Hi, Welcome to my corner of MDL ^.~ ♥

 you can call me May for short, Im 26 years old & im pretty much a super kpop addict and a super drama addict lol and I do love makin new friends, so dont be afraid to add me ♥ <3 I really do love to watch drama's ♥ Korean drama's, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.. basically i love dramas from any country and Im always lookin for new dramas to watch <3 I really love the Romance/historical/period, adventure genre ♥, rom/coms or anything dealing with vampires or supernatural/fantasy ♥_♥ I really dont like to watch tragic dramas that end sad,( i know im so boring that way haha ) but i do just like the dramas with Happy Endings ^.~

How did i get into drama land? Well you could say ive always been addicted to dramas but it all started with anime since i was a child, when i was about 5 years old.. i fell in love with the show Sailor Moon ♥ yes, I'm a sailor moon fangirl :P♥ I used to just sit for hours in front of the tv when they had marathons of the show, this "Theme Song " will forever be ingrained in my brain haha ♥ then i discovered the world of anime ♥  heres a list of anime ive seen so far :) : ..i also have a list here:

then one day i saw a ad on a site where I was watching anime online, for the k-drama "Faith" that was the first k-drama i watched, and the rest is history, i became a k-drama addict after that haha <3 then i ventured into other countries dramas, which i have lists for on here: and for other lists of dramas ive seen from other countries i have them listed Here, like my list for all the Indian/Hindi dramas ive seen so far ♥:

as i said above i love K-pop too ♥♥ my first song that got me into kpop was" Fantastic Baby " by Bigbang that was what really sealed the deal and made me a kpop fan for life :P ♥ I love "Bigbang" ♥  But i love a ton of other K-pop groups too.. like..BTS, GOT7, EXO, BEAST, VIXX, BOYFRIEND, SHINee, U-KISS, MONSTA X , Super Junior, NU'EST, iKON, TEEN TOP, Block B, 2PM, MBLAQ, B1A4, B.A.P..& oh so many more lol ♥

and i dont just love /listen to kpop , i love all music really, but k-pop is definitely my favorite type of music its so fun to get into <333 here's a youtube music playlist of some of my Favorite song/Mv's ♥♥

& if you'd like to see some more of my fav, k-pop songs here's another Playlist ♥ that has more of my favorites in it :) 

also if you like or have a account on tumblr add me ^.~ <3 

My Tumblr account :)

    My Ratings/how I rate Drama's

mostly i just rate by how i feel about a drama so my ratings are always changing, but if its a

"10: its Perfection & A must see ♥♥♥


9.5 - 9 : its Almost perfect ♥♥

if you ever want to know something about a drama ive seen just msg me ^.~ ill be happy to reply :)

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