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Obsessions of the moment: Vanness WuMamoru Miyano, HYDE/VAMPS, VIXX & Nell.
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HELLO. Insomniac & Drama Marathoner. My descent into the world of Asian media started way back when in the days of Club Dorothée. Feel free to message or ask me about anything; anytime... Check my Google+ or the MDL Feed for additional crazy ramblings!

LOVES: Johnny Ent, Tokonatsu, Conventions/Expos, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Science, Robotics, Philosophy, Science Fiction, Music, figure skating, Photoshop, Vampires, Dwaeji-Tokki, Dim Sum, Sushi, Chinese Congee, Twizzlers, Goats Cheese, home cooked food, nail art, Lolita fashion, Ikemen, BL Live Action movies/dramas, Asian dramas/movies/animations, Japanese culture, Rococo/Baroque/Gothic/Fantasy gowns, Cosplay, fashion, Royal Purple/Emerald Green/Teal/Fushia Pink/Black, shopping, gaming (Tabletop/PC/PS3/DSI XL/Retro/Cloud), digital photography, design.

HOW I RATE & WATCH: I love to marathon Dramas & generally wait until they are completed before digging in. My ratings are very subjective & based on my own personal enjoyment. Sometimes I don't know how to rate so I just leave it un-rated. On-hold/dropped Movies/Dramas do not get rated at all. I'm not into speed watching; if I do it's with extreme moderation. I also do not enjoy re-watching things & would rather just move on. 

GENRE LIKES/DISLIKES: I love slice of life, mystery, action, Idol, romance, reverse harem, Vampires, music, youth, male friendship, bromance, noona romances, happy/clear-cut endings & story-driven plots. I usually dislike episodic Dramas, bittersweet, sad or ambiguous endings. I don't mind sad moments though as long as the ending isn't a tragic one. I cannot stand stories when the "bad guy" doesn't get his just-deserts or stories where everyone dies at the end; unless of course it's the bad guy dying then that's fine! I am also not particularly interested in female lead Dramas/Movies. 

Most of my profile gifs have been randomly found on Google. If you want something removed/credited just let me know.

Seen/Not listed on MDL: BubiBubi (CF Drama).
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"Hana Yori Dango is Japanese HEROIN. If you start watching it, you will end up in a downward spiral of never ending Asian television and boy bands." @aliaspiral

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 164.2
  • Completed372
  • Plan to watch8
  • On-hold87
  • Dropped27
  • Total Entries494
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  • Times (Days) 21.6
  • Completed276
  • Plan to watch6
  • On-hold6
  • Dropped22
  • Total Entries310
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