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-Profile currently in the land of maintenance mode-

but until it's completed restoration, here's some intro type stuff:

(: eliforp ym ot emocleW


If you could read that, then you're awesome ;)

So... MDL profiles have now travelled to the opposite dimension of opposite-way-aroundness, so I've realised that what I already know and experienced, may not have already happened but instead is about to happen, and yet somehow I know of them and they are currently on my page, but it all might be an illusion so I'm not sure...

I think, possibly what really happened is that I discovered dramas as of now whilst I wasn't watching any, and in the future past I'm about to watch and enjoy and often also not enjoy all kinds of dramas and movies that are currently on my MDL drama list.  My future past self has rated various ones and added some favourites to my lists, amongst some other dramas, movies and actors/actresses on various lists also.

Now I look forward, or maybe to the past? to enjoying lots of good dramas.


When in the original dimension that I was in before or maybe in the future, you can probably find me in one of these places when online: 


(Design & Nature inspiration blog)


(KinKi Kids posts)


(MV Playlists)



And the info of dramas, movies and music, etc:  

Dramas and Music:


Favourite Japanese Actor:  Domoto Tsuyoshi



Favourite Korean Actor:  Ryu Deok Hwan





My Number 1 Loves of East-Asian Music and the J-Pop World:

Domoto Tsuyoshi and Domoto Koichi






Various things I like/interests -

Chilling out with some Good Dramas, Variety Shows or Music.

Natural Healing, Western Astrology, Visiting nice places, Learning new things,

Photography, and since January 2015 occasionally Writing Poems when I get inspired.

Interesting & Nice Clothes and Jewellery (I make my own earrings every now and then as well).

Geometric Shapes.  Floral, Bird and Butterfly Designs.  Multi-Colours.   

Uniqueness & Creativity <3




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