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Mar 24, 2017
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So, what have I just watched?
In a nutshell, a saeguk for kids. Take a Disney film, split it into several episodes, dress the characters in hanboks and you have this drama. It mimics The Moon embracing the Sun - without ever nearing its intriguing plot or romance - in almost every aspect except for the detail of a girl dressed as a man despite the fact that she could never in a trillion years be mistaken for a man. To keep the parallel, we could say this is a fluffy rom-com dressed up as a Saeguk.

The romance is so cheesy I welcomed the politics with a sigh of relief. Everything happens too soon and... too much, depriving my otherwise romantic heart of the needed suspense and, yes, what I consider a must for romance: trepidation. I can't say I am an expert in historical dramas, but the little I know is that almost everything the two main characters do and say here is totally implausible: stroll hand in hand in the palace courts without anyone seeing them? Right. This is just one example out of dozens unlikely - no, impossible - situations. Unlike other reviewers here, I believe the second half of this drama to be a lot better than the first, with at least some plot developments, albeit rushed, at times.

The real saving grace of the show is Park Bo Goum. He clearly is talented and a pleasure to watch. His character is too good to be true, but well played out and multifaceted. On the other hand, I was a little disappointed in Kim Yoo Jung's performance. I know she's very young and has a lot of potential, but she didn't manage to make me feel a thing. By some camera angles, it was clear she wasn't looking at her partner when supposed to do so, and the result was kind of ridiculous. Her character is neither particularly brave, nor very strong or intelligent, so what's left in the end is a super nice crown prince who falls madly in love with a sweet pretty thing because she's a sweet pretty thing. I even came to prefer the appointed crown princess, she was refreshingly spunky.

The music is a collection of pop songs fit for everything and nothing. See above for the age target.

In conclusion, this drama had some real potential, even when the plot twists are predictable, but the final package is fluffy at best. Can be marathoned through for an overdose of lovey-dovey chirping.

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    kyoko Mar 26, 2017

    Hi, thanks for review. I have a soft spot for this show compared to other mainstream shows. Part of my disappointment comes from lack of emotional heft and predictable plot. But then I remember it never promised to be more than youthful fluffy romance so I think it delivered on that front. Thankfully some of the highlights was memorable to me for instance; dance sequence, confession build up and lantern wish plot line. Anyways good to hear you enjoyed Bo Gum's acting here, Yoo Jung had her moments too. I'll look forward to read you review on Reply 1988 if you're planning to watch it.

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    Charming92 Mar 26, 2017 - edited

    Always happy reading your flawless reviews amrita and finally a review about LITM i can agree on!

    I stuck with this drama mostly because everyone was praising the hell out of it while airing and i was trying to figure out what i missed. Honestly, i usually find politics boring but in the very end they were what kept me going and helped me reach the final episode here! Never thought i'd say that. Thank you for saying it for me!

    Park Bo Gum, however was a treat to watch indeed!

    Thank you for this review amrita, at least i know i'm not the only one who couldn't see what was special about this drama. :) It was watchable but that was pretty much it.

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    Ambond Mar 24, 2017

    Hey its been ages !

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    Lumiere Mar 24, 2017 - edited

    I'm grateful for this 'Disney Saeguk' for luring you back into dramaland. It's sad that it wasn't your cup of tea, but at least we got a review!

    I'm happy to say I've dodged a bullet.

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      amrita828 Mar 24, 2017

      Don't worry, my dear Lumi, it wasn't exactly my cup of tea but I finished it, after all, which is more than I can say about more - ehm - serious dramas. It's a sugar bullet, nothing lethal. ;);)

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    _Rosie Mar 24, 2017 - edited

    Hi Rita nice to see you on here again."Sageuk for kids" how apt. I was disappointed with this drama. I found the romance sickly sweet/cloying. And like you i was not impressed with Kim Yoo Jung. I had been such an admirer of her when she played child roles but in this I just did not see the same depth of emotion in her character. Park Bo Gum's constant ayego cutesy stuff also got on my nerves.

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    sunflower63 Mar 24, 2017 - edited

    Yeeeeahhh, great to have you back Amrita, and I have exactly the same opinion on this drama and almost the same rating too (7.5 for me). ;)

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      amrita828 Mar 24, 2017

      The little difference in rating is just due to your natural generosity, my dear! ;)
      Thanks for your warm welcome back. :D

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    Marooya Mar 24, 2017 - edited

    Allow me to be the first to tell you, what well-written, truthful and honest review! As always, you master the art of criticism so beautifully. This show (to me) is exactly how you've described it. Well, except that when it comes to Disney movies I never "drop" any and I never get tired of re-watching them, they are timeless and ageless to me. But this one wasn't lol XD

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      amrita828 Mar 24, 2017

      Thank you, thank you! :D
      And I do love Disney movies too, most of them at least. But there's a huge difference between digesting 90 minutes of timeless all-ends-well, and 18 hours of neverending teenager doo doo doo da da da. :P
      I'm too old for this, I suppose. ;)


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