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Well that's a long long story but i'll tell it anyway. (2008?) Back in the day (finally get to say that) i used do Japanese as a second language at school (before you get the wrong idea i did not continue it..therefore i have no talent in the art of this language =[). One day at the end of the term one of my classmates brought a anime for the class...and that was it i was hooked. From then on i watched a number of them ..including "The wallflower" in the process of watching it i found out it had a live action (did not know what that was at the time)  .......Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge was the live adaptation of the anime !

LOVED IT! (to say the least). And that is where it all started.

But unfortunately the world of drama was an unfamiliar one for me and roaming it alone just resulted in me getting lost not knowing where to look or what to try. 

 Years later in the end of 2011 i made some wonderful friends who got me into K-pop, K-Variety and K-dramas. I guess i never looked back after that. 

(2012) Have resently got into J-dramas..late? maybe coz my friends didn't watch them as much so i didn't really hear about them as much. However having said that the first drama my frineds made me watch was Hana Yori dango (DOMYOJI!)

K pop

I am a VIP from head to toe. I have, if not all, most of their albums including solos xD There are MANY MANY more k-pop bands and artists that i'm into as well.


No.1 Running man..i watch some others aswell


I have a lot of Habits (some not good at all) when it comes to watching....


I watch anything with a story line..if that story gets me i could not care less of its topic ( it might be something i dislike or something i wouldn't matter) 


Sucker for cute and manly guys... absolute sucker!  


Sucker for potential couples...meaning if i foresee two people being together i MUST watch it, even if i saw it in a cut..or a image... i just must know how they got together. 


Unplanned rushes!....i do this a fact i think i watch more random dramas than i do from my  "plan to watch  list" (but i'm getting better) ... theses rushes are like just finding out about it and watching the whole thing in a matter of hours. ...(eg...MR brain, Ataru, crime squad, Romantic princess,Nobuto Wo produce, Art of seduction..etc )


CLINGY!!!... i hold on to some dramas ...just IDK why!..i'm gonna finish them! ...i don't finish them not coz i don't have time...i just don't want to for some reason.(vampire prosecutor 2, bridal mask..etc) 


Sneaky Spoilers......Well sometimes...when i can't walt....for the kiss or the twist or the secret..i very subtly research/google images/search of comment with hints...BAD BAD IDEA coz at times (not all the time) i dont like what's coming and the drama becomes very hard to finish :( 




Avoid anything sad! No matter how good the story is if i know i'll be sad some extent or time i WILL AVOID it. ~My soul has a hard time with sad things~


Crime/Investigation A crime show and i haven't watched it?

#9 avoid 

 Sometimes i wait for a drama to air all eps before starting ..get an idea about the drama as a whole ..this helps not getting all cought up with people overreactting about how good it is..they've only seen like 2 eps and their all like OMG ITS SOOO GOOD.....



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