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March 1, 2011 start of my addiction.

March 1, 2012 - 300 completed drama/movie;
March 1, 2013 - 555 completed drama/movie;
March 2, 2013 - The most memorable day of my life (Watched my 2PM concert live)


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  • Times (Days) 238.80
  • Watching1
  • Completed371
  • Plan to Watch108
  • On Hold28
  • Dropped3
  • Total Entries511

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  • Times (Days) 18.29
  • Watching2
  • Completed258
  • Plan to Watch87
  • On Hold7
  • Dropped7
  • Total Entries361

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  • bomskie 2 days ago too! I prefer watching drama over meeting people especially, I'm so terrible at small talks and such..
    My friends always send me to guilty trips just to take me away from laptop.
  • bomskie 3 days ago
    Ashamed? should be proud, if I could I would give you a Nobel Prize, haha.. It's an awesome feat that I wish I could do someday
  • bomskie 3 days ago
    Thank for accepting my FR..Wow! That list is of astronomical proportion!
  • candlesgirl 4 days ago
    welcome sweety
  • steciLovesDramas 6 days ago
    ah okay right :) 3PM means no taec ~ hehehe
    i'm loving wonderful days and taec is really good in it ^^ love the drama as well ~ long family dramas are my fav :D
  • konayuuki 8 days ago
    you're welcome! =D
    nice meeting you! feel free to recommend any good drama and movies! ^-^
  • kurizent 9 days ago
    Salamat :))
  • steciLovesDramas 10 days ago
    yeah of course ^^ i'm watching all the couples atm! all of them are good for once :D (you know how one couple can annoy the heck out of you sometimes~)

    they are super cute together! love the latest episode at the gym *hearts hearts*

    i knew Khun and Minzy was filming it but i didn't know who else... is it all of them? or just one or two?

    *when you said 3pm i really thought you gonna mention wonderful days (you know Taec is in that, and the female teacher is in love with '3pm'... 2pm in reality)
  • Judo_Aniki 10 days ago
    Hey, sorry matagal ako nawala. Medyo madaming distractions. Eto, balik drama uli haha.
  • steciLovesDramas 11 days ago
    the reunion was so sweet :)
  • steciLovesDramas 12 days ago
    nope new season
  • steciLovesDramas 13 days ago
    kekeke~ caught up watching the latest episodes of appa odiga :D

    i'm watching the siblings special episode (family camp), and Yul went with the other siblings!!! so much cuteness!
    nearly all of the siblings went :D
    Jun and MinGuk grew up so much! XD
  • steciLovesDramas 16 days ago
    exactly :) i think the same way :P
  • steciLovesDramas 16 days ago
    nope i haven't heard about that! woah ... there were rumors before that they might be dating, but it is definite now right?

    well i'm happy for the boys if they find someone :D


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