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Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hey there, my name is Hana. 

Have been in dramaland for some time. But the first time I came here, in the wonderful land of drama this was my very first thought about it.


And I hadn't looked back. 

The one who has stolen my heart in Dramaland:

                                             Park Hyung Shik


Favorite character :

                Park Tae In by Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy I just love him in there. 


   tumblr_m7zbh6eMya1qix8ego3_250.gif                                   tumblr_m2brvxqwla1rolp9ko1_250.gif

That one story that I can't get over with:

                                                     Splash splash love Recommend it to all! 


                                                                                    My father is strange......It's her.


                                                                                                           Save me    


Favorite couple: 

                                             Bong-Bong & Min-Min from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



                                                                  Goblin and missing soul from Goblin


                                                  Actor Ahn and Mi Young from  My father is strange

Favorite bromance:

                                                     From Chief Kim, Director Seo & Chief Kim.

 tumblr_onq67apFpU1vmc60to5_400.gif       tumblr_onlmgeKuTV1rqg3fvo1_500.gif 


                                          The Grim Reaper and Goblin from Goblin


Recent Obsessions:

                                                                                        While you were sleeping

Not really fussy about music but the current OST I'm obsessing over is this one.

By Roy Kim for While You were sleeping


That's all there is.

If you want to know more about me, you can find me in this places below. And add me or sent a message if you like.  

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                                                                                      Drama addict since,12-12-16



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