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Obsessions of the moment: Vanness WuMamoru Miyano, HYDE/VAMPS, VIXX & Nell.
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HELLO. Insomniac & Drama Marathoner. So many Dramas; so little time! Feel free to message or ask me about anything; anytime... Check my Google+ or the MDL Feed for additional crazy ramblings!

My descent into the world of Asian media started way back when in the days of Club Dorothée on French TV along side other French, German or Italian TV Channels, but my Drama addiction only really started after the discovery of HYD, before that I only watched Asian live actions very sporadically & did not really pay too close attention to them. 

HOW I RATE/WATCH: I usually rate Dramas/Movies based on my own personal enjoyment rather than anything else & I do not rate on-hold/dropped ones. I rarely speed watch & only during extremely boring scenes where nothing actually happens.  I don't really re-watch anything all that much but have seen the following multiple times, usually in full: HYD, BoF, Kingyo Club, Takumi-Kun series, Rurouni Kenshin, Shimotsuma Story, Last Friends, Crows Zero 1 & 2, Runway Beat, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, Nobuta wo Produce & You're Beautiful. I might have seen a few more multiples times but can't really remember.

LOVES: Johnny Ent, Tokonatsu, Conventions/Expos, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Science, Robotics, Philosophy, Science Fiction, Music, figure skating, Photoshop, Vampires, Dwaeji-Tokki, Dim Sum, Sushi, Chinese Congee, Twizzlers, Goats Cheese, home cooked food, nail art, Lolita fashion, Ikemen, BL Live Action movies/dramas, Asian dramas/movies/animations, Japanese culture, Rococo/Baroque/Gothic/Fantasy gowns, Cosplay, fashion, Royal Purple/Emerald Green/Teal/Fushia Pink/Black, shopping, gaming (Tabletop/PC/PS3/DSI XL/Retro/Cloud), digital photography, design.

GENRE LIKES/DISLIKES: I love Slice of Life, Romance, Reverse Harem, Vampires, Music, Youth, Male Friendship, Bromance, Noona Romances, Happy/clear-cut endings & story-driven plots. I usually dislike episodic Dramas, bittersweet, sad or ambiguous endings. I don't mind sad moments though as long as the ending isn't a tragic one. I cannot stand stories when the "bad guy " doesn't get his just-deserts. I am also not particularly interested in female lead Dramas/Movies. 

Most of my profile gifs have been randomly found on Google. If you want something removed/credited just let me know.

Seen/Not listed on MDL: BubiBubi (CF Drama).
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"Hana Yori Dango is Japanese HEROIN. If you start watching it, you will end up in a downward spiral of never ending Asian television and boy bands." @aliaspiral

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