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Jan 11, 2017
  • Overall 9.5
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At first i was confused, but then i understand. It's a movie about a real life of ex president of South Korea, Roh Moo-Hyun. I hope the ending will leave more explanations, and i hope that it has more episodes to explain his life. Anyway, i read his biography and I understand more, what an astounding man. He is definitely one of a kind. He rise to be a president when he only came from a humble beginning as a son of poor farmer and a high school dropped out.

He fight against violation of human right and after some time, he become president of Korea. (He was also the first president who visit North Korea for peace.) Anyway, as a context of this movie, I understand it's very hard to fight against country's dictatorship, when u are an idealist, and fight for common people, many powerful figures will go against you.

This is such a real story on what happened in our world, not only in south korea, but in other countries as well, those with power and money can do anything they like. It's such a rare thing to have someone like this main lead who has a heart to help innocent people. Although u cannot always win, but it's worth to fight for... argh very sad, anyway it's a recommended one.

I gave it 9.5 only because 2 hours do not seem enough to explain how awesome his character is. he should have been given a trilogy. After i know and read this Ro Moo-Hyun's life, i sincerely respect him. It's a true story that's why i like it most!! I always love a true story :,)

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