absolutely hate dramas that are solely about love triangles! I hate adultery dramas also. I like a good romance any day but  not the complicated ones, I tend to avoid them like the plague! I find that the romances in Taiwanese dramas are a little better even though there are exceptions to the rule.

As far as music, I listen to a vast amount of genres but K-Pop is new to me and still foreign; however, when I hear a song on a drama that sticks in my head, I will search the internet for hours for it and my iPod and iPhone is full of music from various dramas. 
Of course, I have my favorites, with K.Will being on top of that list as I am a ballad person, not really into groups.

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My favorite romance for 2013!!

Ugly Alert

My Current Favorite Drama for 2014

Angel's Revenge

This drama is pretty easy to watch. The main couple are cute as can be together. The revenge is kind of light-weight. I enjoy the story a lot and some of the supporting characters are just plain fun! Yes, not your typical revenge drama!

My Top Favorite Drama for 2014

Su Baek Hyang, The King's Daughter



My new drama love, Choi Ro Woon!!

What's up with weekend dramas lately and there incredibly f**ked up endings? I've sworn off watching them week to week from this day forward. Wonderful Days is the one and only one AND might be the last one if it goes the route of its predecessors!


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  • dapinaymrs 16 hours ago
    I should be VERY CAREFUL then! XD OMG, now I really want to dramathon it all the way to the end!
    1 ❤
  • dapinaymrs 17 hours ago
    I made the mistake of visiting your profile and I got spoiled! Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! XD XD XD

    I am prepared! I am prepared! Jinjjaaa! Q____Q
  • dapinaymrs 18 hours ago
    Would you believe it, SBH pulled me out of my Kdrama slump! And I'm talking about three months of no Kdrama! I'm really enjoying it right now!
  • Tetys20 2 days ago
    Thankx!!! ^^
  • chuajohn05 18 days ago
    Thanks so much!!!!!!! :)
  • Ari_Lee 22 days ago
    I've seen a few members with black lists around. I enjoy reading them even if they have included some of my faves. I'll be sure to check out yours!Jajaja
  • Miamiamiamiamia 23 days ago
    hello :) thank you
  • Ari_Lee 25 days ago

    Solhi doesn't know when to stop and I wish Solnan would wake up!
  • Miamiamiamiamia 25 days ago
    hello :)
  • Ari_Lee 25 days ago
    I'm on Ep. 54 now. I think I just reached that point. I would have abandoned her too. Her brain is only focused on the fact that she found the little harpy and not on how she got to the palace and became the princess.

    Whatever "bad" happens to Solnan, she kind of deserves it. I can't even bring myself to feel bad for her right now.
  • Ari_Lee 26 days ago
    Thanks! I'm really enjoying it! And yeah, his was made while she was just born with it. Greedy and ungrateful little wench!
    1 ❤
  • Neil_l Mar 22, 2014
    Thank you
      Nice to meet you ....
  • BPetra Mar 19, 2014
    haha :D Im looking forward to your review! I was sooo amazed by the ending, that I just wrote my review right away (with so many grammar mistakes :D). It was such a pleasure to watch this drama :)
    1 ❤
  • addicted2dramas Mar 17, 2014
    Hi! I see that you've loved the drama Su Baek Hyang. Does it have a happy ending though? I want to watch it but I'm afraid if it has an ending where the main leads die. -_-
  • toprules182 Mar 12, 2014
    I found the movie, but without subs.
    Omo, chincha? Now I wanna watch it even more, but I don`t think I would understand much though. :((

    I loved Woo Bin from the moment I saw him. *o* husky voices are the best thing ever. <3
    1 ❤


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