Hi :) My name is Andra, but it`s kind of weird, so you guys can call me but my other name, Olivia, too. 
I was first introduced with animes and Japanese culture and history when I was little and there was Sailor Moon  on tv and from then on I was just hooked. So I started watching more animes and reading manga and all sort of  stuff.
Then, my roommate in my first year of Uni introduced me to the wonderful and never ending world of asian dramas and movies and my love and interest just kept growing. 

But as I didn`t have that much time in high-school and in Uni (of course T.T), I can say I`m still kind of new to all of this and I have a lot, I suppose, to catch up on to but whenever I have free time, I`m doing just that hehe :3
I like way too many bands and actors and solo singer and movies and dramas that I can`t even.. ugh. yeah you get the point >///<
Oh and I listen to J-rock and Kpop too :). Besides this, I listen to classic rock, alternative, some punk, indie, and basically anything that I like and catches my eye. 

Feel free to ask me anything and I`ll respond/help you as best as I can <3 

Some of my favorites:

^ I like him too much for my own good ;u;

And so soooo on ^^;

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