Hi! I'm a Korean Drama fan from the central US. I've been watching since early 2015, and watch as often as I'm able to. I joined MDL to keep track of the shows I've watched, to read the reviews, and hopefully make a few friends that enjoy chatting about the shows. Check out my lists and feel free to chat about any shows I've seen!  If you send a request and you have nothing on your profile, please take a moment to introduce yourself, but either way let me know what made you decide to add me. :)

(Warning -  I cull my list periodically if we never interact in any way at all or you aren't active at all.)

I am nearly exclusive to Kdrama. I have watched a very rare Japanese movie or show or even rarer Chinese movie. However, I am unable to hang with the dubbing in Chinese shows very well, so I have not and probably won't watch those. I have not explored any others at all, and I'm not really interested in those at this time.

I enjoy romantic comedies and slice of life shows the most along with some fantasy and mystery/suspense, but I'm mostly looking for something entertaining. I try to keep my favorite shows/movies and actor lists updated so you can get an idea of what and who I like. At this time, I don't really enjoy saeguks, but if it's only a small portion of a time travel show, I'd probably still watch it. I'm also not a fan of political stuff (which rules out a lot of the saeguks anyway!), heavy makjang or heavy melodrama. One of my favorite romance plot devices is the contract relationship. I'm a sucker for them! (Fated to Love You, 1% of Something, Lie to Me, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Sweet 18, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Little Bride) - Any sort of forced co-habitation, really, is a draw.

I also tend to rate a little generously sometimes for shows, but I factor in my enjoyment of the show. There have been times I've been very entertained by even a mediocre drama! I also try to review every show I watch unless it is super old and has a ton of reviews already. I very rarely review the movies that I watch, but I do always rate them.

 A shout-out to my drama buddies - You know who you are!  ;) 


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