Hello! So I've been watching K-Dramas since 2011, and only found MDL earlier this year. After much deliberation (do I put another account on the internet that I'm probably going to lose the username/password to, or not? hmm...), here I am!

So, in short, I primarily watch K-Dramas, however I'm also trying to expand my horizons. I love romance, comedy, action, supernatural, psychological and crime genres, although I'm pretty much open to almost anything (except melodrama... I only have so many tissue boxes around my house -_-).

My Firsts...My Firsts...
First K-DramaStairway to HeavenFirst K-Movie71: Into the Fire
First J-DramaSwitch Girl!!First J-MovieDeath Note
First C-DramaStage of YouthFirst C-MovieMulan
First T-DramaSkip Beat!First T-MovieSecret
First Drama AddictionCity HunterFirst K-Pop Song"MIA" by IU
First Variety ShowStar KingFirst Reality ShowSuper Junior Full House
First AnimeInuyashaFirst MangaRecord of a Fallen Vampire

(for more anime, check MyAnimeList account here)

Oh yes, random facts about me! I love the colors purple and (sapphire >.> -ELF-) blue, I love Italian food, I have a dog <3, and I play piano. As for K-Pop... my top 5 are probably:

1.) Super Junior                      2.) SHINee                     3.) Big Bang          


4.) FT Island                      5.) U-Kiss


...although I am also crazy for a number of other groups too, so xP. Well, that's all for now. Happy Drama-ing!

P.S. You may notice that I don't rate things below a 4... that would be because I just don't have it in me to rate below that, kekeke (also, the wider the grading scale gets, the harder it is for me to rate; I won't hesitate to give a 1 on, say, a 4-star scale). Major respect to those who can rate things better than I can~!

Speaking of a 4-star scale, I might as well explain how I converted from that to a 10-star scale:

4-Star Scale10-Star Scale
1 (meh...)4
2 (okay)5-6
3 (me gusta)7-8
4 (the feels! D8)9-10

P.P.S. Feel free to friend me~! Friends are nice. Friends are lovely. Friends are wonderful. I like friends. :P

P.P.P.S. Why do I always make so many P.S's? EVERY time, this happens. Gosh, woman!
Mkay, I shall be done now. BYE! 2-0/Byebyes.gif

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